To dream of persecution is more frequent than anyone thinks. Pursuit indicates escape from something, but sometimes it is running towards an important point in life. However, these dreams are usually emotionally charged and it is even considered that during the day after dreaming of persecution you will feel a kind of excitement or exhaustion in the body.

There are chases that are necessary for the body, such as those where you are trying to escape from trouble or an obvious threat. Now, dreams with chases are different when you are the one chasing others, you are being chased, or you are simply an observer of a chase.

In this world of interpretations, it is essential to identify the dreamer’s feelings. Sometimes it is just a sign to be alert to your surroundings, sometimes it is because your life is really in danger and you are about to have a bad time in your life. However, dreams of persecution are warnings, so you must be ready for the threat.


Identifying what active part we are in a persecution is the first step in interpreting this dream. To dream of persecution requires escaping from or towards something or someone, therefore, it is essential to remember the environment that surrounded the persecution, as it is usually unfamiliar and full of obstacles.

However, not all dreams are the same. To dream of persecution can be described from the intention of the pursuit as a murder or kidnapping, to even being chased by zombies. To properly understand the meaning of dreaming of chase we set up the following scenarios.

Dreaming of persecution to kill you

To dream of persecution to kill you predicts a lack of trust that you have towards other people. This is because you were betrayed in the past or you suspect that there may be an attempt on your life. Thus, you became a person who prefers solitude to being surrounded by bad intentions from third parties, whom you used to consider your friends.

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To dream that you are being chased to kill you indicates that you should seek the company of others, without being overconfident, but opening yourself to new people. Without forgetting the past, avoid telling your secrets and problems, learn to keep the secrets of others and stay away from the banal problems of people.

Dreams with dog chasing

Although it may seem illogical, dreaming of dog chase portends excellent health. The explanation is that during the dream you have an excellent physical condition and the faculties to dodge any obstacle that comes your way.

If you dream of dogs chasing you and they catch up with you, then some health problems will arise due to your lack of physical activity, which can be solved by exercising, taking fresh air and in clear environments. In some cases, this dream represents the excess of stress in your work and that you wish to escape without being attacked by any person.

Dreaming of horse chase

To dream of chasing horses warns of threats. If you are the one chasing the horses, it means that you are tired of a situation and you want to end this cycle, however, it will not be easy and you must choose correctly what steps to take, before falling into an abyss of problems and intense situations.

Now, if you dream of chasing horses and they chase you, then big problems are coming for which you will have to answer directly and accepting responsibilities. However, this chase puts an end to a long cycle of complex situations, but it does not determine whether it will end it or leave a bad taste in your life.

Dreams with lion chase

To dream of being chased by lions represents the concerns you feel at this time regarding your work and love life. Whether you do not get a job, you are at risk of losing your job or your sentimental situation is going badly, and you do not know how to escape from this spiral of negative situations.

However, dreaming of being chased by lions and escaping from them, foretells that this bad stage has come to an end, but it is time to pay the consequences. Although this dream with persecution seems to be negative from all aspects, remember that it warns you that it initiates or ends a bad cycle and you simply must face this reality.

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Dreaming of gunshots and chase

To dream of persecution and gunshots warns of betrayals from your friends, especially if the shots manage to hit your back. Either because they seek to benefit from you or try to cause you harm, a plot is currently developing against you of which you surely received some kind of warning that leads you to have this dream.

If you dream of persecution and gunshots after a day of meetings or important decisions, it means that those who were present only accepted your ideas out of respect or trying to be assertive, but they really have little interest in you and are waiting for the right moment to harm you.

Dreams with persecution and kidnapping

To dream of persecution and kidnapping means fear of being locked in your own life because of a tiring work routine, sentimental situation or problems that torment you. Generally, this dream is because you have identified the problems and they include people you considered allies or your friends.

To dream that you are being chased and kidnapped portends worries filled with feelings of anguish and not knowing what to do about the problems. However, you have ideas such as running away or staying at home so as not to go out and face reality, which suggests high stress in your life.

Dreaming of zombie chase

To dream of zombie chase means to get away from problems that are none of your business or simply do not generate anything positive in your life. Generally, this dream refers to situations where a friend or acquaintance was involved, but you tend to accept their problems as part of your life and worse, to try to solve it.

If the above is not your case, then dreaming that you are being chased by zombies means that the problems you left in the past are about to reappear again and that they will not leave you alone until you solve them and even apologize for the way you acted.

Dreams with motorcycle chase

To dream of a motorcycle chase is a warning about the speed with which you are making your decisions and that you are not even analyzing your words. In another context, hasty decisions generate unforeseen changes in your routine, affecting you emotionally and financially. However, if you dream of a car chase on a high performance motorcycle, it means that everything is on an ideal path, but you still have problems that are considered normal for any person.

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Dreaming of car chase

To dream of a car chase means ambitions that may be accelerating. It is a dream that warns you that ambitions to be a better person are ideal, but they need to be analyzed, since your life will depend on it. In other situations, dreaming of car chase means that your emotional state is dull, you are looking for some adrenaline in your life and you want to achieve great things at any cost.

Dreams with bull chase

To dream of a bull chase means that you are running away from problems and you do not find a way to solve them. This dream translates into always running away, not facing problems, preferring solitude to being in the company of others, and especially, constantly seeking to disappear from reality. To dream that you are being chased by a bull also foretells betrayal by people who seek to take your work or job.

To dream that you are being chased by snakes

To dream of being chased by snakes foretells betrayal and false testimonies. You will be in a stage where you must give explanations to others about comments and actions you never made. In other circumstances, you subject yourself to being judged unfairly as a result of false information they have made about you. This boils down to total betrayal when dreaming that you are being chased by snakes.

Dreams with chase to steal

To dream of being chased to steal means sentimental problems or the future loss of something important to you. You are going through a stage where you discovered that your current problems represent an important economic loss for you that is also influencing your relationship, either as a result of an intolerant concern that turns into a stressful person or that behind these problems is your partner. To dream of being chased to steal takes on greater revelation when you are trying to protect something in your arms from being taken away.