For many dreaming of nails can be strange or insignificant. However, this dream experience reveals an interesting omen that can allow you to learn more about the sense of responsibility and also about how important appearances are. The image you can see in your dreams has a meaning.

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Whether during the dream experience you are eating your nails, craving anxiety or nerves, or dreaming that you paint your nails very carefully, avoiding being wrong. Every nail dream has a specific meaning that can reveal information about your personality. And no, it’s not strange to dream about nails.

It is common to have dream experiences with certain elements of our body. You may even dream of losing hair or dreaming of falling teeth, this is as common as dreaming of nails. It is even a rather peculiar dream for both men and women. However, nail dreams have a rather different meaning than dreaming of hair or teeth.

There are a wide variety of theories about the meaning of dreaming with nails and the contexts of this dream experience. For example, some philosophers and interpreters of dreams from past times claimed that dreaming of clipping their nails was a harbinger that great economic debts would soon come. In general, dreaming with nails is a clear sign of concern for self-image and self-esteem.

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According to the context of sleep, there can be anxiety about certain diseases, such as dreaming with falling nails. These are just some of the meanings of dreaming with nails. Then you will know in more detail the meanings of this dream experience.



According to most dream analysts, dreaming with nails is closely related to the sense of responsibility. Dreaming with well-cared-for nails is a sign of being a perfectionist and meticulous person, capable of achieving the expectations that have been generated upon itself. You can appreciate how this interpretation goes from your personality to give prominence to others.

Specifically, what others see from you through your fingernails. They see an independent person, who cares about details, especially external details. However, what happens when you dream that your nails are falling off? This is a sign that you are in the middle of a vital conflict phase in which you feel overwhelmed by responsibilities and commitments. There is also a strong fear of being judged.

Appearance and sense of responsibility are the two main aspects that you can see in dreams with nails. If you can detail it, both elements have an affinity for self-esteem. High self-esteem is reflected in nails in a flawless state, without protruding much, while high self-esteem shows dirty, broken, neglected nails, or also, strangely enough, over-taken care of.

Dream of long nails

Dreaming of your own long nails is a sign that you are being offensive to other people as you adopt vain attitudes and consider yourself self-sufficient. If you dream of someone else’s long fingernails, this indicates that you will be treated with indifference and your merits will not be recognized.

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Dream of broken nails

Dreaming of broken nails is an indication that you want to avoid a specific situation or responsibility. On the other hand, nails are a reflection of the image, so it can be the way you feel others perceive you.

Dream of cutting your nails

Dreaming of clipping your nails is a bad omen that indicates the arrival of high-interest debts. In addition, there will be a number of drawbacks in the family environment. On the other hand, if someone else’s fingernails are cut off, this is a sign that others will try to cause you serious harm and you must be careful about it, as you would be in danger of getting a disease that requires specific care.

Dream of dirty nails

Dreaming of dirty nails is a very bad omen that reveals a future misfortune or an accident where a relative will be involved, especially one of the younger members, who will make a crazy adventure.

Dream of painted nails

Dreaming with painted nails is the revelation that you are at a stage where you walk the right path. It’s time to keep walking and making everything go for good. Don’t hesitate, life can prove you at various times, so think carefully before making a decision.

Dream of long toenails

The interpretation of dreaming with long toenails tells us that you feel comfortable with who you are and with the image you project to others right now. You’ve made various decisions that have given you the right results, so you feel good about yourself and the rest of the people.

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Dream of false nails

This dream experience can be interpreted in two ways: if in the dream, you have false nails, it is a sign that you will need to hide either a weakness or something that embarrasses you. However, if in the dream it is someone else who wears fake nails, it is a sign that you will meet hypocritical people who do not have the courage to show themselves as they really are.

Dream of fingernails with mushrooms

Dreaming of mushroom nails is a bad omen that indicates that you have very deep problems associated with your finances, or you will probably have them. Pay attention to your environment to prevent major damage.

Dream of toenails

If your toenails are dirty, you must self-evaluate yourself because you need to be humble and recognize that as a human you can be wrong. If your toenails are incarnated, it is a sign that you have trouble moving forward, there are situations that threaten to interfere with your life or decision-making. Watch where you walk and the decisions you make. Dreaming of painted toenails reveals that everything you have planned will soon begin to happen, all thanks to your effort and commitment.