To dream of a nun indicates changes, but they come from different points and especially from the transformation of the dreamer’s thinking. Sometimes these dreams with nuns are interpreted as the need to seek divine protection, advice and sincere companionship.

However, it depends considerably on the dreamer’s current situation. Since dreaming of nuns is as diverse, as the interpretation itself. Generally, the dreamer is in a stage of distress, loneliness or personal dissatisfaction. These feelings are associated with bad jobs, unstable economy and love problems.

Therefore, to dream of a nun is to ask for advice and a positive change in life. But, not all dreams with nun mean that you are in trouble, sometimes you just worry about the state of your family and seek an explanation to the reality of them.



The meaning of dreaming of a nun is related to current events, problems or dissatisfactions. To understand the true prediction, it is essential to make a self-analysis of the reality in which you find yourself and if there are upcoming family, work or sentimental changes that you think are coming, but you have some fear of them happening. Below is a list of dreams with nun and their respective interpretations.

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Dreaming of dead nun

To dream of a dead nun warns of the death of a family member or that an acquaintance will become seriously ill. It is a dream that quickly turns into a nightmare, but warns of the arrival of bad news and even a family calamity. In other cases, it warns that your lies were discovered and they are preparing the way to let you know it.

Dreaming of a bad nun

To dream of a bad nun foretells dissatisfaction and stress, a stage where you do not like what you are currently doing and wish to get out of that routine. In addition, you are attributing your current problems as your fault and you believe that you lose the innocence of day to day life just by waking up in the morning. If you sound like a bad nun, you should orient your life and change your horizons immediately. However, you will need wise advice to start the path and seek new relationships, therefore, try to expand your social circles with people who have positive horizons and better goals than yours, so they will become role models.

Dreaming of a nun dressed in black

To dream of a nun dressed in black means bad decisions and that you are letting important matters slip away because you believe that everything will be solved without your intervention. Although dreaming of nuns dressed in black has several meanings, they all resemble the overconfidence you currently have and that you do not prefer to face reality. In these cases, the dreamer is advised to wake up from the world of fantasies where he/she finds him/herself.

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Dreaming of a devilish nun

To dream of an evil nun foretells betrayal and bad friendships. It is likely that these friendships are old, but they decided to change their behavior towards you and will seek to obtain the greatest number of riches no matter what happens in your life. If you dreamed of devilish nun and you are a boss or business owner, you should be alert to your subordinates and the way you trust them.

Dreaming of nun dressed in white

To dream of a nun dressed in white indicates purity, because of its color and innocence for what it conveys. This dream with nun predicts the arrival of problems due to false promises, false testimonies or personal dissatisfaction. That is, if you dreamed of a nun dressed in white, you must be willing to return to your simple life, away from the material and not constantly think about money. In addition, it indicates the purity with which your body is constantly feeding, therefore, pay attention to food and healthy living that you should have at this time.

Dreaming of a nun dressed in gray

To dream of a nun dressed in gray means that you are afraid, but you are looking for advice to help you overcome any problems that are arising, especially those related to the sentimental. When you often dream of nuns dressed in gray, it means that you are about to face a new challenge and you are looking for the best way to avoid making the same mistakes of the past. If during the dream with a nun everything is in black and white, it means that in your hands is the decision to change everything, just by starting the way.

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Dreaming of pregnant nun

To dream of a pregnant nun foretells lust and anxiety before an important event. This dream experience details that you are being impure with your own body and you are probably having amorous encounters with people who will not attract anything positive to your life. If you dreamt of a pregnant nun you should be alert to signs of lust and harm from other people.