To dream of penguins, this indicates that you are a focused person with many goals ahead of you. Do not hide your way of being and thinking, look for ways to solve the problems that lie before you. This may also indicate that you are a person with the ability to calm problems, so take advantage of that potential.

To dream of penguins can also relate to love, this will indicate that you are too afraid to give your feelings to give those feelings away. However, you must do it and let everything flow, to get out of that oppression and feeling, finally releasing that surrender that makes you uncomfortable.

This is also related to the fact that you have been a person who has gone through different kinds of trials, and these trials have marked your life. In addition, you will go through certain concerns at this time. So you should change your way of thinking at this moment, it will be of enormous help for your life.

Similarly, when we dream of penguins, if you are currently struggling with your personal problems. Penguins can be dominant, this represents that you have a constant problem with yourself and that instability, imbalance, will make you make bad decisions.



In dreams with penguins, their meaning usually indicates ingenuity and the enormous capacity you have to face problems. This is because, the penguin lives in a fairly cold climate and is able to adapt to frozen surfaces and ocean waters.

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If you dream of penguins, it will mean that you are afraid of making a fool of yourself in front of a group of people, and this is why you feel identified with this animal. Because the penguin is characterized by being somewhat clumsy, this will lead you to show shyness and insecurity.

Dreaming of dead penguins

When we dream of dead penguins, this will mean uncertainty and situations where you do not achieve those huge changes, so, it is time for you to try to find a way to achieve those problems, forgetting about the negative. It is time to change your life and find permanence.

Likewise, it represents aspects that we will have to improve, for being unpleasant, but without being misunderstood. If you dream of dead penguins, this will mean improvement in your current job or your company, in short, it will be positive things for you and your life, security and honesty.

Dreaming of penguins flying

Dreams with penguins flying is an example of your way of being, this, the fact of flying, is assimilated with arrogance, simply put, it is not a behavior that people around you are going to accept, since you are flying very high and raising your spiritual ego, looking totally wrong.

On the other hand, it can manifest insecurity and distrust, the fact of dreaming with penguins flying, this supposes that you have the insecurity of being embarrassed in public. Likewise, dreaming of penguins flying also warns of an unexpected visit.

Dreaming of giant penguins

At the time of a dream vision with huge penguins, they usually symbolize feelings, thoughts and emotions, that is, to have a perfect emotional balance. Unbalanced moments in our lives, something that has neither head nor tail, this is because it does not go according to its coherence. Problems may appear in your life but not so serious.

This also implies that dreaming of giant penguins is to keep serenity and peace, but that everything is under control. It could also mean that you have everything under control, due to a negative situation you had, so, you needed balance and harmony.

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Dreaming of penguins on the beach

To dream of penguins in a tropical place, faithfully supposes that you are preparing to undertake an important old or new adventure soon. The simple fact that you dream of penguins on the beach, brings you positive aspects and changes in your life, this taken to the adventure career that is approaching you.

Dreaming of penguins in the water

Did you dream of penguins in the water? It means that you are on a high spiritual level and it will mean a simple characteristic of innocence, because in the water, floating, reflects the purity and honesty that we transmit. Water is primordial in our life, so, when we see those penguins in the water, it means vital energy.

Dreaming of penguins walking

When we dream of penguins walking, it will mean that our path is expanding, both spiritually and as a business and partner. We will feel an enormous fullness in our life and a positive energy.

Dreaming of penguins in the snow

Did you dream of penguins in the snow? Clearly assume that you are being selfish and self-centered. Coldness reflects indifference and arrogance, pride, this is clear that, you are probably being cruel to some special person or someone close to you is behaving in a frivolous way.

Dreaming of bad penguins

If you dream of malevolent penguins means that we have a bad situation, selfishness and rancor, these lead to our conflicts are reflected, we have a bad day and situation. Our apathy and arrogance will make these bad energies are consumed and damage the good path we are on. Likewise, it mentions that you will go through an uncomfortable situation of various doubts, which have been clinging and affecting your life.

Dreaming of blue penguins

The fact of a dream with blue penguins, corresponds to the innocence and modesty, this will mean the symbol of the spiritual, high levels of consciousness, making that innocence that we have totally rise to the top. It could also mean that we have to dedicate more attention to our meditation routine.

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Dreaming of penguins and their offspring

This type of dream is extremely common. Therefore, a dream vision with penguins and their offspring is a sign that you are about to be parents, to have a baby, which symbolizes honesty and tenderness. To dream of penguins and their offspring, brings us closer to sincerity and optimism, empathy and well-being.

Dreaming of talking penguins

If by chance we dream of penguins that know how to talk, it means that our totem is trying to communicate with us, to send us a message through the consciousness that we must open and accept. When a talking penguin wants to talk to us, it can mean positive or negative changes, and we must be prepared.


  • To dream of seeing a penguin will indicate different problems that we will have to face, these are usually quite serious, but, you should not take it too personally. This dream indicates that the problems should not be of major importance, these things will always happen and your wisdom will be able to find a solution to these problems as soon as possible.
  • To dream of several penguins tells us about your emotions, that is, you are an ambitious person and you think you do not have the ability to fly, this generates some distrust with the acts you are doing in your life. It is because of this situation that from now on you must take well the reins that you face in life, to get ahead.
  • If you dream of being a penguin, this manifests in your dreams that you are a person with an excellent ability to calm the problems that approach you or are present.
  • This is a power that few possess and it is a blessing that you should thank the universe, since all those complications that you suffered will disappear.