To dream of plants is related to growth, both spiritual and material. Nowadays, human beings are trying to get back to their roots and this includes forgetting the past, forgiving and growing as a person. Plants are the perfect symbol to define the above because of their growing and productive characteristics.

However, there are several dreams with plants that involve situations that may represent an upcoming event, benefits or dangers for the dreamer. Also, if the plants you are seeing are unfamiliar to you, then it is interpreted as your uncertain emotional state.

However, there is a certain fascination people have with plants. The greater your attraction to plants, the more meaning your dreams will have. Also, if you are constantly involved with them such as having a garden, watering plants or being a farmer, then the affinity of your immediate future in relation to your plant dreams will be more accurate.


To dream of plants augurs evolution and a stage of fruits, but this depends on the state in which the plants are and also on what type of plant you recognize in your dreams. As long as the condition of the dream is pleasant, the interpretation will be positive. But if we compare pleasant dreams with unfamiliar plants, then there may be uncertainty. In short, dreams with plants will depend entirely on the situation. In any case, we create a list of frequent plant dreams and their respective meaning.

Dreaming of green plants

To dream of green plants means growth in your life. You are going through a stage of emotional and economic development, and although it has not yet borne fruit, you are on the right path to achieve great things.

Generally, if you dreamed of green plants, you are making important decisions. Within the set of possibilities are economic, educational or sentimental decisions. It is likely that you will make mistakes when starting the new path, but it is part of the growth that dreaming with green plants is warning you.

Now, if during your dream with green plants you noticed that the soil was dry and it seemed that the plant would not bloom, then it warns you that you are still very immature for your age and that you must take the right path to mature as a person.

Dreams with potted plants

To dream of plants in pots relates a conglomerate of adverse and positive situations, according to the type of project you are carrying out in your life. It is a warning that in the past you sowed dreams and goals and possibly you are trying to see if it has borne some kind of fruit.

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To dream of plants in dry pots means that you are not motivated to achieve your goals and you prefer to let time pass and look for another moment to start your projects. To dream of plants in wet pots augurs that it is the ideal time to start a new business, since you are motivated to face the challenges.

If you constantly dream of plants in pots do not forget to review your pending projects, unresolved situations and work conflicts that represent a danger to your emotional stability. Remember that what starts with a stressful situation can end up making you sick.

Dreaming of watering plants

To dream of watering plants means patience, care and dedication. There is no such thing as an easy triumph, nor short paths. To achieve your goal you will need the help of other people who really seek to achieve success at your side or who are successful advisors who always look for ways to show you that problems are potential opportunities.

If you dream of watering plants, it suggests that you show interest in moving forward in your life and believe that growth is part of a routine of good interests, financial savings, family values and non-conflicting work relationships. However, if you find yourself unemployed and you dream of watering plants then it warns of the arrival of opportunities because of a blind faith in your talents.

At this point you should take advantage of the opportunities taking into account that they will take time to return and that your life will not grow. To dream of watering plants indicates that you are ready to grow, but you are not paying attention to your surroundings and those who want to help you.

Dreams with plants that grow

To dream of plants that grow portends new paths. Whether you made the decision to move forward or away from your problems, you will be facing a stage of evolution and self-improvement at all levels of your life, however you must remember to nurture yourself to grow.

As in your dreams with plants that grow, you will need motivation, help from other people and receive advice to grow as a person. However, you must differentiate between people who want to see you become a winner and people who only put problems for every solution you propose.

Remember to stay away from pests, if you dreamed of plants that grow, they will be attacked by pests that translate into alcohol, stress and bad company. Once you start the new path, you will achieve your goals quickly.

Dreaming of dry plants

To dream of dry plants is not a good omen. Dry plants represent lack of opportunities, unproductivity, anguish and even possible problems. You are going through a stage where everything seems to go wrong and you are approaching sentimental and family conflicts. It is important to remain calm in the following days and have a lot of common sense.

