Dreams are often the reflection of what we live daily. But when we give it the attention and importance required, they give us a series of codes and reflections on situations that are influencing our daily lives, which is why we must analyze them in detail. Dreaming of lions is synonymous with strength, nobility, pride, control, leadership and Dominion. Of each situation experienced during the sleep in which these felines are involved, their meaning will vary.

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Lions are carnivorous mammals that form part of the Felidae, as well as being one of the five species of the genus Panthera. As is well known, they are regarded by man as the king of animals thanks to their graceful appearance with their powerful limbs, strong jaw and huge teeth capable of destroying any enemy.

The lion, within the history of man, has represented an icon of power. In popular stories from the West, The Lion is seen as a watchman for mysterious castles or hard-to-reach roads, taken to real life in various Spanish, Hindu and even Japanese homes, as lions instil fear and respect, as well as guarding the entrance against evil spirits.This important feline is highly respected for his skills of loyalty, strength, nobility and bravery; his most important role being the defense of his territory.

The Lions within dreams represent strength and intelligence, as well as a burning element. Outwardly, the lion lets us see His Majesty, his fierceness; he is not for nothing called the king of the jungle. Despite the Lions on the dream plane express an inner connection, they reveal a way of being that is ignored. We project through their presence the force we do not see in any other animal.Spiritually, the lion appears in the dream as a symbol of fire and vital energy.



Lions as protagonists of your dreams, can reflect the strength you possess as a person, the way you can lead yourself to situations that are difficult to handle; the way you can influence the people around you. The strength of these felinosmanifies the emotional balance with which you develop, which can in turn indicate a healing process. This dream symbolizes strength as, depending on the way it develops, you are willing to attend to your inner self. You have the ability to decide, because through your autonomy you can solve your problems, reflecting that, like the strength of the lion, it is your inner strength. On the other hand, it may represent near difficulties, insecurity.

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If you are looking to correctly interpret what this kind of Dream seeks to convey to you, you can visualize yourself in positive aspects to achieve your goals, to carry with strength and determination any difficulties that arise in your life, to defend as a lion what is yours with courage. This dream can give a push for a real and necessary change in your life. It may symbolize fortune, but the most significant thing about dreaming about lions is the new opportunity that Providence gives you to control all your qualities.

Dream of white lions

Dreams reveal what we often do not perceive with our senses. For this reason, the White Lions within the dreams possess a strong connection with impetus, courage and wisdom, which denotes your inner strength, sincerity and longing to achieve your goals without harming anyone. If the White Lion you dream of IS in captivity, it manifests the closeness of a lasting friendship of those who,over time, do nothing but strengthen themselves, and of those who demonstrate that it is possible to maintain a friendship in which we can rely and vent our worries without fear of being betrayed.

Dream of lions and Tigers

Lions and Tigers are felines with very similar characteristics, although they often vary in some of their behaviors. Both are cunning, controlling and respected. But when you dream of tigers and Lions, the symbols that can be detected is that you have in front of you an event of unknown nature, where even though competition and dispute will set the tone, you feel ready to face the contest; what could denote that a transformation within your life is coming, whether for better or for worse. Freedom and the desire to achieve your dreams haunt you. On the other hand, Lions and tigers in the same dream can mean that close to you is someone you feel safe and secure about, especially when both animals are by your side.

Dream of lions chasing you

The situations we live in our dream times are often a warning of what fate holds for us. For this reason, if lions come after you in your dreams, it means that difficult circumstances are coming near you that you will have to face, but depending on the way the dream develops you will know if conditions are in your favor or not. If the lion you dream of reaches you, it reveals a situation of anguish, suffering and failure. On the other hand, if you dream that the lion stops chasing you, it is synonymous with Conquest, Triumph. If the lion of your dreams does not stop chasing you, but you manage to escape the imminent danger, it is that you will face the problems that approach you with gallantry. If it’s a dream where lions chase you incessantly, it may pose an economic risk to your projects and investments.

