To dream of old people has as many predictions as it has teachings. It is one of the least common dreams to have and generally warns of the patience and emotional state in which we find ourselves. An old man is a person who has gone through a lifetime and generally becomes a wise man.

Historically, dreams with old people warned of the lack of wisdom that the dreamer had. That is to say, he needed the advice of a wise man to solve his problems. Therefore, it is normal to read in history books that the great kings and landowners had elders who advised them in different positions, although most of them were represented as stewards who accompanied them everywhere to give their advice.

Thus, if you dreamed of elders you will need to determine the situation in order to give you an accurate prediction to your dream. Generally you will dream of grandparents when you have problems, but they will be solved as you seek wisdom or as the history books suggest «wise counsel». The big question before starting the interpretation of dreaming about old people, is how willing you are to accept the change and start a new stage in your life, taking the advice as a general rule and being willing to change cities or friends if necessary.


The meaning of dreaming about old people starts with the message they can give us, although sometimes it is very difficult to remember it. For this type of messages we look at the emotions we felt when we received their message. That is, what kind of feelings we had when the grandfather gave us advice. But remember, the higher the level of feeling, the more assertive the message. If you remember the message, write it down on a piece of paper and look for its meaning.

However, the actual prediction about dreaming about old people will depend on the situation they were in, whether they are acquaintances or strangers, sick or healthy, cheerful or aggressive. Therefore, we will predict most situations that may arise when dreaming of the elderly.

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Dreaming of unknown old people

If you dreamed of unknown old people you should be prepared for any situation that requires your absolute attention. It predicts that problems will come into your life that will need the support of third parties to protect you from this situation.
Generally it is a dream of warning and protection. It seeks to predict the constant problems in which you find yourself and that stress levels are high in your body and will soon make you sick, which will weaken you and cause a mental breakdown in your life. Dreams with unknown grandparents show us the need to receive advice to solve problems.

Generally, it foretells the arrival of people who want to support you, but it will not be free and you will need to reward them later for these actions. Some books suggest that the dreamer is weak and therefore unaware of the wisdom that is transmitted by the elder.

Dreams with sick old people

Although dreaming of sick elderly people seems a bad sign foretells the end of problems and the beginning of new opportunities, which require proper study. If you dreamed that you are the sick grandfather, then it is a harbinger of weakness, loss of strength and that you will soon go through a stage of poverty.

In any scenario, this is not the time for travel or investments. Try to analyze your current situation and look for better opportunities. If someone demands an urgent answer, ask for more time or simply ignore the question and wait for new opportunities.

Dreaming of dead old people

To dream of dead elders foretells the arrival of a time of understanding and wisdom. It is the best time to forgive and forget, but do it with a true feeling of forgiveness and understanding the lesson of life.

You are or are approaching a time of change and important decisions, so you are constantly looking for advice. To dream of dead grandparents portends important changes, but only if you leave the past behind.

If you dreamed of your dead grandfather, try to remember the feelings you felt at the time, as it foretells the protection of a loved one who remembers you since his death and is sending you signs of protection.

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Dreams with old people dressed in white

To dream of old people dressed in white portends important changes that need sincere decisions on the part of the dreamer. Generally, this dream occurs when they expect an answer from us and we are undecided.

It can occur when changing jobs or starting a new career, in the case of couples, when you want to continue or terminate a relationship. However, the color white invites you to be as clear and sensible as possible in the next steps to take, as it can mean an important decision such as proposing marriage or changing city.

Dreaming of old people dancing

The dream of old people dancing should be interpreted from the current situation of the dreamer. It warns of a search for inner balance and a deep self-knowledge of the situations that we face every day, such as work or relationship problems.

If you are going through a bad patch, the prediction of this dream points to a lack of personal desire to try to get out of adversity.

Dreams with cheerful old people

Did you dream of cheerful old people? Then it is time to start a new challenge in your life, if possible, a new economic venture. It is the ideal time to seek inspiration and try to get new job offers or start your own business. For people who are single, it is an ideal time to relate with the opposite sex, because the energies in our lives radiate positivism and well-being.

If you find yourself with feelings of sadness and loneliness, but you have dreams with cheerful grandparents, it augurs an important change in your life with the arrival of people with wise advice or proposals of change for your routine, being the change of city one of the major proposals for the dreamer.

Dreaming of wise elders

If you dreamed receiving advice from a wise elder, it foretells positive energies, but warns you to take new paths. Generally this dream occurs when we go through a bad stage of our life and lose confidence, therefore, it suggests that you need to reverse the situation with new positive energies and accept the help of other people. Without trying to deceive yourself, you will look for ways to be a realistic person and seek understanding.

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To identify wisdom we suggest remembering the feelings at the moment of receiving advice. The impression, doubt or feeling of discovery are signs that it will be in your hands to reverse the situation that will arise, but if you felt sad while talking to wise grandparents, then it will be up to the decision of others to help you solve your problems.

Dreams with grandparents fighting

To dream of grandparents fighting predicts the adaptation of your life to new circumstances. This dream has many meanings, so take into account your current stage. If you are going through the loss of a loved one, it is likely that you are coming to terms with their death and wish to move on with your life.

If you are going through the loss of a friendship or relationship, this dream suggests mixed feelings and a discussion between reason and affection for the person. If you found a new job or were fired from your current one, it warns that you will be in a situation where your decisions really matter and will be taken into account by others.

To dream of an old woman with white hair

White hair is always a sign of wisdom and understanding. By dreaming of old woman with white hair we show ourselves to be open to new experiences and to finding new meanings for ourselves. These meanings are academic, occupational and professional.

What the dream with white-haired grandparents predicts is precisely the need to find answers to the unknown and how we dare to face what we seek. It is a common dream in people who receive shocking news or discover something hidden from their eyes.

Dreams with elderly couple

It will depend on the type of old couple you dream about or the different state in which the grandparents are in. If you dreamed of old couple, it is likely that you are going through an internal discussion looking for the solution to a question or personal situation.

This happens when we receive different news or recommendations during the day and we are not clear which path to choose that will benefit us in a better way. If the grandparent couple is in perfect condition, the energies will be positive, but if they are angry or sick, the energies will be negative or of outright changes.