Perhaps you have ever dreamed of the stars or the moon and consider it to be an ideal and somehow magical situation. But sometimes, dreaming of night can easily turn into a terrible nightmare. What if the sun went out? Would you like to live in a place where the sun never rises?

The world of the night may be something you like very much, like enjoying the nightlife of the city and you may not like it when the sun rises because it means the end of the night. Always dreaming of the night is a dream that is possibly disturbing, as its meaning is closely linked to the emotions conveyed by your vision.

Night, like most things, has its two sides of the coin. But what we can be clear about is that these dreams will not end in a sunny day because you consider that the best, and worst, things usually happen at night and you consider yourself a person with a nocturnal soul. For that reason, the interpretation of dreams with night is varied.



The negative side of this dream where night is predominant could be warning you about a depression problem. A dark moment where you do not feel the existence of the day, there is only you and the night. An event that is accompanied by recurring thoughts about your day, and the insecurities you have to deal with.

But if you dreamed of night and you did not feel overwhelmed, but it was accompanied by some curiosity, then it is a sign that your thoughts are looking for a mysterious world to distract you from the everyday to feel more relaxed from the daily hustle and bustle. So if you dreamed at night is because you have a side that few know.

Dreaming of night

To dream of night suggests that there is some turmoil in your life at the moment. Perhaps you are struggling to find clarity in a situation. This could be preventing you from making progress, stopping you at the same point without making any headway. What can you do to overcome it? Consider how you feel about the important things in your life: it’s possible that one or some of them have taken a negative turn.

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Likewise, it’s also possible that something doesn’t feel as good as it used to. Maybe you know that something has finally come to an end and you weren’t ready for it. The interpretation of dreams with night indicate a relationship, a period in your life or a feeling you wanted to keep.

Dreaming about the sea at night

Having a dream vision with the sea at night is one of the most common dreams. If you take into account the meanings of dreams, the fact of having dreamt with the sea transmits us great spiritual tranquility. Therefore, dreaming of the sea at night has several meanings but everything will depend on our reaction to the body of water.

To dream of a calm sea at night is linked to our ability to keep our emotions aside. All this despite the difficulties and atypical situations that may arise in our lives. You will be able to control high stress situations that will come in the near future, maybe the situation will overwhelm you but you will always find the light at the end of the tunnel.

Otherwise, dreaming of a murky sea at night is related to all those worries and concerns that do not let us sleep at night generating nightmares that prevent us from enjoying a full night’s rest. It is essential that you find all those problems that are generating a lot of stress and find a solution to free yourself from unnecessary burdens.

Dreaming of rain at night

To dream of rain at night that may contain elements such as hail, lightning and even meteorites is a common nightmare for those people who feel a great level of frustration in their lives. As an example we can take, the constant fear of being fired or not being able to pass an exam at university or school.

If you came to dream of rain at night, the cold, the darkness, the thunder and the water that wets your body are elements that are linked to feelings full of loneliness. It symbolizes some memories that happened and that you would like to relive them, because you are currently immersed in a cycle of sadness to which you see no way out.

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It is necessary to maintain a good mental health to be able to continue with our objectives in an effective and efficient way. Dreams of rain at night remind you that it is not good to be alone for so long. It is time to make some calls and arrange an outing. It’s time to make these bad vibes that are currently affecting you go away.

Dreaming of a cemetery at night

To dream of a cemetery at night is mainly a synonym of illness. It is something you can prevent but not avoid. It is advisable to visit a doctor and have routine examinations, anyway it is never something extra to watch over your health.

Another meaning is that you are going through one or more situations that obstruct your faith. To see a cemetery at night in a dream is a warning that you have little hope. Always keep in mind that hope will get you out of all the difficulties that come your way. It is time to get to know yourself better and investigate more about other religions to see what wonders they have to offer you.

Dreaming of being lost in a cemetery at night means that you have not yet found your path in the spiritual world. You have been through a lot and that makes it hard for your faith to stay afloat. You no longer know what you should believe and that makes you feel lost.

Dreaming of a beach at night

If you have dreamed of beach at night it represents the unconscious part of your mind. The ideas that appear during this time usually do not occur to you during your thoughts, so it is advisable to write them down when you wake up. Often this dream represents the side or things you refuse to think about. This dream suggests that you prioritize all other aspects of your life instead of getting enough rest.

The interpretation of dreaming of a nighttime one that is dirty may suggest a lack of care and responsibility from those around you. Perhaps you are living or working with people who are not in control of themselves, or who make a mess of your work. You are the one most likely to clean up mistakes and end up being the one who makes up for their failures.

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Dreaming of walking at night

To dream of walking at night brings misadventures and a futile struggle for satisfaction. For a young woman to find herself walking quickly at night in her dreams, denotes that she will inherit some property and possess a much desired object. Perhaps it is an inheritance or a payment that you were not expecting and you will be able to buy the whim that you have wanted so much.

The act of walking at night represents your life today. If you move forward with purpose, determination and confidence you can make things happen. Walking backwards in the dream means that past experiences and events are holding you back. Finally, walking through pleasant views of nature denotes success in your personal and professional life.

Dreaming of flying at night

To dream of flying at night is closely related to your freedom, good times and good news. This dream symbolizes your desire to be able to escape from your routine and do different things to feel less stress. You feel you are in an endless cycle, and it is time to get out of this routine that slows you down so much and makes you feel miserable.

If you dreamt that you are flying with wings at night, it means that you will have to face bitter disappointments in your life. The wings symbolize the desire to escape, because you know that bad omens have been coming into your life, but is this the solution? Maybe it’s time to fight back and use your wings to give you the strength you need to emerge from all these bad energies.

Dreaming of running at night

The meaning of dreaming of running at night is synonymous with feeling that all your decisions made were not right. It is likely that their results have great consequences or you have felt a great fear when making them. You should know that failure is a big part of learning. So it is advisable that you have confidence in you, and work hard to be able to manage fear and be happy.