Dreams can have quite important meanings for our life, they can be of good omen or a bad omen, in other cases dreams can be something quite simple as a warning from our subconscious of something that is happening to us but we are not so able to see it with our own eyes because we have our mind busy in other aspects of our lives.

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Video about Dreaming of mice

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As we all know, dreaming may have great meaning, so we have to be very attentive to our dreams, sometimes objects, animals or people who have a place in our dream may be trying to tell us something, so we will know how to interpret it, this time we will tell them the meaning of dreaming with mice.



These rodents, by their size and having them in the foreground as a plague, have a representation in dreams, which is dictated depending on the circumstances. It almost always represents problems, enemies, and possible chaos in the domestic area.

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Then we take into account that mice will represent problems, disputes and quarrels, so we must move away from any situation that may lead us to that. On the other hand, mice also represent enemies, in dreams in which we impose ourselves on them. Now we will study closely the dreams of mice and their meaning.

Dream of small mice

These little mice represent ourselves as small people, with low self-esteem, shy and insecure, with much to say about it, don’t let yourself be that little mouse. You will need to avoid the times when you look cloudy and stop underestimating yourself.

Dreaming of dead mice

When mice are dead, they represent directly that we will face and overcome those problems that we are facing, also that we move to a new stage in which we will leave all that bad vibes, problems and bad luck behind.

On the other hand, if we dream that we find ourselves killing mice, we will be facing our enemies directly, defeating them directly.

Dream of white mice

White mice indicate something more positive than normal mice, they represent prosperity, money and economics, and this has many meanings: In the dreams in which we see many white mice in our house, it means that prosperity will increase. Instead, when we see him escape, it means that income to our house will decrease. The white mice they eat mean there will be great economic relief. If we see the white mouse skinny and sick it means that there will be scarcity and disease.

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The white mice will tell us good things, although we can see ourselves represented in it, so we have to be careful with that.

Dream of many mice

Many mice, they tend to mean chaos and a nest of problems, as well as when we find ourselves in big trouble with many people involved, we will see many problems and we have to be careful especially with our enemies, family problems and order in the home, we never have to be carried away by these dreams and always maintain a defensive and positive attitude.

Dream of killing mice

Mice, as we have said before, are the representation of our enemies, their meaning, is that we will triumph over them by killing them, we will be seeing the death of our problems and the difficulties they have been presenting to us, in the same way we will find ourselves in a positive situation in our life.

Dream of running mice

Mice running around a house are not as bad as you think, they can mean that there is good news and that joy comes to your life a lot, also in the same way they can mean other things as for example when they run to you and scare you, this means that problems are distressing you too much and that your enemies are very close to you.


  • Dreaming of eating mice: this means that there is a problem that is tormenting you and that you have in secret, you must turn to a person to tell him what is going on to release the tension that this is causing, remember that maintaining those weights of consciousness can be very harmful to your health.
  • To dream that a rat bites us: rats are toxic rodents, dirty and considered a plaque, if a rat bites us in real life, we will have a huge health problem of not taking the right precautions, the same happens in dreams, we will have to take care of the people around us, of our health and especially of our enemies, to dream about rats that bite means that we can be betrayed by a person or that we face a disease.
  • Dreaming of mice nursing: if in our dream we see a little mouse taking from the breast of its mother, or if we are that mouse means that someone is looking at us with great contempt and is taking us lightly, yes, someone may be treating us as if we were children or undervaluing us as people.
  • Dreaming of mice that enter your clothes: mice that take refuge in your clothes clearly mean that you are wrapped in gossip, you find yourself in a position in which you do not want to be and surely you did not even seek to get involved, you must take care of what you speak and make clear all that you are and know to avoid increasing all the things that are being said about you or a person close to you.
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