There are many ways in which water presents itself in the dream world and dreaming of rain is one of them. This weather phenomenon can be torrential, it can be a shooting stars, it can cause floods or it can even be a meteor shower. Depending on the type of rain that appears in your dreams and the rest of the details of your dream experience, you can find a precise interpretation.

It is well known that after the storm comes calm. That is why dreaming of rain is often associated with the strong need of your being to cleanse your inner “self”. Sometimes you get to immerse yourself in vast seas of worry and anguish and you don’t know how to let flow all that you feel. Thanks to dreaming of rain you can somehow release all that frustrates and overwhelms you. Don’t forget to pay attention also to the personal situation you live right now as this is also a key element when discovering the meaning of dreaming about rain.

Dreams with rain are completely different from any other kind of dreams with water, be it sea or dirty water, so we have decided to dedicate an article to explain the different connotations that can arise from this interesting dream experience. When the water comes in the form of rain it can provoke different emotions depending on the Dreamer, as there are people to whom the rain transmits a feeling of sadness, while others feel at ease with the rainy weather.

Not all dreams with rain can be interpreted based on this element, in order to achieve a precise interpretation of this dream experience it is necessary to know what are the secondary elements that take place in your dream. It is these details of your dream that will allow you to discover whether your dream has a positive or negative meaning, as well as how it adapts to your personal situation. While there may be many elements that show up in your dream, here you will find the most common ones, which we are sure will be of great help in discovering your dream of rain.

Those who usually have these kinds of dreams are usually lonely people who also have self-esteem problems, especially when this dream is common in them and always occurs with the same scenes. The meaning of dreaming of rain is associated with melancholy, pain and loneliness. You are probably a person who is not at all comfortable with his loneliness, however, you should know that loneliness is the ideal circumstance to get to know you in depth and test your limits, making loneliness no longer a problem to be a virtue. Depending on the context of your dream, dreaming of rain may reveal a moment of liberation for your life, as it may also indicate a chain in certain feelings of sadness. Now, if you consider that you are an extroverted person and consider that this general meaning does not go with you, I invite you to discover the different meanings of dreaming about rain.

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Dream of heavy rain

Dreaming of heavy rain is usually interpreted as a sign of bad luck. This dream is almost always taken as the arrival of anguish, discomfort, bad news. It is also often interpreted as a warning of danger, financial problems, family accidents or other disasters. Dreaming of heavy rain can also announce the arrival of health problems. Try to keep the insurance up to date.

Dream of rainwater

The rain is a purifying weather event, so dreaming of rainwater will lead you to a prosperous and good spirit season, and you should make the most of this opportunity the universe gives you. Dreaming of rainwater and walking comfortably with it reveals that you find yourself living an incredible season, full of much happiness. This is a dream that lets you know that you will begin to live in a very short time many happy moments.

Dream of torrential rain

Dreaming of torrential rain is a rather common dream experience among Dreamers. If by chance during this dream you are getting wet, you are likely to be deeply afraid of failing in that important project that you will be presenting shortly, afraid of failing in that next evaluation on which much of your qualifications depend, or afraid of not being able to achieve that goal you have set yourself. In case you are protecting yourself from the rain, you should know that a number of problems are occurring around you that, while not directly affecting you, do so indirectly.

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Dream of rain overnight

As we have shown you, rain is a purifying element. Dreaming of the rain at night and getting wet in it reveals that you will soon be able to feel free and clean from all the problems that overwhelm you in real life. Seeing the rain during the night speaks of forgiveness, also alludes to good luck and love. Likewise, if you plan to travel within a few days, it’s best to delay it.

Dream of a lot of rain

Dreaming of a lot of rain indicates that inside you there is a deep sadness that has cost you a lot to overcome. Dreaming of long periods of rain and seeing that the sky does not escampa indicates that you still cannot get out of the situation you are in. Instead, if you feel comfortable with the rain during sleep, it means that it is not yet time to work on your sadness, let yourself be felt so that at the ideal moment these emotions can transcend.

Dream of intense rain

Dreaming of heavy rain or heavy rain is a sign of future bad luck. These dream experiences lead you directly to moments filled with anguish where you can surely become very uncomfortable. However, you have the ability to cope as long as you pay attention to your environment and find the tools to control your situation. On the other hand, dreaming of heavy rain can also be a negative foreboding dream that warns you that you may soon suffer a serious accident, so be careful with every step you take.

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Dream of walking in the rain

Dreaming about walking in the rain is one of the most frequent dream experiences with rain. If you don’t mind getting wet with the rain while walking, then you are a satisfied person with yourself, you possess enough strength to deal with any adverse situation, plus, your next days will be filled with joy and happiness.

Dream of rain inside the house

Dreaming of rain inside the house is the way your subconscious reveals to you that there are certain hidden features of your personality that you do not want to make known. You feel that demonstrating these characteristics would make you vulnerable because you would show yourself as you are or if someone came to know some secret of your past.

Dream of mud and rain

Dreaming of mud and rain or dreaming of acid rain is an oneiric experience that reveals to you the presence of something inside you that is eating away at you. Maybe it’s a fight with a friend or your partner. In case it is you who made a mistake, you must put aside any pride and ask for forgiveness because, if you do not, things in your life could take a very negative turn.

Dreaming of rain and lights

Dreaming of rain and lights reveals that things will begin to turn negative in your work. You will have to face a number of problems, so it is important that you pay attention to everything that happens around you. This is a dream of bad omen, however, in case you manage to get safe from this storm, it means that you can slip away from these problems without much difficulty.