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Sometimes, dreaming of dry plants means low energy, but as a result of demotivation. In this case, it is unpredictable to take days off, rest, do activities that are to your complete liking and stay active socially.

Dreams by planting plants

There is no path without a beginning. To dream of sowing plants augurs beginnings, but it will depend on your way of being and acting to sow the first seeds. If you wish to start a new business or perhaps a new sentimental relationship, you must sow reasons to transform them into facts and situations of trust.

To dream of sowing plants warns that it is the right time to start, but do not forget that you will need motivation, help and food to be a great person and succeed in your goals. If at any time your self-esteem drops, the harvest will not be the same and bad results will start to come quickly.

To dream of carnivorous plants

To dream of carnivorous plants means fear and anguish. You need to grow as a person in all aspects of your life, but you do not manage to advance or you feel stagnant, with the impossibility of making good decisions, for fear that everything will fail as in the past. Considering that you want to change dreaming of carnivorous plants is the sign that you must catch all your bad memories.

Although it is not a common dream, despite the effort you make every day you do not receive positive results in your life. Generally speaking, you will be ready to change, but dreaming of carnivorous plants warns you that the only one responsible for your current situation is you, therefore, you must make decisions that are not hasty but important.

Dreams with corn plants

To dream of corn plants foretells prosperity, self-esteem and happiness. In the following weeks you will live experiences of gratitude and emotions as a result of the successes you achieved through your work. Up to the present you have become a pleasant, hard-working and inspiring person for others, so personal happiness becomes a reality, which also pleases your social environment.

To dream of corn plants is a sign of success and that you are on the right track. However, be alert to any situation, because remember that there will be people who want to take advantage of the grains of your harvest and seek ways to catch positively or negatively, some of your successes.

Dreaming of flowering plants

If you dreamed of flowering plants, it means that the fruits of your labor are about to arrive, the result of the great effort you have put in every day. However, you need to start harvesting these flowers for the rewards to arrive, this because they are not gifts that will arrive but rewards for the work, which means that you should still make an effort to know the final result by asking the right questions to your bosses, employees or customers. To dream of flowering plants warns that the fruits are ready for you, but they have yet to be picked.

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Dreams with plants and flowers

To dream of plants and flowers foretells a key moment to decide about your future, especially in material and economic matters. If the flowers are withered, it foretells problems; if the flowers are alive, it means solutions. So, according to your dream with plants and flowers will be the results to decide the next steps you will take to improve your economy or the precautions to take in order not to lose money.

Dreaming of beautiful plants

To dream of beautiful plants is not premonitory, but it does describe your reality. Your life enjoys good health, job opportunities and good self-esteem. You firmly believe that your environment will improve and you will prosper with the help of the people closest to you and in whom you have always trusted. If this is not your reality and you dream of beautiful plants, it means that change is very close to your life, but you remain very unmotivated. In this case, it is always advisable to take a break, analyze yourself, read a little, look for good advice and start again. Remember that plants fulfill a cycle and need to grow to bloom, which leads them to make beautiful.

Dreaming that you get plants as a gift

To dream that you get plants as a gift has several meanings. To interpret this dream with plants, we must first identify the type of plant, the state of the plant and whether or not it was bearing fruit. If the description is positive, great moments will come from the hand of your bosses or superiors, but you will obtain greater fruits if you are a person with your own business.

To dream that you are given plants in bad condition foretells problems that will grow over time if you do not pay attention to the details that surround you. However, remember that if you dream that an enemy gives you plants as a gift, it means that they are conspiring against you.

Dreams with coffee plants

To dream of coffee plants means to wake up. We relate this plant with being awake, active and always ready to work. Therefore, dreaming with coffee plants invites to motivation, not to leave anything in the past and to continue to be part of great projects.

However, if you consider that you are in a bad stage with unemployment, without a partner and without emotional stability, then you should prepare yourself for an important change, since you will meet a person who will wake you up from this situation. Dreaming of plants inspires growth, but the interpretation of the dream will depend on the type of plant and the state it is in.