Oil is one of the most important sources of energy. And although it is uncommon to have dreams of this type, we must know how to analyze them. For that reason, dreaming about oil on a general level basically refers to economic issues. It is very likely that you will be able to undertake a new project or business very soon.

There are many interpretations that can be given to everything related to dreams with oil. One of them has to do with the energies we have accumulated. We must release tensions, release stress and let things flow little by little without forcing them. This is because if you have dreamed of this type of fuel, it is possible that something is not going well with your finances.

Many times dreams can be subjective. That is why you may not feel fully identified if you dreamt of oil. However, in the work environment, great favorable changes will arise that will benefit you. In another context, you may feel the need to change jobs or ask for a change of office or position.


The color black in our dream usually represents a bad omen. But according to dream experts, if we have dreamed of oil, it is synonymous of abundance. A proposal will come to you to enter into an investment, which you will be very tempted to accept. It is the opportunity to seek advice from someone very close to you in your social environment, to make that decision.

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If you dreamed of oil, it means that you are very undecided about a trip you have in front of you, but you have to sacrifice a lot and that makes you very anxious. First you should take some time alone to reflect and think about which path you really want to choose.

Dreaming of oil and water

This dream reflects how stressed you are due to so much work. Take some time off and visit a park where you can relax with the birds singing. That way, you will be able to release so much pressure that you feel by having so many people under your responsibility, which causes you a lot of mental exhaustion. Bring out your human side at work.

Oil and water together predict a confrontation with a family member over a misunderstanding. That will make you feel sad, because usually this kind of thing doesn’t happen in your home. You are put to the test through a great challenge that you thought you were not capable of taking on, show what you are prepared for since you are a person who is made to take on challenges.

Dreams with oil field

If you have dreamed of an oil field, it is a very good sign. This vision indicates that we are about to discover something very important that will give us satisfaction. In our interior we are full of much strength that we must externalize, since we feel that we have enough resources to be used in moments of trouble.

Dreaming of oil in the sea

When this type of dream vision occurs, it means that we must do a deep cleaning either at home or in the office. It is a very positive dream, because you feel the need to remove all the negative and let the good energies flow. Money comes to you unexpectedly, that will make you be very careful when it comes to spend it.

Dreams with oil on your hands

Oil on your hands denotes that you need to be very careful. A serious health problem could be coming, and also very big financial problems arise. You should take great caution regarding your health and your financial status. You discover that a person very close to you is betraying you, so you should talk and clarify everything related.

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Dreaming of crude oil

Having a dream vision with crude oil, warns us that we must be attentive to our environment. Some people are not sincere with you, and an alarm is activated indicating that you should be prepared for anything. Remember that you are charged with much wisdom and strength. A fuel like oil in this state, predicts unexpected moments.

Dreams with black oil

The economic plane is very strong when dreaming of black oil. You must take good care of your finances, because you could go bankrupt. Although oil represents abundance, if you are not careful, you will be involved in a scandal from which it will take you a long time to recover. The family takes a lot of strength and knows that you are not capable of doing what you are accused of, so you should not trust anyone.

Dreaming of oil on the body

When you dream of oil on your body, you are reflecting possible windfalls. Possibly, you receive an inheritance and you are involved in visits to lawyers for advice regarding this matter. Also, you may go on a business trip and meet a person who becomes the great love of your life.

Dreams with oil in a river

Oil in a river in your dreams means that you have missed many opportunities that have presented themselves. This may have repercussions in your future, in spite of this you will have a very successful life, you just need to fix certain aspects that are causing you a lot of confusion. Be careful because at the least expected moment, a person will appear who can hurt you a lot and lead you to failure.

Dreaming of clean oil

To have a dream vision with clean oil predicts a series of new events in your life. They will come from moments of happiness, to sadness for a person from the past who returns. It is time to make new decisions about work. Your work makes a good impression on your superiors, as you have resolved a situation that they had been trying to solve for a long time without success.

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Dreams with oil on your face

The interpretation of dreams with oil on your face symbolizes demotivation. However, many opportunities are coming for you. So you will have the opportunity to find a new job with people who value your skills. There you will feel at ease and will be able to express your creativity to the fullest.

Dreaming of finding oil

The meaning of dreams with finding oil means that you start a transition process. The first thing you need to do is to put things in order on a personal level. You are tormented by something that is happening that you can’t handle. Let things flow and do not make hasty decisions, remember that you have gone through bad times, but in the end you have come out ahead.

dreams of seeing oil

Those who dream of seeing oil should be forewarned of negative events. Possibly, a trustworthy person will try to set you up. Fortunately, you will notice it before it is too late and you will be able to act. This will happen in your work sooner than you expect. It is time for you to analyze with a cool head who your true friends are.

Dreaming of drilling for oil

To dream of drilling for oil means that great opportunities will come your way at work. Take advantage of the goodness of the opportunities you are being offered, but not without first knowing what is most appropriate for you. On the sentimental level, to draw oil foretells unexpected breakups due to comments from third parties. You make mistakes that you may regret later.