To dream of penis is a symbol of power. During the history of mankind the penis has been chosen as a representative object of power, so it is normal to find naked carved statues with small penises. This is a representation of the greatness that the man in the sculpture may have had.

If a woman dreams of a penis it has a special value, as it highlights the strength and eagerness to conquer a dream of hers. However, it is a good sign to start a life full of new challenges and goals.

Some interpreters assure that dreams with penises invite to self-realization, that is to say, the power that a person requires to convince himself that everything is possible. However, there are several dreams where the male reproductive member is involved and each scenario means something totally different.


Self-realization, strength and power seem to describe the meaning of dreaming of a penis. You are at a quiet stage in your life and desire more excitement, but perhaps it also warns of dangers lurking. In this case, it is important to analyze the dream scenario and describe the details encountered.

From the size of the penis to even if it was a woman who had a penis, each dream has a different meaning. However, they are all closely related to the power and hierarchy a person may have.

Dreaming of a large penis

To dream of a large penis is positive. It means that new offers will come into your life and that you will take them on responsibly. However, these offers will lead you to great results as long as your ideas are innovative and original.

If you dreamed of a big penis, it indicates innovation, although some people will not agree with you. However, use your skills to convince them that your ideas are the best and always show the possible results. If you are looking for a baby and you dream of big penis it is a positive sign, as it indicates that you feel strengthened and with all the intentions of a new member coming to the family.

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For those who are in a rough patch, dreaming of having a large penis means that you are regaining your energy and that help is on the way. In addition, you are convinced that you can change the rhythm of your life right now.

Dreams with erect penis

If you are a man and you dream of an erect penis, it means that you will reach a stage of full confidence to achieve any goal you set for yourself. You are willing to listen to new offers and you are looking to improve your economic stability. If you are single, it means that you have the desire to look for a new relationship.

If you are a woman and you dream of an erect penis, it means that money will come to you as a result of good business and what you did in the past. In addition, it announces the arrival of old friends visiting you. In this case, you should stay away from gossip and hints, because you do not need bad energies in your life at this time. However, you should lend yourself as a good friend if someone arrives with the intention of telling you their problems.

In general, dreaming of an erect penis indicates general power. A force where the dreamer wants to achieve everything and if he does not find the way, he will look for a way to make everything positive and talk to people who will really help you to achieve the goals.

To dream of having a penis

To dream of having a penis portends unexpected money, but also moments of surprise. However, it requires a bit of luck for unexpected money to come into your hands at the moment you need it most. However, there is the probability that you will receive something of great economic value to you and that you will not have to pay much for that object. In other cases where you dream of having a penis, it indicates that luck is on your side, but you need to make things happen.

However, a dream vision where you have a penis should look good to attract the economy, new friends and recent financial opportunities. It is not a good time to be secluded from society or to try to accomplish things alone. It is the ideal time to improve your contacts, go out to free spaces and clear your mind a little.

Dreams with woman with penis

Dreams where a woman with a penis appears foretell decisions and insecurities. However, it is not entirely negative. You remain very cautious in choosing a new project, job or path, since it is not clear to you the profits that can come to give you the fruit of that work or project.

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If you are a woman, in addition to the above, it augurs that you need some financial help and that you will soon receive it as part of a windfall. Do not forget to be attentive to visits and invitations to do business where you know the market and are interested in investing and improving your economic earnings.

Dreaming of small penis

If you dreamed of small penis it means that you are easily influenced. Lately you are not the one who is choosing the paths to follow and you prefer others to do this job for you. You are going to extremes where your life is controlled by others and you don’t have enough courage to say no.

Whether you are feeling shame or going through a bad phase, a dream with a small penis is a sign of submission and that you must begin to have the courage to decide only what you want. However, it is the opportunity to reverse what others believe about you, who will be surprised when your transformation as a person begins to emerge.

Dreams that your penis falls off

If you dream that your penis falls off, it indicates financial problems due to worries and general stress. You are not controlling your emotions and this causes you to make mistakes in your decisions. In this case, interpreters suggest taking the necessary time to do a self-analysis and find new solutions.

If you are a woman, in addition to the above, to dream that your penis falls off means anguish for the unknown, since you are approaching a stage in your life where you know that the gains will be great, but you are afraid to make the journey.

To dream of blood on the penis

To dream of blood on your penis indicates inner worries. You believe you are losing your energy as a result of the rough patch in recent weeks, fearing to make the situation worse rather than better. You are beginning to prefer to stay away from everything, but if you dreamed of blood on your penis it suggests that you should face challenges without running away from them. However, try to look for a helping hand you can trust. If you were recently betrayed, dreaming bleeding from the penis means that you will not get over this situation very easily and that you prefer to give yourself some time alone.

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Dreams with sick penis

If you dreamed of a sick penis, it foretells health problems, especially if you are trying to have a child. Being worried generates confusion and manifesting it through a dream where your intimate parts are sick is the way to alarm you. Avoid stressful moments, take time to choose things with common sense and avoid toxic situations. In the face of health problems, be physically active and at the first sign of illness, do not forget to go to a doctor’s office.

For people who are looking for a child and dream of a sick penis, it is not a bad omen or believe that they will never be parents, they are simply concerned about the situation and keep in expectation of what may happen during the next few days.

Dreaming of a cut penis

If you recently received bad news, you are likely to dream of severed penis. This means that you are worried about your current situation and that you may lose control in the face of an economic situation. However, you believe you have the ability to overcome the situation, but you are afraid of making things worse or causing new problems. To dream of a cut penis is not frequent, so you should pay attention to your next decisions.

Dreams of touching a penis

To dream of touching a penis portends opportunities for advancement. You are very close to reaching the social status you desire, but you need to find a clear path for your abilities to stand out. This dream manifests the desire for financial and power, but it makes it clear that you must act with great caution or you will end up causing discomfort to other people. If you are unemployed and you dream of touching a penis, it augurs that opportunities are coming that at the beginning will require you to be at your best, but little by little your economic life will improve, so the effort will be worth it.

To dream of cutting your penis

To dream of cutting off your penis indicates anxiety and indecision. Perhaps you have to choose between two paths, a new job, a new career or opening your own business. However, you are convinced that it may bring problems, so indecision takes over you. Now, if you dreamt of cutting off your penis, it means that nothing can go wrong and that you just have to act with confidence, without being nervous when speaking.