It is normal that today, there are people who doubt about the influence that dreams can have in our life and the messages that they transmit to us in order to be able to guide it in the best possible way. Dreaming about pregnancy is one of the most common dreams among women whether pregnant or not. It is an oneiric experience that can reveal a series of messages for your life, so it is important that you pay close attention.

It is well known that, since the past, premonitory qualities have been attributed to dreams, however, if you conduct a survey of people who have dreamed of pregnancy, you can quickly realize that very few people have had a coincidence between what they saw in their dream world and what happens in their real world.

In principle, although dreams of being pregnant are often more frequent and understandable in women, there are also cases where men have come to experience this dream experience. Therefore, this kind of dream is not necessarily an omen that in the future you will live this experience in your life.

However, there have been cases where this has been a premonitory dream, but the explanation of this event has not been attributed to a magical event. You should know that the organs of the human body are closely connected, so changes in the body begin to occur from the moment of conception. Therefore, the brain perceives these changes, which would result in the appearance of dream visions with pregnancy.

Most women at some point in their lives have dreamed of having a baby. This is a completely natural dream experience since it is an event that is completely linked to your biology. Women are responsible for housing new lives in their bellies for nine months, so many women yearn to become mothers at some point in their lives.



According to medical terminology, pregnancy is the process of gestation of a new life, which begins at the moment of conception and culminates in childbirth. It is therefore very easy for the subconscious to use it at different stages of life, applying it as metaphors through your dreams. This may indicate a new situation, a new job, a new desire. It may also refer to a perception of your personal growth or development with which you seek to achieve a certain goal.

In the case where a man dreams of having a baby inside, this is often interpreted as his feelings towards the nearest projects, however, on certain occasions and depending on the personality of the dreamer, this dream may reveal the inner desire to be a father, as well as may indicate the fear of taking on new responsibilities.

Similarly, a woman who has dreams of pregnancy often has anxiety about her goals. However, as this is an event of its nature, this experience can have far more interpretations for them than for men. Among the meanings of dreaming about pregnancy you can find fear of sex, new goals, insecurity in the relationship of couple and many other interpretations. Everything will depend on the person’s current situation, his menstrual cycle, and what is happening around him.

Dream of your own pregnancy

Dreaming of your own pregnancy, especially when you are in the gestation stage, can be translated as the projection of your feelings regarding pregnancy and motherhood. In addition, depending on the nature of the dream, these feelings may talk about the satisfaction of being able to realize the dream of being a mother. It may also indicate some concern for the health of the baby, the expenses that will result from the arrival of a new life at home, as well as the fear of being a good mother or not.

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Now, when a woman is not in a state and dreams of her own pregnancy, then you should know that there are quite interesting interpretations. In the event that many sudden changes are occurring in your life or are happening at the same time, your subconscious may use as a resource to lead you to dream that you are pregnant to represent your perception of these changes.

Also, this dream may indicate that there is an aspect of your personality that is repressed but you want to make use of it; it may be a relevant creative or artistic quality that develops over time. On the other hand, this dream experience can also represent a projection of different projects or objectives in the short or medium term (right here there is a close relationship with the nine months of the baby’s gestation) which are in full swing, or which you plan to address in the near future.

Dream about someone else’s pregnancy

Dreaming about someone else’s pregnancy is usually one of the most common scenarios. However, you should know that this dream brings with it a negative interpretation. Through this dream, your subconscious makes you a call of attention to make you see that you think of only the good things happen only to the people that surround you and you can’t enjoy the experiences as positive.

It is a sign that you’re in the middle of a stage of weakness in relation to your feelings. Through this dream, your subconscious urges you to focus much more on your life, especially so that you begin to create your own path and stop seeing what other people are doing.

This dream experience is often common in those who tend to depend on the situation of third parties. It is important that you understand that although the environment can influence your decisions and actions, it is not at all decisive. You are the only person responsible for every decision you make or action you take. At any time good things may begin to happen to you, but it is important that you first work for this to happen. That’s why your subconscious shows you in your sleep to another woman in state.

Dream of a friend’s pregnancy

Dreaming of a friend’s pregnancy is usually a less frequent dream vision than the previous Dream. However, you must also pay attention to what he seeks to tell you. In the first place, this dream usually indicates the presence of a feeling of discomfort in the psyche, probably due to a state of dissatisfaction, frustration and in some cases it can be envy, seeing as your goals and objectives do not succeed in being realized while other people not only achieve their goals, but also enjoy their benefits.

A friend is usually that close person you tend to have a pretty strong rapport with. This is why sharing these gratifying moments with her can produce these kind of dreams when you are in the middle of an unfavourable situation. However, other dream analysts indicate that dreaming that a friend is in a state can reveal the arrival of something new and good thanks to your relationship with your friend, or even, it can be the projection of your best feelings towards her.

The closeness with the friends almost always tends to be similar to that which exists between family members, so this dream may also reveal that the desire to maintain or strengthen the bonds, probably by means of a business, travel, study, or by means of a christening of a baby.

