It’s common to dream about pigs, as it’s an animal related to our instincts. Pigs are particular animals known to all, being pleasant because of their color with twisted tails and pink, it is often tender when we speak of a boar; others consider it a succulent dish to eat at Christmas and in the horoscope symbolizes a pleasant and sensual animal.

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Taking all these meanings into account, we might think that the interpretation of dreams with pigs will be difficult to decipher as the dreamer must focus on emotions during his dream and adapt to the one that suits him best. But why do we dream about pigs? Perhaps we have remorse for wrongdoing and the subconscious is looking for a way to reflect and retract from the evil that has been done.

In this sense, in the dream world these animals have positive and negative connotations depending on the context and actions of their own sleep. Usually dreaming about pigs is presented many times if you have been in contact with them or if you have seen documentary, film about these animals. It is time for you to consider certain details and the emotions you experienced during sleep.



Many times the meaning of dreams in this case the protagonist is the pig, if it appears constantly, reveals that you have to reduce the burden and express it with the person who has hurt you. In the same way these dreams with pig have to do with self-esteem and the importance we give to ourselves, also indicates that you have a physical defect that you have not yet overcome.

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No doubt the pig symbolizes changes, but often dreaming about them is not so usual. You probably dream of pork if you live in a place where they are consumed and raised or if you have had any contact with them. Generally, they are associated with excessive, bad smell, dirt, representing the lower part of the person, of what makes us uncomfortable. Maybe you’re being little tolerable in the personal realm and therefore you cannot move forward.

Other experts relate the figure of this animal to profit and greed, since the pig is bred with greed, they try to fatten it up to make the most of it and not waste its flesh. However, dreaming about pigs does not necessarily have negative meaning, and it will depend on concrete details in the dream and what you are living.

Dreaming of dead pigs

Dreaming of dead pigs means that finances have gone down because you couldn’t invest and make them grow. It also augurs a very bad time, but it is not really lasting, it will be temporary. Other analysts within the interpretation of dreams indicate that it is only a change that approaches your life, a difficult test of hard work that will eventually give you peace and quiet if you know how to cope.

It is a wake-up call for you to evaluate loving and friendly relationships, and if there are conflicts with those around you it is time to leave behind the misunderstandings as they hurt your soul and prevent you from living in peace and quiet.

Dream of baby pigs

This kind of dream means that a pregnancy approaches your life; it symbolizes fertility, abundance, no doubt reflects satisfaction for a new life that is about to be born, alerting well-being, peace, abundance for you and your family.

On the other hand it reflects losses in the love life by not taking things seriously, it will be time to make clear the points so that you can live in peace.

The meaning of dreaming of piglets is given because the days of praise are approaching, triumphs in your projects and the fulfillment of goals.

Dream of pigs that attack you

Within the meaning of wild pig dreams, it indicates that you should take a vacation to relax your mind, this kind of Dream warns you that it is time to take time for yourself and your family and change your routine. It also represents anger, strength, courage, expressing that great desire to escape responsibility.

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You may feel full of stress and tired from the continuous work that routine brings, so don’t hesitate and get away from what’s bothering you for a few days.

Dream big pig

If you have dreamed of large pigs it means that indulgent and favorable changes of fortune will come; on the other hand it could mean worry about your figure or excess weight. On the other hand it reveals to you that you will succeed in business and money in quantities.

On the other hand, they reveal that new projects will come and you will get that much-awaited job as part of the reward for your loyalty, effort and dedication.

Dream of small pigs

Dreaming of small pigs within the interpretation of dreams is said to be doing one thing in front of your very small eyes, representing inferiority complex, and that you feel unable to do what you propose, being marginalized and rejected by the people around you. This dream tries to warn you that the people you have helped for a long time and with the best intentions will take advantage of your good actions.

It also means that these next blessings, but with effort and work it will go further than we think.

Dream of fat pigs

The meaning of dreams with fat pigs reveals that you will have improvements in the labor and financial arena. Besides, the time has come to invest to multiply your capital. Symbolizes prosperity and good luck.

Other interpretations of dreams are that a fruitful and prosperous season is coming, where it will allow you to help your family and friends, having more freedom starting business.

Dreaming of pigs that bite

If you have had this kind of dream it is a sign of betrayal from those you have trusted and helped in difficult times, so be prepared to show how they will act against you, don’t trust yourself too much.

On the other hand, it means that conflicts are approaching at the family level, as well as that you are missing out on great moments of your life by locking yourself in personal problems.

Dream of black pigs

A dream about black pigs leads to family problems and arguments. In addition your calm will be disturbed and spirituality will lose its balance, jeopardizing very important emotional ties, and if you have just invested money in the world of esotericism means that it will multiply in a short time.

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Dream of white pigs

Dreaming of these pigs represents that better times are coming, bringing with it abundance and prosperity, and it also implies glorious periods of calm and peace.

Dream of clean pigs

If you’ve had a dream about clean pigs, it’s that you’ve gotten rid of people who aren’t reliable, maybe it’s a former partner or ex-partner. It represents honesty, warning that the one you least think is trying to deceive you and don’t believe everything you say.


  • Dream of pigs full of blood: it symbolizes that it is important that you are prepared to handle any disappointment over the possibility of failure of economic and financial projects, so don’t get discouraged and keep trying.
  • To dream of a pig’s head served on a platter: it means that there are still matters that you have left in half and that you have not finished, it is time for you to put an end to it and keep moving forward.
  • Dreaming of dirty pigs: it gives you a warning that there are people who are looking at you with bad intention, or maybe your bad behavior makes you not tolerated. So it is necessary for you to evaluate yourself internally and determine whether the responsibility is yours or is a whim of the person.
  • Dreaming of caressing pigs: the meaning of dreams speaks much of the desire to produce money in a short time, it will be necessary to work hard to achieve success as nothing will come by itself.
  • Dreaming of pigs crying: it is alert to the coming bad news, much pain and times of suffering.
  • Dreaming of a pig that suckles its piglets: a positive dream, means that the end of difficult times full of deceit and suffering will come, announcing abundance,
  • loving and spiritual balance that has been stagnant in your life.
  • Dreaming about feeding pigs: bring the wellness announcement to your life, if you are feeding the pig means that you will achieve all your dreams even if no one believes in your abilities.
  • Dreaming of eating pigs: it is a bad omen as a fearsome illness for the life of the person or a close relative arrives, may be indicative of problems that occur along the way.
  • Dreaming about pigs: it points out that you are misunderstood at work or family level, a slim Pig tells you that things are out of control, for example, selfishness, excessive eating, lust, and other aspects that you should take care of.