Have you ever wondered what it means to dream about parrots? We’ll tell you here. In general, birds in dreams come to be a representation of the imagination and the mind, being an allegory of the freedom of restrictions, thoughts, desires, or hopes, are sheltered in the interior.

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But what happens when you dream of parrots? This type of bird is known to be considerably friendly and of good nature. They’re a great company, plus they’re extremely smart. We have all heard at some point a parrot repeating memorized words and phrases, imitating even tones and expressions.

The birds have been a symbol of vigilance throughout the history of mankind, but this type of attributes is given to birds such as crows and hawks, while the parrots have been displaced to a second plane. Parrots are beautiful birds, with their warm and vibrant colors, synonyms of vitality and freedom, this is representative in parrot dreams found largely in the warmest areas of the planet, although they are seen around the world in many homes as pets.

Parrots, thanks to their ability to vocalize like people, are associated with loud communication. They are a kind of alert, coming to your dreams to warn you that new experiences and opportunities are coming. You must be very careful when interpreting the signs that manifest to you through parrots, as it may be that which you thought you could never see crystallized, is about to happen. That is, the meaning of dreaming of parrots may be that your greatest desires are about to come true.



Dreaming of parrots can symbolize that you find yourself reflecting habits, particularities or ways of acting that are not necessarily an expression of who you are after all. There is a possibility that you are repeating certain patterns and patterns that are not generating any benefit to you, but rather that they are hurting you. Of course, these interpretations of parrot dreams depend to a large extent on the way the dream develops, where the bird’s color plays an important role in its symbology.

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Dream of green parrots

Green parrots in dreams are the allegorical image of a person who is trying to approach you to give you a message about someone else on the real plane. In addition, if you dream of a green parrot that is flying free and out of reach, it is connected to an evocation of childhood memories. If you sense someone’s trying to communicate with you, do everything you can to get that message to you.

Dream of dead parrots

Dead parrots in dreams suggest that someone in your environment is facing a moment of weakness. Perhaps you have unconsciously caught someone speaking ill of a person who is close to you, things that are mostly untruths or unfounded ideas that may harm the good judgment of your loved one. Keep an eye on the conversations around you, in case this incident happens again.

Dream of colored parrots

Parrots of many colors are a great spectacle to view. If you are dreaming of colorful parrots flying around you, it means that you are giving more importance to the physical and material, than what really interests you: the spiritual, what really makes you a person. You’re surrounded by banalities that are turning you into a cold person, putting aside feelings. Evaluate your behavior, this lifestyle does you no good to your soul.

Dream of pigeon parrots

One of the characteristics most important of the parrots pigeons is his dependence on his mother, who is closely familiar to that of humans, since at this stage of his life the baby parrots are not seen in the ability to provide food for themselves, for which reason the mother is fed directly, peak-to-peak.

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Within dreams, dreaming of pigeon parrots represents an emotional dependency that you are living with someone in your environment, whether your current partner, your best friend or friend, and even your parents. Your behavior varies according to that person for whom you feel dependency, and this in no way can be beneficial to your life.

Dream of blue parrots

Within the symbolism of color, one of the emotions that most transmits the blue color is the one associated with sadness and nostalgia. Therefore, if you dream of blue parrots, it is most likely that near you there will be people who in the not so distant future will hurt you, affecting you mainly through the language; that is, they will be in charge of spreading rumors about you that are not true.

Dream of small parrots

One peculiarity that can be distinguished from small birds is that they are much more difficult to capture than large birds. It is a challenge to try to catch a small bird, so if you dreamed with small parrots means that inside of you you’re accumulating a whole amalgam of responsibilities that are overwhelming, and your awareness not to repeat yourself again and again all the tasks that you have pending, at such a pace that you don’t know what to take care of first, so the ideas you escape from the hands. In order to remedy this situation, try to organize your day-to-day, write down on a sheet all the tasks you have to do, and plan on them, so that you can solve them gradually.

Dream of many parrots

Dreaming of many parrots is not a very good sign. Did you recently share a secret or some valuable information from your life with someone close to you? If the answer is a resounding yes, then it’s time for you to watch your back. That person you trust enough to sincerely open up to her is about to betray your goodwill and spread the most intimate details of your life. That lot of parrots are an esoteric metaphor for the number of people who rant about your secrets, so get ready for some discussions you might have to face about it.

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Dream of big parrots

If large parrots appear in your dreams, it means that you are about to experience an experience that will give you a new perspective of your life or a much more expanded awareness of your existence. Don’t worry, it’s not a negative experience, it’s quite the opposite. These are situations that make us better understand what our goal is in the world and that make us appreciate life a little more.


  • If you dream of a parrot speaking in your ear, it can be a warning that you are being very severe with yourself. Every time you turn to yourself, are you negative? Do you often compare yourself to your surroundings and dismiss your abilities? Stop right now. Listen and analyze what your inner conversations are like. If this is your case, find a way to be more forgiving to your person, remember that if you don’t respect yourself, you won’t be able to get respect from others.
  • If in your dreams you caught a parrot, it means you’ll soon find out that someone close to you is slandering you behind your back. Prepare yourself, as there is a great chance that this will happen with an audience present, and you will be forced to face it with witnesses who witness it. Try to remain calm and face it with diplomacy and coldness, so that you show maturity, and do not show that you are affected by that person’s betrayal.
  • If you dream that you killed a parrot or were about to kill it, it’s a sign that you’re facing a lot of stress right now, whether it’s work or home. Try not to take things so hard, and get some rest, you have to keep a balance in your life so you don’t disturb your spirit.