For years, different civilizations have resorted to certain picturesque resources to adorn the face. The dream interpretation of dreaming with makeup is associated with difficulties or complications that will arise in your life due to circumstances that you cannot control. You will be surprised by something without knowing it because it will be totally unexpected.

The meaning of dreams with makeup depends on the type you wear, the colors and even the occasion. Although most associate this to women, some men use certain products to beautify themselves. For that reason, the symbolisms have to do with hiding something, lies and betrayals in their general manifestation.

Likewise, those who dream of makeup may be obsessed with aesthetics and external beauty. Completely forgetting the human essence, which is the most important. Also, it may be that the dreamer is ashamed before the world of their actions or behavior, and need to go unnoticed using makeup.


The meaning of dreams with makeup is largely interpreted by the colors used. For example, if we see grayish tones indicate that you will meet someone who is weak and fragile, due to an illness. This person will suffer and possibly pass away due to their very fragile condition.

On the other hand, if we see bright colors in dreams with makeup it indicates that we feel humiliated or scandalized. We may be going through an embarrassing situation, being humiliated in front of a crowd of people with whom we are not familiar.

Dreaming of buying makeup

It is common for women to dream of buying makeup. Its meaning, is associated that you are facing problems. There may be problems coming your way in the near future, whether in your personal life, career, health or romantic affairs.

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If you have dreamed of buying makeup in a store, it denotes that material wealth will soon come into your life. You may soon receive some assets that you will get through an inheritance or from people with connections to your family. This will bring you additional wealth.

Eye Makeup Dreams

The saying goes that the eyes are the mirror of the soul. So if you have dreamed of eye makeup, it is a positive sign. You will receive good news from old friends who have already moved away. These are friends who were part of your inner circle before they moved house.

Finally, if you have dreamed of eye makeup in a variety of color palettes you could be experiencing some health problems in the near future. It may also refer to facing major obstacles that will stand in the way of a dream you have worked very hard for.

To dream of face makeup

To paint our face with makeup in dreams is a sign of possible distress. Someone you might meet in the near future will go over your head in their quest to achieve their goals. This person could do so at your expense unintentionally or on purpose, and this can cause you stress and anxiety.

Dreams with new makeup

To dream of new makeup someone means that someone will ask you for something that you are not ready or willing to give at the time. This may cause some tension or conflict with that person in the process. However, you must keep your word and be truthful as if you don’t, you could end up acquiring problems.

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Dreaming of broken makeup

Although the feeling of sadness overwhelms us at the moment, if you dreamt of broken makeup it is a sign that there are better things ahead. You will soon experience an improvement in your lifestyle because you will be able to afford more luxuries and comforts. This may be due to a possible marriage, a move to a new place or a better job.

Dreams with smudged makeup

Usually, makeup runs when we cry, have contact with water or sweat excessively. So having a dream vision with smudged makeup is a favorable sign for your intimate life. Things will go well romantically with someone, regardless of whether you just met them recently or have been seeing them for a long time. Your relationship with this person will thrive and develop further.

Dreaming of colorful makeup

Each color has a different symbolism in the dream and esoteric world. For that reason, dreaming of colorful makeup is a promising sign. It means that you are about to have a romantic encounter or a date that you will enjoy immensely. It also speaks of delightful news that you will receive in the near future or of a period of happiness in your current life.

Dreams with blue makeup

If the color blue is the most predominant color in your dreams with makeup, it is because the subconscious speaks to you of revelations and transformations. Your plans or relationships could begin to be rewarding. However, you will have some unexpected surprises. These surprises could be related to discovering new facets of other people.

Dreaming of Halloween Makeup

Halloween is a special time of year when we go out to party and dress up and paint. Therefore, seeing makeup of this type in your dreams denotes reveals that someone will demand something from you that you are not ready or willing to give at the time. Such a request may cause some tension or conflict with that person, but it will all be momentary.

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Dreams with someone’s makeup

To see in dreams someone’s makeup or failing that, to put makeup on someone else, has to do with being ready to deepen your relationship with your partner. You already feel ready to trust your partner and able to reciprocate his or her heart. Therefore, you see how someone else puts on makeup. It could also indicate that there are two people you could meet.

To dream of broken makeup

To dream of broken makeup is a favorable omen regarding your romantic relationship. However, seeing your makeup shattered could easily mean the opposite. If the broken makeup was blue, it represents ideas and connects to our ability to convey them.

Dreams with white makeup

Dreams with white makeup are associated with our inner peace. You are in a period of calm and tranquility that you do not want to waste. Nothing disturbs you, you have no problems and no one can hurt you. You have reached a higher spiritual level that allows you to see life from another perspective, where acceptance is the key.

To dream of a woman’s makeup

To dream of women’s makeup implies a developing health problem. You need to undergo a complete physical examination or health evaluation to check for some serious conditions. Likewise, seeing a woman wearing makeup means danger. Even if you feel it, your body may be in bad shape due to your tendency to eat unhealthy foods and a sedentary lifestyle.