The dreams we have during the night, always mix many of the things that are happening to us, we are used to dreaming of the last things we think during the night. However, we may have dreams that reveal facts or events that will lead to our life in the near future.

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Video about Dreaming of poop

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This time we’ll talk about poop dreams. We already know that dreaming of poop may be something disturbing in sight or just disgusting, but not all that, there are many images that can be recreated in a dream that has to do with stool. That’s why we’ll teach you to identify each of these images so you can better interpret the dreams you’ve had lately.

It’s common for us to give way to feces dreams like the fact that something is going to happen that means we’ll be very lucky out of nowhere. The poop is thrown out of our body like a waste, that is, it is left over in our body and therefore if we do not expel it, it may harm us. This is something we have to take into account. This dream may mean that we must avoid something that is hurting our lives.

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Many people have constipation problems and we may dream about these things even if it’s not us who have them, this may mean that we are surrounded by stingy and obstinate people, or it may be us who are in this situation.

The interpretation of an act of excretion on our part can mean good things, even if we are surrounded by poop it is possible that we are witnessing prosperity, this means that if we are surrounded by poop from us, it is that we are missing something and in many cases it may be very symbolic, as it may represent the money we did not expect.



We already know the possible meanings, but we must enter into the interpretation. All dreams must be positioned in a current context of your life, including your sentimental life, your work, your social life, all of this is important to interpret our dreams.

For us to be clear about something, it is not the same thing that we dream that we have pooped during our childhood, that we really do it and that we are awakened by the act. This may not be a dream, but if it is, it doesn’t have a very benevolent prognosis. It might be a bad thing for our lives.

Stool usually means introversion, introspection, and the closed aspects of our lives. But on the other hand they can mean prosperity, envy, the weight we carried behind our backs and many things we will tell you during this article. Poop may be a reflection of our character, in this case we must be greedy, fearful and very close to our feelings. This may affect us in case we have dreams where we poop on each other.

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Dream of pooping

On many occasions we can dream of pooping on ourselves, or that we are defecating, this can occur in situations where you are subjected to a nervous or panic attack. This usually happens when we find ourselves under a strong emotional strain in our life. It can be in situations of stress in the love life, such as an argument between couples or that your partner puts a lot of pressure on you according to the relationship.

In the case of work, your work may be putting a lot of pressure on you and that will jeopardize your job stability. Your boss may be causing damage to your subconscious. The solution to this is to try to relax before you sleep. You can try listening to some music, avoiding heavy meals, or getting some exercise before you sleep.

Dream of dog poop

When we dream of dog poop means that we have problems that come from somewhere else, not from our own being. In that case we have to identify the situations that in our life are putting us under pressure, in the same way we have to identify what feeling we have during that dream.

On the other hand, dreams with dog poop can mean we have trouble at work. Whether it’s setbacks or difficulties with money. They can mean that we have very stressful problems with people close to us so we have to be well aware. This can make us feel betrayed, lost and humiliated, try to get away from all this if you have a dream where there are dog droppings.

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  • Dreaming about being constipated: this can be a recurring dream for people who have a very high difficulty opening up to others. It clearly means that you are feeling a little trapped and distrustful of a person close to your emotions.
  • Dream of defecating in public: this is a pretty serious case, it is directly related to shame, but you have to keep in mind that it may be in case you are hiding and are afraid of being discovered. In these dreams you are the focus of the whole problem.
  • Dream of pooping on yourself: we’ve said that, but remember, if you have stress or distress problems, you may dream of you in your adult phase pooping on yourself, this is a problem that is clearly affecting you.