Rats are usually animals that are not very dear to people anywhere in the world. They are constantly despised because they produce displeasure, fear or repulsion. A lot of people really have this animal phobia, so you’ll imagine that dreaming about rats can become a nightmare.

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What many do not know is that the rat is an animal with a high survival capacity. They have the power to stay alive in any area or environment where he is, thanks to his intelligence. In addition, they can feed on a wide variety of foods without any affecting them.

Although dreaming about mice is not very pleasant for most, it should be noted that these dreams do not always have a negative or repulsive meaning. Actually, a dream with this little rodent can mean a lot of things and will depend on how you saw them in your dreams to find the answers.

It should also be borne in mind that for the correct interpretation of the dream, its cultural interpretation influences, even in many places rats symbolize the strength to overcome difficult times. Remember that everything will depend on the personal experience you have had in the dream and the characteristics in which they have been presented to you.



Rats in dreams can have multiple meanings and interpretations. Among them, the most common thing to encounter this rodent in your dream is that you must explore and take care of your professional and personal area. Usually the relationships you do within your work are the main warnings of this rodent, so you should be very careful because some of your colleagues may be looking for ways to affect you or damage your reputation in the work environment.

As for the personal environment, dreaming about rats tells you to pay more attention to family and friends. The daily stress that surrounds you does not allow you to value those close to you.

If you’re going through a time when your relationship isn’t quite right, don’t look any more guilty, the rat in the dream tells you that you’ve become more closed with your feelings and your partner feels like you’ve decided to walk away because you’re no longer interested.

Dream of dead rats

If you dream of a dead rat, rejoice, this means triumph in your life. Those bad times and complicated situations you’ve been through lately will be rewarded with today’s success. Now, if any enemy seeks to harm you, he will not succeed, you are stronger than ever.

If you’re a woman and you dream of dead rats, it can also symbolize that an enemy wants to hurt you anyway. Also, on this occasion, he may even use bad arts such as witchcraft to achieve his goals.

In short, dreaming of dead rats reveals us a significant loss for not paying attention, be it a friend you had for a long time or even an object of value you kept with great affection.

Dream of white rats

The white rats in your dreams mean that you will soon be displeased. In this situation, you will have to take care of yourself so that they do not generate too many worries. Their appearance in dreams usually symbolizes that difficult times will come where you will have to stay strong in order to overcome.

It also has other positive connotations. Usually when this happens, it always turns out there’s a person who will help you in times of crisis. With your help you can solve everything quickly and unexpectedly.

If the white rat only looks at it from afar, it means that the help you will receive will be from an unexpected person and will be very selfless, it will help you just because it wants to see you well. So don’t hesitate to accept.

Dream that you are killing a rat

This dream announces that many people in your life are hypocrites and are trying to harm you to cause problems, especially with your family or neighbors. The intention is for these to change the good image they have about you and begin to distrust you.

If in the dream before you kill the rat you find that you are hunting it, this suggests that you have a great advantage over your enemies and that despite everything they try to do they cannot hurt you.

Instead, if you kill the rat in your dreams quickly and without any problem, announce that if you are going through a moment where they are slandering or damaging your reputation, you will triumph over your enemies and they will not have the courage to mess with you again.

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Dream of grey rats

Seeing grey rats in your dream symbolizes that there are negative aspects in your life that don’t let you be happy, because of the gray but not black tonality, it is determined that your thoughts are very sad and depressive. This does not allow you to clarify the situation in order to overcome the problem.

Gray rats in the interpretation of dreams, they simply symbolize your mood, not the problem. It may actually be an easier situation than you think, but because you keep thinking negative things, you can’t find the good to move on. So lift that mood, wipe those gray thoughts out of your head, and start seeing that not everything around you is bad, and that you can even get more out of it than you think. You just need a change of attitude.

Dream of living rats

This symbolizes that in a short space of time you will have domestic problems, especially if the living rats are running around your house in their sleep. Maybe in the next few days you’ll get a fight between your family members, or you’ll argue with your partner. Therefore, you must think before acting to avoid these confrontations. It’s better to talk and work things out in harmony.

If in your dreams you are only seeing the living rat standing in front of you, it means change and evolution for your life. The living rat is just telling you that these changes are not expected or planned by you. By which you will take in surprise.

Understand that when you want change, it will be so great that you will think you will not succeed. This may happen to you in your work area where I’m sure they’ll want to promote you and you won’t know if you’re fit for office.

