Different civilizations have used esoteric rites and tricks to do good and evil. Magic represents an intrinsic part of many people’s culture, and divination goes hand in hand with it. But are they just superstitions? Dreams and magic, when they come together, produce wonderful results at the level of interpretation. For that reason, dreaming magic has to do with our occult powers.

Using magic to accomplish something through a love potion or spell is a symbol that you will solve problems quickly. Some of them you will solve by yourself, but the bigger ones may require the help of your friends. In another context, this vision means that we need to be appreciated and showered with affection by our partner. We may even receive a nice gift.

Just as in real life, supernatural powers can help us through certain events. Many people believe that magic is a heretic, but depending on how it is used, it can benefit us. So if you have dreamed of this type of esoteric manifestation, it is because you have within you strong coping skills.


Changes and the power to adapt are a determining factor for those who dream of magic. The so-called resilience is the secret of these dreamers, who can adapt to any situation without any problem. Only those who are able to survive the changes of the environment, have what is called in psychology emotional intelligence. That is, the inner magic of every human being.

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Dreaming of magic, however, can also have a negative connotation. There may be problems at the level of the family or couple. If it is a woman who dreams, she should beware of infidelity. While if it is a man, he should beware of failed business investments. But these interpretations can change, if we analyze in detail other related elements. Such as the type of magic and the purpose for which it was used.

Dreaming of black magic

Doing some black magic, or witnessing someone else practicing it in dreams, can mean different things depending on the dreamer’s situation. For men, this symbol represents family conflicts or problems with their partner. For women, it points to minor annoyances and insignificant problems.

Meanwhile, for entrepreneurs and business owners dreaming of black magic is symbolic of bad investments or losses due to dishonest business partners. Finally, for young women this refers to the possibility of an unwanted pregnancy.

Using an object with black magic powers in your dreams is an indication of your extraordinary ability to solve problems or overcome challenges without trying too hard. You may have a very strategic way of overcoming complications that require a direct approach. This useful ability is due to your innate intelligence combined with life experiences.

Dreams of doing magic

If you have dreamed of doing magic, it is because you are a witch or magician using your powers. This symbolizes that you will experience a sudden increase in your self-confidence. Perhaps it is the result of a recent accomplishment or a deeper understanding of your skills and ability to effectively solve difficult situations.

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If there is something holding you back at the moment or distracting you from your goals, this dream where you perform magic will restore your faith in yourself. It would also allow you to take control of any situation and refocus on what you really want to achieve in life.

Dreaming of dark magic

Dark magic dreams have a similar meaning to black magic dreams. They denote that you may lose your cool over trivial matters. An imbalance could make you more irritable than usual, which means you could argue with others. This is especially applicable if you see signs or symbols that refer to predicting the future.

Dreams with magical powers

Having a vision with magical powers where you can get what you want is actually an indication of your low self-esteem. Perhaps this goes back to your childhood, where people constantly criticized you. In another context, this could be an avoidance of responsibility or a lack of self-confidence. You are afraid of failing, so you refuse to step forward.

Dreaming of white magic

White magic as a dream symbol carries as much positive energy as it symbolizes. For example, a force of good can rescue you from the forces of evil through powerful magic. You will soon be able to enjoy a series of favorable events. If you have been working on something, then expect to complete it successfully.

Dreams with magic and witches

Magic is inevitably associated with witches. Therefore, having this vision means that your attempts to do business or put certain plans into action will lead to sadness and disappointment. The cause of your problems will be some kind of harm from an unseen enemy. Or perhaps you will be denied the resources you need to make your project a reality.

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Dreaming of magic and flying

To dream of magic and flying could reveal an upcoming journey or adventure. While this may seem exciting, the end result will leave emotional imprints on you, such as disappointments or regrets. Beyond the hurt you will experience, you may also feel that you have acquired a certain degree of learning that will lead you to mature as a person.

Dreams with magic in your hands

Having hands full of magic in dreams usually refers to shocking or improbable events in reality. For example, someone in your dream may be a supernatural being or a witch. The magical elements serve as a foreshadowing of an unnerving moment that is about to happen. This is also often interpreted as a reflection of the dreamer’s indolence, who may want to achieve his or her goals without even lifting a finger.