To dream of a pantheon is a very frequent dream for all those people who miss a dead or deceased loved one. Undoubtedly, it is a particular dream and has several interpretations. There are profiles of people who are curious about paranormal or unknown aspects and those who feel special attraction for the mysterious and supernatural world. The tombs, the dead, the spirits have an interesting and particular appearance in dreams and of course the pantheons are not exempt of being involved in this symbology. The dream world surprises us every day with the connotations that can be given to it. Of course, if the person has a more conscious spiritual level, dreaming of a cemetery becomes a unique and divine experience. And thus establish an intimate and direct contact with messages from other planes.It may happen that you dream of a vampire or any nightmare. Do not worry your subconscious is playing a trick on you, you must learn to look for the meanings of dreams with pantheons. As you know the world of esotericism and dreams is a complex thing difficult to interpret. To carry out the interpretation you can the context and study the details of each episode of the dream.Not only the people who are inside the cemetery, the place itself in terms of content and structure can offer exact clues. It may give us the tools to decipher messages, but it is not necessarily associated with real experience. Thus, we see that the meaning of dreaming of pantheon can have several interesting interpretations. It cannot be categorized as positive or negative but rather neutral.


The pantheons can be a source of fear or dread for many people. The close relationship between the living and death has had a touch of mystery that surrounds us. Ancient civilizations have worshipped this episode as something sacred, worthy of respect. In the dream world, the meaning of dreaming of a cemetery is related to the fact of being reborn. There will be a dark part, but it will not cease to be wonderful.

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As you can see, dreaming of a cemetery is a dream that has many different interpretations. One of the most frequent is people who are fascinated by the paranormal or the unknown or who have suffered a recent loss of friends or family. If you have had this type of dream it reveals an inner search, emotions that have not yet been discovered and messages that they are trying to convey to us.

Dream of a pantheon

It indicates a sign of illness or loss in your close environment. Perhaps you cannot control this premonition, but you can prevent it. It is time to go to the doctor for checkups opportunity and lead the healthy lifestyle habits possible. The meaning of this dream is generally attributed to dreams that you barely remember, but each element of the pantheon should be clear to you.

Dreams that you are in a pantheon

Reveals demise, although it is true that this is the saddest and most serious, if you have an indifferent attitude within the dream. Perhaps the person who is suffering the death will be a relief for himself. It is possible that there is an inheritance involved, although it depends a lot on how it is presented. This dream announces difficult things that you will have to live, as well as an illness. Surely a health breakdown will be difficult to get out of. On the other hand, if you are inside the cemetery and praying, it reveals concern for your state of health or that of a relative.

Dream of a cemetery and tombs

If in your dreams you have seen tombs in the state it is because you have left some people behind and for whatever reason you will return to be with her. This may not be a bad thing, since these are people you lose contact with for certain things and that you will soon recover. That person will be able to help you with problems and give you the same support.

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On the other hand, if you read the tombstones, it symbolizes that you will have true friends in your life. If you read the grave of a friend or relative it means long life or if they have passed away perhaps they have left you an inheritance.

Dreams with graveyard dirt

If you have dreamed of cemetery dirt it indicates a bad sign. It is likely that illness is affecting you directly. Although it is nothing serious, it will affect you and will be difficult to overcome. But don’t worry, remember that your attitude and mental state must be alert to cope with things.

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Dreaming of going to the pantheon

The curious thing about the dream is that, despite being a terrible vision, it usually means curiously the opposite. If you have dreamed of walking through the cemetery it generates peace and changes in life generating a sense of relief. It is time for you to evolve and experience new things. This type of dream precedes changes of partners, jobs, trips to other countries.

If during this dream you have felt fear, you feel overwhelmed, it means that you are going down a path that is not the wrong one and that will bring problems. It is time for you to sit down to meditate and look at what aspect of your life is failing and find a solution soon. The analysts in the dream world within the interpretation of dreams indicate that the relatives you thought had passed away are not really dead. This dream occurs after kidnappings, disappearances, suspicious deaths.

Dreams that you walk in a cemetery

Symbolizes sadness for the loss of a relative or friend. On the other hand, in the dream world it indicates fear of death due to illness, or a loved one dying for no reason. In addition, it reflects emotional failure, loss either by sentimental rupture or deep disappointments. Other dream interpretations suggest that you are repressing memories or emotions rather than dealing with them directly. This dream indicates that you are trying to forget deep emotions and feelings towards a person. These emotions can be negative or positive, love and hate.

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Dreaming that you pass by a pantheon

In the dream world reveals that your life is in danger, either in economic projects, personal matters that will end abruptly. On the other hand, they indicate fears and thoughts that you have towards death, and also represent attitudes and habits that you have not overcome.


  • To dream of pantheon and see your grave: if you have had this dream it indicates that you feel trapped in fears from your past that do not let you move forward. It reveals that you feel imprisoned by past emotions.
  • If you have dreamed of seeing spirits in the pantheon: this means that you will not feel alone, someone will help you out of this difficult situation. It indicates a reflection of the feeling of wanting to be loved again.
  • A dream vision of being dead in the pantheon: death usually has several interpretations in dreams. It is a representation of one stage and another. The need to start again.
  • To dream of old pantheon: when the cemetery is not in a fit condition, it indicates that something in your life is in danger. Perhaps you have a turn in your life that is not entirely positive.
  • Dreams of praying in a pantheon: it is a representation your subconscious shows concern for a relative or friend who is not well.
  • If you dreamed that you stumbled in a cemetery: it is a warning sign, a family member may be in danger. It is time to be attentive to your surroundings.
  • To dream of a graveyard on a rainy day: does not bode well, it is a warning that something sad is coming. Count on your loved ones and family members who are your support.
  • If you have seen a sunny pantheon in a dream: it is a good omen, it provides a sense of well-being, unlike the previous dreams this is the most peaceful dream you will have if you have dreamed of a pantheon and tombs. Do not worry, good news is coming.