Dream of rats and mice

Having both rodents in the same dream can be somewhat disturbing, but the fact is that their presence does not mean anything good. That is why you must be prepared, for there are hypocritical people around you who wish to leave you badly constantly to damage your reputation.

Dreaming of rats and mice together reveals to you that even these enemies frequent your home and want to sow their poison. Their goal is for your family to begin to distrust you and thus to harm you and damage your current state of happiness.

We recommend that you be very attentive to the people you trust. Not all are what you think they are. The good news is that if in your dreams these rats run away when you get close to them, it means that your enemies will not be able to fight you and that you will be victorious.

Dream of many rats

When in your dream there are many rats, it means that you are going through a moment of personal improvement. The origin is the cluster of many positive circumstances that have occurred to you lately, and this aroused your enthusiasm and the desire to mature. Now more important things will come into your life.

If in the dream all these rats were surrounding your house or room, it means you will soon be living a very lucky situation. And that you must make the most of it to achieve all the goals you have set yourself.

Dream of black rats

When black rats appear in your dreams, it indicates that you must walk very carefully. It may be a harbinger that something bad will happen to you if you don’t take care of yourself, both personally and professionally.

You must be attentive because they can generate large problems. Especially if you don’t measure what you’re talking about. You could get caught up in a gossip or rumor that won’t be easy for you to solve.

Dream of rats biting you

If in your dreams one of these rodents bites you, regardless of your color, it means that a big problem is coming to you, and you will feel that no one is there to support you.

You must be very careful to solve this problem. It will be something strong that will mark you a lot and that if you are not convinced to get out of it, it can go away forever, even destroy many important relationships that you have now.

Dream of rats attacking you

Its meaning is no different than that if a rat bites you. The difference is that if the rat attacks you and leaves no damage at all, it means that the problems that arise will be unexpected but you will manage to solve them.

If the rat attacks you and leaves you with some damage or pain, it means that the problem you will have to face will be very strong because it will influence your emotions a lot and if you don’t know how to handle it this can seriously affect you.

Dream of small rats

They symbolize that the problems you face are minimal. So finding a solution is very easy and you shouldn’t think it’s the end of the world because it’s really almost everyday stuff. So you have to take care of them and get them fixed because believe it or not, a lot of people depend on them.

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Don’t rule out the fact that you have to solve them because, even if these little problems are confusing to you, they may generate consequences that you will regret, especially if the rats were in your home.

Dream of giant rats

Like the dream of big rats, its meaning is very similar. The changes that will be presented to you are very big and you don’t know if you can handle them. You only have to have confidence in yourself because these changes are not bad.

In your life these changes can be so drastic that you will have to accept the fact that you are destined for bigger things. So now you’re gonna have to value your talent so you can make the most of it.

Dream of rats and cats

This dream is related to the fact that you started to live many moments of happiness with your family. Ideally, you should be present because they will be moments that you will remember for life.

On the other hand, this kind of dream is also related to the fact that you will begin to live a stage where all the projects you undertake will succeed and will make you prosper.

Dream of baby rats

It means you’ll have very small problems. but you can’t take it for granted and you still have to figure it out. This symbolizes that serious problems will come, may reveal near success of projects or goals you want to culminate. It also indicates rejections, traps, betrayals, deceptions… but most of it is a dream of bad omen. If this dream becomes frequent it is because totally unpleasant situations are coming.

Dream of rats running

Warn you that you will live moments of your life that will test you to know your true ability to deal with problems. It’s a really positive dream. You’ll be lucky to see those worries go away. It’s time for you to enjoy your good streak and engage in different and enriching activities.

Dream of rats and cockroaches

It’s a dream that tells you about yourself and the need for you to start making significant changes in your life. It indicates that you are eager to end up with problems and you will try to resolve that situation once and for all. The recommendation is that solutions without affecting others, so you can fight the injustice around you.

Dream of eating rats

It means that there is something inside that causes you restlessness, it may be your consciousness or an unresolved problem.  It is also accompanied by anxiety, nervousness and other situations that arise when dreaming of these unpleasant animals. The representation of this dream should be explained in perfect detail as it tells us that you must meddle in a tense moment or situation with unknown persons. You have to watch out because you can suffer moments of theft and aggression, especially on the street where you are most unprotected.

Dream of rats in bed

It symbolizes that you have problems with your partner out of jealousy, lies or deception that you have not solved. Are bad news but there is nothing that cannot be solved. It’s a warning of certain difficulties but along the way you’ll know how to solve them.

