Dreaming of oil has many different meanings, which is usually associated with multiple things. When we see this substance, it represents things running smoothly but it can also indicate positive growth in a certain aspect of life. Such as unexpected growth in the financial area. However, most of the time, dreams of this type indicate positive changes to come.

Oil comes in many forms and on that depends the interpretation of the dreams. However in any of its presentations it is very lucrative, as it indicates a fortune coming your way or a pending opportunity that you need to make sure you don’t miss anything important. Money or finances will grow if you react correctly to the conditions and take advantage of the situations that will come your way.

When there is oil in a dream, this indicates that there is a current opportunity that you need to take advantage of. It also represents having multiple opportunities and having to choose the right one. If we see this substance in the kitchen, it means you are wasting money and need to cut back.


Dreams with oil can also mean a tragic accident or disaster, and from this incident many people can get hurt. Don’t think you can be an exception. Take preventive measures and make sure you have everything you need in case an emergency happens.

However, this dream has other connotations as it indicates the beginning of a meeting with an interesting and outstanding person. You will be very glad that fate has brought you together with this person as he or she will be able to teach you a lot. There are also other elements that accompany this vision, which we will analyze below.

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Dreaming of olive oil

Generally, a dream of olive oil refers to health and financial problems. But being such a common element, it can have many meanings depending on what happened. Tasting or smelling olive oil, may represent that you will be spoken well of in an environment full of important people. Putting olive oil on food refers to a large amount of money that you will soon have.

Drinking olive oil in your dream may suggest that you will relate to positive people and achieve your goals because of them. But seeing it burn means that you will face obstacles, but you will be able to overcome these barriers in the short term. If you put olive oil on your body it denotes that an unexpected person will do you a favor.

Seeing you put olive oil in a bottle can mean that you will take a short trip to get rid of some stress and for the purpose of relaxation. If you have bought the bottle of olive oil in the dream, this may represent that you will take the trip with a close family member.

Dreaming of boiling oil

Having a dream vision with boiling oil usually represents transformation and/or sacrifice. But if the boiling oil spills because of boiling, it suggests that you are experiencing emotional turmoil. It may also mean that you should no longer repress some of your subconscious feelings that are surfacing.

Likewise, this dream may represent confusion regarding a problem. As well as emotions and intentions, which may become negative. However, boiling the oil may also reflect your readiness to free yourself from those negative emotions or intentions of others.

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Dreaming of cooking oil

To see or use cooking oil in your dream represents your desire to avoid problems while preparing for a very important situation in real life. This vision can also refer to making efforts to accomplish something quickly and smoothly. Perhaps a professional or work-related project.

Dreaming of hot oil

The dream of hot oil is generally considered a positive symbol in the dream realm. For it means that you could make progress on a project or get closer to achieving your goals. You will probably meet someone popular, famous or influential who can help you on your journey.

Dreaming of car oil

If you have dreamed of car oil in a bottle or in the form of a stain on the pavement, it warns you about something that is not working well. It may also mean that your poor economy and money management is causing something to go wrong.

Dreaming of spilled oil

Having a dream vision of spilled oil is often considered a positive omen. For it foretells that your financial situation is about to improve a lot in the near future, bringing you peace of mind and happiness. Undoubtedly, a very encouraging dream that promises success in all aspects of life.

Dreaming of dirty oil

To dream of dirty oil is evidence of your lack of motivation. This dream speaks of your fear of not being able to complete a certain project or task on time. You feel helpless, suffocated and distressed because of this project that is very important to you.

Dreaming of oil on the floor

Oil spilled on the ground or earth may symbolize upcoming disappointments, challenges and difficulties. You may not be able to move forward on your goals, or you will receive bad news about developments in some of your current professional projects.

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Dreaming of black oil

If you have dreamed of black oil it means that you are experiencing an unpleasant change or emotional breakdown in your life. It may be that as a result of this, you are having difficulty trusting your own judgment in making decisions. You are trying to hide something that others may find unappealing.

Dreaming of sunflower oil

To dream of sunflower oil expresses your vulnerability to a situation, and because of this you are letting go of your negative attitudes or resentment towards others. Remember that it is important not to prejudge a situation or person based on the surface.

Dreaming of anointed oil

To have this vision with anointed oil, particularly for women, suggests that you will engage in some frivolous and unimportant matters that could cause problems later on. It would be wise, then, for you to take care of your own problems instead of being preoccupied with other situations.

Dreaming of oil on your feet

Visualizing that your feet are covered with oil or an oily substance is considered a positive symbol in dream interpretation. It often foretells surprising or unexpected developments that will positively affect your day-to-day affairs.