To dream of parasites, is an animal that feeds on another, needing its own species in order to survive, a rather grotesque meaning when someone thinks of a parasite. From this point you can interpret what dreams with parasites mean, talking about toxic situations of dependency, people with bad energy and unstable relationships.

In the dream you probably felt displeasure when dreaming of parasites, in the dream vision surely the parasite was looking to feed on you, feeling an unpleasant and desperate sensation, looking totally real. This type of dream can become one of your worst nightmares and torment you.

When this happens, sit down and analyze your surroundings, if the people you live with are hurting you, taking advantage of you and your goodness, probably your position and character that you possess. Stay away from these people who never want to see you happy, because they are just that, parasites that will never let you move forward.

But be careful, because many times, dreams with parasites can manifest that they are talking about you. If you have a low self-esteem, or maybe you have not realized and the dream can serve you to do some meditation exercise that you need and observe your environment, if you really feel good in that place.



Do not only see it as a negative aspect, dreams with parasites can also be a good sign to your terrain, improving the productivity of your daily life, especially work. They are a type of worm that symbolizes that you will get away from those bad people with whom we live and are surrounding you, eating all your energy.

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Curiously in the male sphere, it can be interpreted as a sexual appetite that you have, although this does not mean that you are hurting that person who is next to you, but as a signal that sends you the other person to continue with sexual activity.

Dreaming of parasites coming out of your body

When you dream of parasites coming out of the body, it is a negative symbol. It means that there are many problems disturbing your mind and it is about to harm you as soon as possible, so we must act.

Also, if you dream of one or several worms coming out of the body, it means a good prediction, that is, you are taking off unnecessary weight and putting away the things that bother us.

Dreaming of parasites in the feces

The fact of dreaming with worms in the stool means an image of transformation for your life, showing us that we must change something, surely the consciousness of the dream with this image indicates us something dirty, the dreamer feels guilty.

This meaning of dreams with parasites in the stool is because we must keep it away, so we do not have problems with your daily life and finally transform your life, so we can keep moving forward.

Dreaming of intestinal parasites

This dream with intestinal parasites can be the most unpleasant for those who dream of it, bringing negative consequences to various aspects in your own life. It symbolizes diseases or we may be going through one and we don’t know it.

To dream of intestinal parasites coming out of your body, indicates that some disease is about to consume you, that it is not happening, but it is approaching or is present, it also represents some psychological problem.

Dreaming of parasites coming out of your mouth

If you dream of parasites coming out of your mouth, it means that you feel very poor and limited. The abundance of your money will be decreasing, causing your wealth to collapse and you should act as soon as possible.

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To dream of worms coming out of your mouth will never be a good sign, we must act in time for what is coming and know how to handle the situation, because this is alerting us from that moment to prepare ourselves and not take us by surprise the situation that is about to manifest.

To dream of parasites or worms

When the dream with parasites or worms has its own meaning, it is a bad symbol, because as we know, it is an animal that moves crawling, its body is soft and long, with an unpleasant texture, thin and can even swell.

On the other hand, dreaming of these animals, parasites or worms, means physical and mental weakness. The worm or parasites is a dull animal; it has no skeleton and can be easily crushed, that is, you can become vulnerable. We will need all the protection we can get against these malicious beings.

Dreaming of white parasites

The meaning of dreams with white parasites, although it produces discomfort, really symbolizes a positive aspect in your life, and that is productivity; success and money, a triumph that is about to come into your life. We must greatly consider this dream, so that it influences your daily life.

To dream of parasites in the hands

When we dream of parasites in our hands, we must be very careful, because it is warning us that some misfortune will happen. Somehow, dreaming of parasites on the hands, means death and all material things may expire, so we must be careful when we dream of white worms.

Dreaming of dog parasites

It is something extremely intriguing dreams with dog parasites. This means that your life is in an unsettling process, so, upon receiving this image, we must prepare ourselves to improve your life and avoid any obstacles that may arise. Of course, it can also be a sign that your closed paths are opening up.

Dreaming of cat parasites

In this case, if you dream of cat parasites, it represents your enemies. If we manage to win that fight, we will overcome in real life those closed roads, reaching fame and fortune, bringing prosperity. In it we must be very grateful, when that fortune and prosperity that is approaching benefits us.

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Dreaming with parasites in the eyes

Every dream with parasites is different, but, when dreaming of parasites in the eyes, it signifies knowledge and intellectual understanding, your mind is expanding to receive more information. The light of your thoughts is making recognition in your subconscious.

To dream of parasites on your feet

It is uncommon when we dream of parasites on our feet, even so, it will mean that your life is about to change, whether it is a trip, work, city; partner, hairstyle, even a new clothes with which you will walk, although many times it will depend, because if you are barefoot it will be that we will bring diseases and suffering.


  • To dream of parasites in the soil will mean that you are entering a period of your life in which you will bring many problems. It is advisable that you walk carefully and know how to calculate every step you take, to avoid getting worse, especially know the people you are relating with, because they may be consuming your energy.
  • To dream of black parasites means that you are going through moments of despondency, since, black symbolizes darkness, this is because someone, possibly close, is playing dirty behind your back.
  • To dream of parasites in your head is a symbol of your worries. If in the dream parasites appear in your head, it means that you have bad thoughts which you must get rid of; feelings of hatred that penetrate you and prevent you from moving forward. Do not let these parasites consume your life, because you are allowing them to absorb your energies.
  • To dream of worms in your food means that you feel weak before some complicated situation, however, it can even be interpreted in a positive way, this can be that you enjoy that food and pay the price.