Dream of a rat’s nest

They warn you that you may be creating bad rumors about yourself because of your behavior. Your subconscious is trying to warn you about what will happen in your life, such as in your working or personal environment. You have to pay attention to the things that happen to you so that you act correctly. Perhaps things will get complicated and you won’t find a timely solution, yet you will be able to deal with it and find a solution.

Dream of colored rats

Usually in the interpretation of dreams it is positive. He talks about changes, but it all depends on the color of the rat.

Dream of rats and snakes

They warn you to reflect on the things you’ve done lately because your behavior may affect others. On the other hand, it is a sign of internal concerns or anxieties that have not been realized. It will generate anxiety that will be reflected in these dreams. These repressed thoughts can be the cause of these dreams, where concern with friendships, family, work and affects the subconscious stands out. They generate distress, stress, heaviness that affect your inner peace causing emotional weakness.

Dream of two rats

He warns you that you have two enemies who seek a way to harm you in your career. In turn, it indicates that you are worried about money or someone will try to harm you. Finally, if you have a business, you need to rethink your strategy so you don’t lose money.

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Dream of rat plague

It suggests that you’re afraid of the new problems that are being presented to you. Maybe it’s a bad investment or economic loss. It will be difficult for you to regain the initial situation so you have to handle your money carefully.

Dream of rats and spiders

It involves betrayal about a person you trust. Someone very close to you will betray you, whether your relatives, friends will believe in defamations and make you feel guilty. It may make you feel lonely and sad, but you’ll be able to prove and defend yourself since you’re innocent. Your conscience is clear and no one will harm your reputation.

Dream of brown rats

Are you coming problems strong to face it, but fear not because it will solve. All that worries you will come to an end by letting you rest. It represents serenity, purity and you can dedicate yourself to taking care of your loved ones.

Dream of fat rats

It means you’re full of remorse and this weight won’t let you move on. You may be immersed in some events that make you think too much. Think about them so you can move on.

Dream of seeing rats

They warn you that something good and new is coming. It indicates good omen.

Dream of rats and dogs

Even if you feel lonely and unappreciated, there are people around you who appreciate what you really do for them. You must learn to differentiate good people from bad people. This way you can defend yourself from people who only seek to benefit or cause harm.

Dream of rats in the water

They announce various evils, including your health. It means that in your home something is not going well, whether it’s a fight with your children, parents or partner. The subconscious informs you that you must settle any dispute to restore family and personal harmony.

Dream of rats in the house

It means family problems, it’s a clear sign that difficult times are coming in your environment. On the other hand, some analysts indicate that it is a positive dream because it speaks of the future. If these rats occupy the whole house in sleep, it will take a deep cleansing. In this sense, it is necessary to remember what was the behavior of rats in the house. This indicates good predictions that are coming. They also indicate the ability of rodents to protect themselves in places where food is available, ensuring their survival.

Dream of rats in food

It is transmitting to you that there are many people around you who take advantage of your energy and your time and this is making you too tired.  Also, if in the dream you are giving them food means you are afraid to put your mental health at risk. Remember that rats are associated with diseases and it is a symbol that reflects obvious fear that something negative will happen.

Dreaming of hairless rats

It means you have to take better care of your health. You’re living in an inappropriate way. You may be neglecting your diet or overdoing it. It’s a premonition that a person will try to hurt you. This dream also has something positive because, you can face any setbacks, criticisms, deceptions without difficulty.

Dream of rats and worms

There are big changes coming in your work area, which may involve, for example, a promotion. It can also be a better job or an increase in wages. You will certainly get away with potential financial crises or any attempt to discredit yourself in the workplace. You’re on the right track, you’re making the right decisions. You will fulfill the goals you have set yourself. You will be able to overcome great conflicts and there is no enemy standing in your way.

Dream of rats and snakes

Talk about you being in a situation of danger, provoked by a person very close to you. It may be related to a dismissal or even problems with your partner. So, it represents that you will be the victim of deception, betrayal or theft. You have to stay alert and not let yourself be easily duped as you will get hurt.

Dream of rats at work

In the interpretation of dreams he tells us that there are people in your work environment who are looking for a way to harm you out of envy. Be careful and measure very well the things you tell everyone in your work. Also avoid for the moment sharing the great ideas you have, as they will try to steal them.

Dreaming of rats giving birth

You will soon receive bad news, related to some misfortune. Depending on the scenario of your dream it may be related to a member of your family. Analysts also indicate that you should be careful with your friends as they may be criticizing you behind your back. Stay alert since someone will betray you.