Dreams about animals happen a lot in people, more than you can imagine. However, they are usually focused on familiar domestic or farm animals. Now, what happens when you dream of lizards? Lizards are known creatures, usually feared by much, but others tend to feel admiration for them.

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There is no doubt that lizards are beautiful reptiles and, if in these recent days you have come to dream of lizards, we have no doubt that you want to discover the meaning of this dream experience. You need to understand that there are many meanings of dreaming of lizards, so once you discover your meaning, you must pay attention to everything that happens around you. Usually this is a dream of a negative and premonitory character, however, you may find some exception to this rule.

Dream experiences are messages from your subconscious displayed through images with symbolic language, a figurative way to reveal a personal interpretation. Therefore, when dreaming it is important to attend with skill to every detail and to the definition of the symbols revealed in dreams. This requires attention to universal meaning and personal experience and thus a precise interpretation. Therefore, in dreaming of lizards it is necessary to extrapolate this creature and its attitude in the dream world to analyze its interpretation.

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The lizard is a representation of malice, cruelty and danger. In addition, it is well known that lizards are often compared to snakes because of their abilities and qualities, likewise, they are often protagonists of myths and legends. Likewise, they are often attributed great wisdom and magical powers, and even enjoy intelligence and cunning. Seeing a lizard in your dreams reveals the presence of a threat from your enemies who try to harm you. You must prepare to consolidate your position in advance in the face of this attack.

Dreaming of lizards can be the representation of your most basic reactions and instincts. Likewise, it can be the exemplification of one or several fears and the way you decide to face them, or ignore them. Also dreaming of lizards can be the way you see a cruel, ruthless, cold-blooded, insensitive person. On the other hand, lizards are reptiles that regularly change skin, which can also mean the arrival of a rebirth or renewal in your life. Read on and discover more meanings of dreaming lizards.



From a positive point of view, dreaming of lizards is associated with the revitalization, creativity and renewal of energies. Likewise, this dream experience can reveal your practical nature. You’re a person who knows his place very well. On the other hand, this dream can be the revelation of your most primitive instincts, the way you carry sex, how you feed and how you cover your basic needs. The lizard in dreams can also demonstrate the concept you handle about a person close to your environment, considering it cold, insensitive or cowardly.

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Also, the meaning of dreaming of lizards can be the premonition of future problems, as well as revealing that you will soon see enemies appearing that were hidden. There is No doubt that you are an ambitious person with each of the things you propose, the best thing is that you must remain meticulous with your plans and seek to know more about those around you.

You have ambitious goals and are determined to achieve everything you have set yourself, yet you will have difficulties along the way. Dreaming of lizards is a warning message from your subconscious about your life, it may be in danger thanks to an enemy, you may have a confrontation with a rival or you may be close to a competition. What you need to know is that once you dream of lizard, you must be careful of everyone around you as they may become the cause of danger.

Dream of small lizards

Dreaming of small lizards is an oneiric experience that reveals the arrival of sudden changes in your life in the coming days, but these will bring you nothing of value. You must be careful because these changes will distract you from your goals, so that blur will make everything more difficult to achieve.

Dream of lizards in the water

Dreaming of lizards in the water reveals that there are many enemies waiting anxiously to succumb to difficulties. This is your opportunity to learn to overcome your fears, work hard and constantly on your well-being, and see how to end those conflicts that are affecting you greatly. On the other hand, if you dream of lizards in dirty water you must know that you will have problems and worries in your life, to get out of them you must give them solution one by one since trying to solve them all at the same time will leave it very bad.

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Dream of big lizards

Dreaming of large lizards indicates that you will soon face very serious problems. Sooner than later you’ll have to face severe problems. While you can’t see them right now, you will soon face an inconvenience with a person or a certain situation. It may also reveal that in your next business you will have big problems, such as theft, threats and more. The only alternative you have to achieve peace of mind is to arm yourself with Courage, Serenity and resilience. Put aside all toxic relationships, no matter if it’s from work or your family.

Dream of lizards or crocodiles

Dreaming of crocodiles or lizards is a symbol of ambition. This dream experience reveals to you that you possess many goods, which is good. However, keep in mind that this may affect your view of reality. Stop focusing only on yourself, remember that you have a family, it’s time to give so you can receive more.

Dream of colored lizards

Dreaming of colored lizards is a dream that rarely occurs, however, it reveals that you or someone close to you is going through an internal personality struggle. Analyze everything and you’ll find the answer.

Dream of green lizards

Dreaming of green lizards is an oneiric experience with a positive interpretation. The green lizards in your dreams are similes of friendship and love. You will have the joy of finding a friend and, with the passing of time, will become more than your friend. With that person you will form a beautiful family with which you will have children and they will be very happy.