Dreaming of perfume is one of the most accurate fortune tellers in history. Perfumes were the favorite gifts for kings and anyone who enjoyed a high social status. It was also part of blessings and baptisms in different religions.

This knowledge was passed from generation to generation and today it is part of our routine to use perfumes before going out on an important date, or simply to feel good.

Dreams take this knowledge to send messages to our lives. The subconscious analyzes our situation in a different way and has the power to communicate with our energies and show us the most correct path.


The meaning of dreaming about perfumes is as variable as the smell itself. Feeling smells during dreams and remembering them is not easy. Therefore, we use our feelings at the moment of smelling the perfume and how we would project ourselves by holding it in our hands. Although the meaning is usually fortune, sometimes it can mean the opposite and even bad luck and unpleasant news.

Thus, we categorize the main dreams with perfumes to be specific and correctly predict the meaning of your dreams. Remember that smells are among the least likely sensations to be remembered.

Dreaming of a woman’s perfume

If you dreamed of women’s perfume and you are a woman, important changes are coming in your life at a sentimental and personal relationship level. It is a good time to win new friends and even give yourself a love opportunity with a suitor. In addition, all the aesthetic changes you make during this time will be successful for you.

If you dreamed of women’s perfume and you are a man, important changes are coming in your life, both economically and professionally. New job opportunities will begin to arrive for those who do not have a job. For those who have a job, new promotions are coming, but you must be prepared to make the decision.

In general, women’s perfumes have a pleasant aroma for both women and men, this means that there is a good fortune to come in the medium or long term. In addition, you should be attentive to the signs, future work meetings, meetings with friends or friends who plan business, because this dream predicts a new beginning for your life.

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Dreams that you are given a perfume as a gift

This dream giving perfume as a gift has several meanings. If you are the one who gives perfumes as a gift, it means that there is a confidence that grows more and more internally every day, also, you are sure of your abilities and willing to take on new challenges.

If you receive a perfume as a gift, it predicts that you will receive good news in the coming days, as well as a possible promotion or new economic opportunities. If you dream of attending an event where perfume is given as a gift, it means that there are surprises coming from unexpected people.

Remember that dreams with gifts are always of gratitude if we agree with what we receive. Mixed with the meaning of perfumes, we achieve a positive prediction for our life, however, keep in mind that sometimes we are the ones who must give away objects to receive blessings.

Dreaming of men’s perfume

The scents of men’s perfumes are the equivalent of security and stability. If you dreamed with men’s perfume and you are going through a bad stage in your life, it means that soon emotional stability will come and several economic problems will be solved through rewards.

If you are in a good stage, it predicts financial stability and security in your home. You will not have major concerns in the following days, in addition, you will receive an unexpected surprise and a visit from a friend.

Dreams with perfumes and feeling the fragrance require a lot of sense and a strong connection with the dream, therefore, remember the space in which you were, the shape of the bottle or container, the amount and the sensation when using it.

Dreaming of smelling perfumes

To dream of smelling perfumes brings us closer to total success in the coming days. It predicts the good decisions we have made and we are approaching a deserved recognition. However, if during the dream you felt sad or distressed by smelling this perfume, it means that the recognition we will receive will be false and by hypocritical people.

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If the feeling of the dream is one of joy and satisfaction, a goal you have set for yourself and for which you are working, will become an excellent reward for you. Generally, these smells are identified as belonging to someone, if you manage to identify who wears that perfume, it is advisable to call them during the day to greet and approach that person.

Dreaming of broken perfume

Contrary to our previous dream, dreaming of broken perfume predicts a bad stage in our life. If you dream breaking the perfume, it means new challenges full of difficulties and a possible failure in trying to overcome them. If you dreamed that your perfume is broken, it means that you will suffer a betrayal from someone close to you and you will be unexpectedly affected by this situation.

If you dreamed of broken perfume, but the smell is pleasant, it foretells difficulties with a happy or stable ending to your life. But if the gold is unpleasant, it will be difficulties from which it will be difficult to escape.

Dreaming of a baby perfume

When we dream of a baby perfume we depend on our mood to predict its meaning. When going through a bad patch, it means that soon the solution to our problem will come through the intervention of a close friend or our partner. If you are on a good run, the perfume predicts success in your relationships and the arrival of feelings of tranquility and love.

If the baby perfume gives you an unpleasant smell, it predicts envy and hypocrisy from other people.

Dreaming of the smell of perfumes

Earlier we explained the meaning of dreaming of smelling perfumes, but in this particular dream you can not find or do not have the perfume in your hands, even so, the smell is constant.

To dream of smelling perfumes means that you are close to success at work, professionally and in love, but you need extra help to achieve it. A goal that is hidden before your eyes and if you do not awaken your conscience, it can escape from your hands. You should pay attention to the signs and be more attentive to your surroundings.

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Dreaming of spilled perfumes

The prediction about dreaming about spilled perfumes will depend on the situation in which the dream takes place. If it is you who spills the perfume, it means that you want to give an impression to other people of your behavior and your way of being, but that you do it showing another face and not who you really are.

If you find the perfume already spilled, it means that you are facing people who do not want to see you achieve your goals and are constantly trying to affect you emotionally and even raising false testimonies.

Dreaming of perfumes without scent

If you dream of unscented perfumes it foretells an uncertain path for you, a feeling you can’t find and a success you don’t see coming. It is a sign that you lack a sense of belonging in your life and that you need to value your efforts more, as well as to look for people who fill you spiritually and do not become stones in your path. It is an invitation to awaken your intellectual level and solve problems in a safe and sensible way with your personality.

Dreams with flower perfume

Flowers are traditionally to praise the success of a person and even the real meaning in funerals is to celebrate their passing through life. Likewise, to dream of flower perfume predicts a recognition of what we are as professionals, students or people.

We will receive an unexpected thank you and with it will come new opportunities to improve our personal and work relationships. Flower perfumes are not common in our dreams, therefore, this prediction is accurate and requires your actions in the coming days to become a reality.