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Dream of Meek Lions

If in your dreams the Lions are docile, to such an extent that you could even caress them, they portray the search for total and absolute mastery of your inner energy, so you must emphasize and become less soft in certain circumstances that require firm and determined decisions. Likewise, the meek Lions in the dreams predict the arrival of a faithful, loyal and sincere friend; a friendship without interest from any point of view, for which it will be worthwhile and you will realize without doubting a blind eye to any stumbling block that may arise in time, and for which you must work to cultivate it with an attitude at the same height, so that it never ends.

Dream of sea lions

Dreaming of sea lions is equal to independence, freedom; it suggests that you are the possessor of free will to dispose of your actions, and therefore are not locked in disturbing situations. On the contrary, it means fluidity in your projects and in the conquest of your objectives. Express that you are used to analyzing your emotions and feelings from the depths of yourself. The sea lions, in the real plane, have an extraordinary strength and are very friendly, so they represent the way in which you usually develop in the social sphere, since you adapt to any situation.

Dream of lions and dogs

Lions and dogs come from a very different natural branch, where their main resemblance is that both are of mammalian origin. The lion, on the one hand, is a dominant feline who exercises leadership; the dog, in turn, is a docile and easy-to-cope animal. What can be said is that dreaming of dogs and lions means that you will be presented in the not too distant future circumstances that will take you away from your comfort zone and comfort, to execute changes in your life that will represent important achievements in your existence, but what is more important, without leaving aside your personality and your essence. When we dream of dogs we have in our sight the throbbing of emotions or a warning sign, so you must consider this dream of lions and dogs as a threat. Think about what can happen to you.


Dream of lions attacking you

If the Lions of your dreams attack you, it may indicate that discussions, difficulties, fear or obstacles are approaching. This set of indications will depend to a large extent on the context of how this dream develops. If the lion simply attacks you, it indicates difficulties that are close to appearing in your life that can be executed in your sentimental, family or work life.If the lion that you dream of attacking and biting you reflects the fear that you feel of facing a problem in your love life that you do not want to solve, or that you are afraid of losing your job,remember that we often postpone decisions that could change the course of our life.If, on the contrary, the lion that attacks you overcomes it, it is a very good omen, because it indicates that you will end up successfully flanking any obstacle, difficulty or stumbling block that disturbs your personal and spiritual growth. It is the time to face life with the fears that disturb us and values that strengthen you as a human being, giving way to trust in your person.

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Dream of dead elephants

Death on the dream plane represents the end of life, conclusion and rupture. Therefore, dreaming of dead lions that you can appreciate at a certain distance can have a connotation of a relationship term with someone or something motivated by betrayal. In your dreams it appears to reflect the way you lead your life, so if at any point in your existence it is you who has committed an injury where your partner or best friend is involved, the dead lions come to represent the regret of which your conscious internality is. You must be sincere and face this reality, in which you will have to apologize to the aggrieved in order to close this cycle of uncertainty and guilt.



  • If in your dreams a wounded lion appears, it evidences something that many times out of stubbornness or disinterest we do not take into account: our health.This next challenge to live is manifesting to you through your astral plane, so you must be very attentive to your body. Lions are extremely strong beings, so visualizing them at a time of weakness does not augur well. If this dream is repeated or persists, move quickly to check out a expert.
  • If you dream that there is a lion in your home, it represents the end of some circumstance in your life that will come off in a 180 degree turn to your existence and that it is inevitable that it will happen that it can encompass your loving, business or work environment. A marriage or a relationship where happiness is needed and where the appearance of being right is what abounds, is not worth it, is an incredible emotional attrition. Putting an end to a work relationship or some business shows change, a concept that suggests transition and not the end of our life. You must find a life purpose where you are the protagonist, where the goals you set yourself achieve and those goals you achieve turn them into triumphs. Don’tt fear the changes.