We often have dreams that we can’t explain, dreams that we never thought of or that when we tell them sound very far-fetched. So much so, that you do not find any relation to you or your life, but, surprisingly, these strange dreams are full of messages that can be very useful for you. One such case is dreaming about Indians.

As strange as it may seem, having a dream vision with Indians can have very interesting and useful meanings for you; it is not for less since some tribes have lived for a long time, besides that no matter how much time has passed they have known how to preserve their essence and culture through the times.


Unless you have seen some movie related to cowboys or Indians and this has impacted you, a dream with Indians has an interesting meaning. This dream speaks to you about the strength needed to be able to transform the negative things in your life into situations of benefit to you. Also, this dream speaks to you about regaining the essence that you have lost and being true to the values that have been instilled in you.

Dreaming about Indians fighting

A dream about Indians fighting among themselves or with some enemy, speaks about feeling attacked because something or someone is trying to steal your values or your essence. You should pay attention to the people around you and find out if this is due to actions of your partner or any of your family or friends.

Dreaming of Indians talking to me

If you have dreamed of Indians who have decided to talk to you, prepare yourself for a situation that will shake your foundations, it will be a unique and fun experience; this could be a trip with friends to some exotic place, a hike in the mountains or a kayaking adventure. This dream indicates that it is time to take a break and do something out of the routine.

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Dreaming of shaman Indians

To dream of shaman Indians is a message from your subconscious to take a break from all the civilization, put aside the privileges of urban life and spend some time in the rural area. This dream also suggests that it is time to change your social circle. In addition, this dream speaks about having a time of privacy and solitude, one where you can reflect on yourself and rest your mind. You want to be free and simply be able to enjoy what life has to offer.

Dreaming of Indian women

When you have dreams with an Indian woman, this may mean that you need to interact more with the people around you. You must remember that the human is a sociable being by nature and some contact with other people is necessary to feel good. Loneliness is good, of course it is, but everything in excess is bad.

Dreaming of many Indians

To dream of many Indians indicates that you are a person who goes with the flow and the opinions of others and this conflicts with your own identity and authenticity. You consider it more important what other people will say about you and fitting in with the majority rather than showing yourself as you are. This may work for a while, but at the end of the day your true self will come out and, if you want to be happy, this will be the only way to achieve it.

Dreaming of Indians painting

A dream where you see the body or face of a painted Indian allows you to realize the things you really need in life and the things you need to secure the future you desire. In addition, this dream warns you to trust and put your faith in your religion, keep in mind that there are higher forces acting for your benefit.

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Dreaming of dead Indians

To dream of a dead Indian indicates that you are abandoning a project that has great potential to give you very good results in your future. Think well about this decision you want to take because it could bring very serious consequences with it. If in the dream you have killed the Indian, this indicates that you have already made a decision regarding a situation and perhaps it was not the right one. Now you just have to accept the consequences of your actions.