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Dream of twins pregnancy

Almost every dream where you can observe a pregnancy, whether it’s your own or someone else’s, is a projection about your goals and desires, your intense desire to grow and develop in all areas of your life. However, dreaming of twins pregnancy is an oneiric experience that tells you that right now you are in opposition to what the twins go on to represent the conflict of your two worlds: the real and the spiritual, so you look for a way to find out what the right decision is.

For you to cease this opposition and have peace in your life, you need to create a balance and understanding between your real and spiritual world. Therefore, it is important that after this dream experience you seek to be in harmony with yourself as soon as possible.

Dream of pregnancy and childbirth

Dreaming of pregnancy and childbirth is a pleasant dream experience as it indicates that you will soon enter a creative moment of your life. Besides, every single thing you propose from that moment on will have imminent success. It is the ideal time for you to take the first step on the road to realizing your dreams.

Dreams of pregnancy and childbirth are often related to good wishes and ideals in your life. The presence of childbirth in your dream specifically speaks of reaching your goal. In the case that after childbirth you see yourself breastfeeding the baby, you should know that you will have a greater success in your life.

Now, if instead you wake up during childbirth before you can give birth, you should know that there is something in your life that is preventing you from reaching your goal. It is time to evaluate your environment so that you discover the decision that will allow you to move forward.

Dream of girl’s pregnancy

If you are looking to discover the meaning of dreaming about a girl’s pregnancy, it is important to keep in mind that this dream experience tends to relate to your personal and family environment. For this reason, the interpretation of dreaming of a girl’s pregnancy may vary according to the circumstances that develop in the dream.

Dreaming of a girl’s gestation indicates that you are jealous, so you behave negatively with all those around you; the reason for this may be due to the fact that you have low self-esteem. On the other hand, this dream also indicates that for a long time you have a deep desire to become pregnant and you cannot achieve it by any means. Therefore, you tend to be restless and can’t stand to see how people in your family or friends grow in numbers.

Dream of pregnancy without being pregnant

The interpretation of dreaming of pregnancy without being pregnant, speaks of a spiritual evolution or maturity in your life. There are probably certain aspects in your life that you want to deny or you just don’t need to recognize them. Another meaning of this dream is that you will soon enter a new stage of your life or start a new business.

Dream of twins pregnancy

You should know that the meaning of dreaming about twins pregnancy is very different from dreaming about twins pregnancy. The reason is due to the formation of both, in the case of the last, the egg once fertilized is divided into two fetuses. Instead, twins appear when the same egg is fertilized by two sperm cells. In the dream world, this vision may indicate the presence of deception or a hidden face of the people around you.

Dream about pregnancy of a boy

For almost everyone, the expectation of a baby brings with it happiness and hope, bringing to light the maternal and paternal side, so dreaming of a pregnancy is an oneiric experience of good omen. The interpretation of dreaming of a boy’s pregnancy suggests that something is brewing inside you and is good for you. You will soon discover a new skill or quality that you didn’t know.

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On the other hand, it also talks about a time of waiting, introspection or internal work which will allow you to realize your goals. It is probably a new business project, emotional or spiritual.

Dream of pregnancy news

It is very rare to dream of pregnancy news. Its meaning may vary depending on how you feel at the time of receiving the news. In the same way, it also influences the fact of who is the person who is pregnant, whether it is you or someone close to you.

The meaning of dreaming of pregnancy news is a message sent to you by your subconscious, which tries to tell you that you need to be much more objective with the plans you have in mind. You have to look for these to be much more specific to make it easier for you to carry them out. In case you take the pregnancy notice with joy, it means that these next plans will have sudden and negative changes that will leave you stunned.

On the other hand, if you get the news with a negative feeling, then you should know that aspect of your goal or project that you were worried about, is not as bad as it seems, once you face that situation, you will see that it was no big deal.

Dream of a family member’s pregnancy

Dreaming of a family member’s pregnancy, whether your sister or someone else in your family whom you appreciate, reveals to you that this woman is behind the intention to start, undertake or create something new in her life (which is not related to pregnancy) and to achieve this she needs you to help her in something specific.

Your subconscious has the ability to notice what she needs from you and shows it to you in dreams by showing her pregnant, because, if at any point she does, you would immediately go and let her know that you are there for what she needs. That is why you must pay attention to see how you can guide, company or help him in what he is trying to initiate and who probably does not dare to do it on his own, because he fears failure or there is another reason that prevents him from starting and that you can solve.


  • If you dream of an unexpected pregnancy, you are most likely suspecting that you are in a state and your mind has spent enough time thinking about it. On the other hand, it can also be interpreted as a sign of your consciousness in view of the fact that you have not made corresponding forecasts in different aspects of your life: sexual, work, family.
  • Your girlfriend’s pregnant dreams may represent your fear of commitment, although it may also be because you’ve been reckless during sexual intimacy. This latter meaning is very common, due to the fear of an unwanted pregnancy and its repercussions.
  • If you dream of triplets pregnancy, it is likely that this project that you have in full development will be bigger than expected, with all the positive and negative consequences that it may bring. You may need more dedication and effort than you stipulated.