Dreaming of poop

Dreaming of poop

To dream of poop may seem strange to you, but it is a common dream that reflects various types of futures or explanations to your present. There are dozens of possible dreams involving poop, some stranger than others, while some are normal for what could be a good omen or a genuine bad run.

Historically, there have been cultures that believe that dreaming of a poop is bad luck, because it is considered that something bad is coming out of you. These cultures recommended their inhabitants to perform cleansing rituals (what today is considered purging), which eliminated any discomfort in their lives.

However, more people have believed that this dream can actually be synonymous with good luck. The reason is precisely the elimination of bad things from your body, but others have believed that it is a way of interpreting that you are being shy, since dreaming of pooping is a sign of intimacy and insecurity.

Debating about the true meaning of poop dreams would take us a long time to come up with an accurate interpretation. So, as a result of these questions, the dreams were divided into something more specific, that is, describing the place where you pooped, whether it was yours, someone else’s, your dog’s, you were getting muddy or any other circumstance of the dream.


This is how we achieve a correct interpretation of dreams with poop, detailing specifically what happened in your dream vision. From this point, we have categorized dreams related to poop as a way to interpret your mental abilities, social skills and pressure tolerance.

It is a bit beyond believing whether it is luck or a new path, as this will depend on your mental strengths to understand the future that lies ahead for you. Therefore, you should remember as many details at the time of your dream and find the most similar to your dream, as the descriptions will signify your immediate future.

Dream of pooping

To dream of pooping in the bathroom and quietly, indicates that you are creating new things in your life and especially using your imagination to exploit great ideas. In general, opportunities will come, but they will not present themselves to you obviously, suggesting that you should offer yourself to change or be willing to step out of your comfort zone.

A dream of making excrement in bed portends a moment of humiliation that you will have or have had. It is not a pleasant dream, so you will feel a lot of embarrassment during your dream and you will probably live a similar experience in the following days.

If you dreamt of pooping without clothes or naked, it means that you feel ashamed of an event that has just happened in your life. Maybe your attitude is not the best in front of certain situations and you end up choosing incorrectly your own ways.

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Dreams with dog poop

Did you dream of dog poop? It means good luck. The belief that stepping in dog poop started years ago when hunters would find their dogs by the droppings and next to it the prey they had shot down with their gun.

This belief transcended over the years and today dreaming of dog poop is associated with success, love and prosperity. However, your behavior will probably be to try to clean yourself and you should not worry, this will not keep good luck away, you are simply socially limited to always smell good.

When you dream of dog excrement improve your optimism and be pleasant in front of others. Opportunities will come your way and will present themselves to you if you always keep yourself in the public eye. Those people who hide in shyness, do not prosper quickly, because they are unknown to others.

Dream that you poop in your underwear

To dream that you poop in your underpants signifies shame of self, that is, you are ashamed to be the person you are and wish to change your own destiny. The problem with this behavior is that you begin to feel that you are not capable of achieving anything on your own merits, which causes you to not progress in any aspect of your life.

Now, when you dream that you do little in your panties it warns you of self sabotage. That is, when you begin to feel ashamed and believe that you are not capable of achieving anything, your brain activates as a defense mechanism to run away from the situation. This will keep you away from people, opportunities and changes in your life.

When you have a dream about pooping your underpants try to self-analyze and begin to detail the problems you have had in the past few months and how you have escaped them or continue with your dilemmas. This dream is a warning for urgent self-analysis.

Dreams with baby poop

If you dream of baby poop you will get a positive vibe in your upcoming activities. That is, everything you do will possibly start out laborious for you, but things will quickly turn in your favor and you will end up with help from other people and in a positive situation.

Generally, dreams with baby poop indicate good luck, but not for gambling or similar, only to improve your current conditions. This dream refers to your ability to achieve any goal, always thinking about improving what you have at your side.

Dreaming of human poop

If you dreamed with human poop your social circles will begin to improve, probably starting with the solution to old problems that always bother you. This dream has a great labor influence, so it may indicate that you will soon change jobs or get an improvement in your position or salary.

However, you must act very seriously and honestly. Being a hypocritical or false person and dreaming of a human poop may mean that you will end up very lonely and with few friends, in addition, that economic problems will come as a result of not having anyone by your side.

Dreams with poop on your hands

Now, if you dream of accidentally touching poop with your hands, it means that you have the opportunity to change the course of your career. Probably an unreasonable offer, an economic change or a sudden trip will come your way. In these cases, you just have to let your energies be the best to achieve success.

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Dream of cleaning up poop

To dream of cleaning up poop foretells compromise in the face of a problem. In the coming weeks you will be part of an important situation that requires a quick solution. That is to say, you cannot hide and wait for someone else to solve something for you, since they will need your help or you will end up being part of the problem that arises.

