In general, seeing any celestial body or solar system body brings to light the desire for greater wisdom and knowledge. Many times, dreaming of planets is a sign of truly opening up to the deeper meaning of life. Your mind is moving to another level of consciousness, and that is something your soul has been longing for.

Sometimes we may dream of outer space and its elements, because we are seeking connection with our cosmic and spiritual origins. The task then if we have dreamed of planets, is to better understand what our spiritual goals and vocations in life might be.

Sometimes dreams with planets and space can mean that you feel you don’t fully belong in a social circle. Sometimes you may come to feel like an outsider or a misfit at work or in the professional arena. You may feel that you are not understood. And this is because you have a great creativity and a very particular way of looking at life.


The meaning of dreams with planets is evidence of a journey, either spiritually or physically. You are looking for a father figure unconsciously. Also, you are somehow rejecting an aspect of yourself. This dream is a message that you need to learn to communicate ideas and advice from one person to another, with patience. You need to start dealing with your emotions.

Those who have this celestial vision, have doubts in their thoughts. However, their tenacity and perseverance will pay off in the end. Dream visions where we see a planet can acquire various interpretations. It all depends on the way we see them arranged, their size, color and if they were accompanied by other elements, such as the moon or stars. For that reason, we tell you below the details.

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Dreaming of aligned planets

The interpretation of dreams with aligned planets represents balance in your life or the need to regain equilibrium. Currently, you have a different perspective and are moving in a new direction. You should pay attention to the dream, as it may offer you a solution to a problem. It is an omen of success and good luck.

Planets that are aligned in your dream symbolize a luxurious lifestyle. There is a fine line between helping others and letting them take advantage of you. You will soon achieve success in a project. The dream points a path to guide you in the right direction. For there, there is an important life lesson to be learned.

Dreaming with planets

To dream of the planets denotes your desires to be in a relationship or have an ideal partner. You need to focus on your purpose and goals in life. There is something important for you to attend to. This dream predicts joy and love. But this will only come when you stop submitting to a power greater than you.

Dreaming of planets in the sky
Dreams with planets in the sky are a sign that you will succeed and finish your projects. You are experiencing some kind of grief or remorse. You need to let go of the past. This dream suggests the power of your subconscious. Without a doubt, this is an excellent time to start new ventures as you will have fresh energy.

Dreams with planets and stars

Having a dream vision with planets and stars indicates your high ideals, creativity, achievements and imagination. Soon you will be able to exchange ideas, gifts or other things. You have trouble expressing yourself in a love relationship. Your dream is an indication of feminine power, beauty and love. You feel indecisive about something.

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Dreaming of planets and moons

When we dream of planets and moons very ambiguous symbols come to light. In addition to its direct meaning, it serves as a sign that duplicates good and bad predictions. For example, if we see a planet and two moons at the same time, it means that you have to make a drastic decision. And this will affect both your relationships and spiritual progress.

Dreams with spinning planets

If you dreamed of spinning planets it is an indication of lust and emotions. You will soon be looking for guidance, or expressing a desire to know what the future holds. In matters of love, you are denying some of your true feelings. This dream is a sign of an aspect of your life that needs immediate attention. You must stop and think about your actions.

To dream of planets colliding

To dream of planets colliding refers to your spirituality. You need not underestimate yourself. You are trying to gain an advantage in some situation. You need to work on some commitment issues. A planet colliding with another planet in your dream foretells the end of a bad habit. Finally, you will be acknowledging and accepting an unspoken aspect of yourself.

Dreaming of exploding planets

When we dream of exploding planets it is a symbol of hope, togetherness and unity. You need to relax and express your joyful side. You feel empowered and invincible. This dream is a sign of happiness and tranquility at home. You are undergoing a spiritual transformation and feel rejuvenated.

Dreams with planets and meteors

A dream manifestation with planets and meteors foretells a significant and extremely unexpected event. Something that will soon happen and will have long-term consequences. If you saw the meteorite pass near a planet, this symbolizes that you will have to make an immediate decision. Your long-term future depends on how right this decision is.

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Dreaming of planets and the universe

To see planets and the universe in your dream is an indication of selfishness and your overindulgence. You feel ineffective. You will be defensive about something. This dream refers to rigidity. You need to get rid of the old in order to receive something new and better. The universe and planets in a dream symbolize a new idea.

Dreams with dark planets

If you saw dark planets in your dream it is because you want to start over. There is something some aspect that you need to ignite and rekindle in your life. You will have problems that are not up to you, but affect you in some way. The dream signals the completion of a cycle, a new beginning and a new transition.

To dream of burning planets

This vision of planets burning points to your connection and relationship with others. You are going through some emotional problems and this is reflected in your subconscious. Possibly, you are still affected by a breakup. This suggests something that you must overcome and that does not allow you to continue your life in a normal way.