Usually dreaming of birds represents certain interesting aspects. Such as freedom when flying, cunning or treachery (when you see crows). So you may wonder, what is the meaning of dreaming about pigeons? These kinds of dreams are full of different suggestions that can speak to many aspects of your life. Be it family, emotional or work. It also reveals your inner concerns.

Doves mean peace, and in the dream universe they usually indicate inner peace. Psychoanalysts point out that dreaming of doves is a good omen. Dreams with pigeons reflect harmony, tranquility and maturity.

Although much has to do with the setting of the dream. In this way dreaming of doves in your windows can show you the resolution of family conflicts. While dreaming of a black dove may indicate dark times ahead for you.

what does it mean to dream of pigeons?

So, what is the meaning of dreams with pigeons? These visions turn out to be good omens, in most cases. Keep in mind that these birds were used in ancient times to send messages from one place to another. Perhaps you have the need to share your opinions and feelings with others. It should be noted that dreams should be interpreted from a personal point of view. So you have to be attentive to every detail of the dream to discover the message that the subconscious is sending you.

Dreaming of white pigeons

This dream is a very good thing. Remember that the color white is associated with tranquility and the white pigeon is the universal symbol of peace. So you can be calm, this only heralds good omens. If you see a single white pigeon it means that you are at peace with yourself and your life. Things are going well and that is reflected in your general behavior with other people.

However, you should keep in mind that the meaning may vary depending on the number of pigeons and their actions. Therefore, if you see more than two pigeons, it indicates that there will be a truce, a reconciliation in the family. There is a dispute that has been bothering you for a long time and it is finally going to be resolved. It does not involve you directly, but it still affects you.

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On the other hand, if you see a group of white pigeons in flight, get ready for good news. It is indicative that you will soon have an unparalleled opportunity to realize your dreams.

Dreams with dead pigeons

A single dead pigeon in a dream indicates the «death» of a romantic relationship. But it speaks more about you than about your partner. This dream is not so much an announcement, but rather a state of mind of understanding and resignation. Your mind is telling you what you have known for some time. Your relationship with your current partner is not paying off; you feel stagnant or that there is simply no spark anymore. You have been considering the decision for quite some time, but it scares you.

As mentioned earlier in dream interpretation, pigeons are symbols of freedom and calm. So if you see them dead, it means that you are not in a good emotional balance. Your mood is fluctuating and causing you various problems.

Dreaming about gray pigeons

To see a gray pigeon in your dream meaning tells you that you harbor confused feelings. But it is more on a personal level than an emotional one. You find yourself at a crossroads and you don’t quite understand who you are and what your purpose in life is.

Similarly, it is associated with insecurities. You are not clear if your work is what makes you happy, but you are afraid to change. You must dare to take new turns to find more surprises.

Dreams with black pigeons

To dream of black moths is not a good omen. In the universe of dreams, the color black is representative of bad things. Therefore, you can imagine what the future is preparing for you. This daydream reveals that moments of anguish and sadness are coming. It has to do with sorrow and despair in the dreamer’s life.

It is very likely that now you do not know it well, because everything is going as it should be. But what the dream is telling you is that soon things are going to change and not for it. It may be related to the economic part.

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Similarly, if the black pigeons during the dream come close to you and make their murmur, it is an announcement of death. Especially, it is about someone of the family or who is very close to you.

Dreaming of attacking pigeons

To see in dreams how a group of pigeons attack you, is an indicator of bad news. Keep in mind how since the beginning of time pigeons have been used as messengers. So with this dream you can deduce what the pigeons want to tell you.

Be aware of your work, it is very possible that this is where the bad news is coming from. Watch your back, because it may be that the cause is that there is someone spreading false rumors about you. It is also related to your finances and the investments you have made in the last few days.

Dreams with a lot of pigeons

When we dream of many pigeons or a flock of pigeons we must understand that it has multiple meanings. And it all depends especially on the color of them, so do not trust. You should also be aware of the feeling they give you. If you feel ecstatic or distressed.

It can indicate both that new paths and opportunities will open up for you. Or that moments of great sadness are coming.

Dreaming of pigeons flying

This is a clear symbol of how you feel internally. Here you should pay special attention to the color of the pigeons in flight and their behavior. It may well be an indicator of the despair and boredom you feel. And that you feel like flying away to leave all your problems behind.

If the pigeons flying are of a light color it is because you perceive a lot of calm and peace with yourself. Both internally and externally. Life is smiling at you, things are going well and all your projects are coming to fruition as they should. This is one of the best pigeon dreams you could have.

Dreams with pigeons in your home

If there are several pigeons fluttering around your house, it means that there are changes to be made that you have been postponing. They may even be modifications that the house itself needs, and you are beginning to feel the weight of your indecision. Likewise, it may represent a trip that you are about to make, a long or unexpected journey. However, if one of the pigeons lands on your shoulder, it indicates the arrival of a new member to your home. On the other hand, if they are just a group of pigeons standing on the windowsill, they bring you good news.

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Dreaming of colorful pigeons

This chimera is very particular and can be difficult to decipher within the meaning of dreams. So take into account the place where you see them, whether they are flying or walking and how they make you feel. And take note of the colors you see. In general, in dreams the most common shades are red, white, black, blue and yellow. Also notice which color stands out the most. Example, if you see colorful pigeons but there are more blue, it means that despite the complications, calm will come.

Dreams of killing pigeons

This dream indicates that you are going to end the harmony of your life on your own. It may not be a deliberate decision, but something you will do will determine this situation. Be more conscious of your actions if you do not want to suffer tremendous consequences.

Dreaming of being shit on by pigeons

Although it may seem strange, this dream is not bad luck; rather, quite the contrary, for many people this dream, means the arrival of new riches and good news.

Dreams with pigeon nest

A nest of pigeons in dreams is something positive in the dream world. Since it represents the comfort that your environment gives you and the security that the people around you give you. You are very lucky, because both you and your family are in a moment of happiness and prosperity. For those who distrust their partner, this dream indicates that the one who is by your side is faithful and cares for you.

Dreaming of wounded pigeons

This dream is an announcement of tragic things. You will receive important news, but it will not be pleasant. You’d better prepare it well to be strong. Because what awaits you will not be easy to digest.