Dreams with cat poop

If you dreamed of cat poop, you have several pending tasks in your life. If you dream eating cat poop it means that someone is about to attack you and especially with arguments from your past. If you dream digging cat poop it means that you feel betrayed by someone you love and you need to find out the truth.

However, if you dream cleaning up cat poop then it means that you must learn to trust people. Generally, this dream invites you to solve the problems around you. Not being able to escape from them means that you are someone who will only accumulate reasons and will not be able to stabilize your life.

Dream of poop in your pants

If you dream of poop in your pants it means that you are eliminating something important from your life. However, this can mean that you eliminate people, your partner and even radically change your city. It is a process of voluntary change, which you wished for days to have and the ways to do it in this cycle presented themselves.

Now, constant dreams with poop in your pants mean that you may lose control, when you try to deal with problems. In this case, it is advisable to set priorities. Recognize that family comes first, health is important and money must come later.

Dreams of eating poop

To dream of eating poop is a negative and very unpleasant dream. It portends difficult times for your life, especially those related to your social status. Perhaps they will discover something hidden about you or you will make a serious mistake. It is a dream to be prepared, become cautious and eliminate everything you do not want them to know about you.

Dream of poop on the floor

If you dream of poop on the floor it indicates that you are envious of other people and this is probably wrong with you. That is, it is a dream that tells you that you should trust your own talents and improve your life based on what you have and not what you want. It is a way to learn to live fairly and expect to have more, as long as you offer more of yourself.

Dreams with a lot of poop

To dream of a lot of poop indicates good luck in business and love, as long as you were not afraid of being next to excrement or feeling like throwing up. If you felt that, then it means that you are someone who does not expect to receive anything these days, so nothing ever comes. Your mental energies will block what you do not believe in.

Dream that you smear yourself with poop

To dream that you are getting a poopy mess means that you are acquiring new responsibilities, but with the intention of earning much more. That is to say, it is not simply an episode where you acquire more work, it is about achieving important steps in your life. Now, do not forget to involve your family, especially if you dream that you get dirty with other people’s excrement.

Dreams that you step in poop

To dream that you step in poop means good news, especially if you were going through a rough patch. It is a time to stay calm, wait for the success that will come at any moment and everything related to economic prosperity. However, make the right decisions based on your feelings and what your subconscious dictates.

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Dream of a poopy diaper

To dream of a poopy diaper means that you want to protect your family, especially if you have young children. It is a sign that you are committed to the emotional stability of your family and especially to finding a way to secure your family financially. It is a dream that reflects the desire for security and stability in your children.

Dreams with baby poop

Have you dreamed of baby poop? Then you need to learn to communicate properly with people. You are in a growing stage, but this means that you need to mature as a person and accept your mistakes. Now, it doesn’t mean that you are immature, just find a way to communicate assertively and have others understand the way you are.

Dreaming of adult poop

Have you dreamed of adult poop? Then your ideas culminated a stage of maturation, but you will need the help of someone who is vibrating in the same way as you. Don’t just look at the disgusting aspect of the dream, think about the necessary maturity you need to be able to face a situation where your morals are compromised.

Dream of vomiting poop

To dream of vomiting poop is absolutely disgusting, but liberating. This dream means that you found the problems that were troubling you so much and the cause of your bad luck, but you need to quickly free yourself from this. Regardless of the possible results, it is not a good time to take a step back, it is time to move forward considerably.

Dream that you get poop stains

To dream that you get poop stains means to feel sorry for an event in your life, perhaps you acted incorrectly and you are sorry for the outcome of this event. However, this dream invites you to remedy the situation, that is, if it is necessary to apologize you should do so, but if you stand firm in your way of thinking, you will get a pleasant experience of this event.


  • To dream that you cannot poop or to dream that you are constipated means that you have mental blocks when you want to express yourself in public, which causes you insecurity when speaking in front of others.
  • To dream that you poop in public means an excess of shyness, which causes you to sometimes feel embarrassed by your behavior and prefer to stay away from people.
  • To dream of a desert of poop is not common, but it augurs good luck and assured success in the coming days. It is a good time to do business.
  • To dream of digging a mountain of poop means that you are out of ideas. But this dream is not negative, as it indicates you want to learn more about something and are trying to find new ways to make your life more positive.
  • To dream that you play with poop means that you have big responsibilities to take on in the next few days, but you find yourself with all the energy to do so.
  • Generally, dreaming of poop augurs good luck despite the unpleasantness of this dream vision. However, it always depends on your mental energy to face new situations and not to be afraid when the time comes.