Roses are beautiful and wonderful that most of them symbolize love, seduction, family harmony. Dreaming of roses or dreaming of buds in the dream world is a positive and tangible omen except in dreams with withered roses. Thus, analysts reflect it as auspicious for the dreamer in every way. This experience is a cause of happiness for many, as the buds can evoke certain memories of those who do not belong to this world.

Dreaming of roses has multiple interpretations. The human being has been attracted and fascinated by these types of dreams. Where he has wanted to see them as a kind of guide looking for the meaning of dreams. On the other hand, if you want something to be fulfilled, you must do your part to achieve it. If you consider that dreams are a way of projecting our inner desires, if you have a dream with roses very nice maybe it will come true.

In the oneiric world they are considered as a spiritual and transcendent form where they are related to love, happiness and joy. Some studies affirm that it is possible to discover diverse revealing aspects of the sentimental life. However, dreaming with dozens of roses, is not an isolated fact, the sensations and the context of the dreams, are really important to establish with the conclusions. In case you do not dream of roses without a specific color, you should associate it with compassion, kindness, sensitivity, profit, beauty. If you pay attention to the dreams, they will be able to give with the interpretation to our interior, of what is wanted or desired.


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The meaning of dreams with roses and their most beautiful colors, come from the Victorian era. Where depending on the design and flower bouquets, they intended to send a hidden message to the one who received it. Since that time we have acquired knowledge about the relevance of roses: desire, friendship, purity, love, passion.

These beautiful dream interpretations are present in our day. When you dream of buds, you are attributing to a special meaning, for example, personal relationships. And so with the rest of the people around us.

Dreaming of red roses

Red roses are linked to feelings of passion and love. Unconsciously this type of dream indicates that the purest feelings such as companionship, friendship, desire. It is usually interpreted that you are close to live a great love that will brighten up your life. But dreaming of red roses is subject to different analyses.

If during the dream you have received a gift of red rose, it reflects a sign of affection. But if you are the one who gives it, maybe it’s time to reconnect with old friends. Undoubtedly, red roses symbolize romanticism, union, femininity. It is linked to the early existence of a romance in your life. The possibility of starting a relationship is really exciting, and that makes you feel happy and alive.

Other meanings of red bud dreams may represent fertility, loyalty, nobility. It denotes that you are ready to live a reciprocated commitment of affection and passion. To understand the true interpretation of the dream, you must think about the context of real life. If you have a partner, if you have a beautiful illusion, or if you miss an ex or a person special to you. These types of dreams are associated with the present or past.

Dreams with white roses

In dream interpretation they indicate pure love, innocent of a true relationship. Thus, it may mean that you have not proposed, perhaps it is a platonic love or an interest in that person. It can also symbolize peace of mind or a sign of poor health and death. If during the dream you receive a white rose and feel sadness, it is evidence that in the real future you will face pain and suffering. But the white blossoms associated with death is not only physical death.

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In the dream world it speaks of a symbol of renewal, the opening of a great stage in life. Another of the meanings of dreams is that if you are given white roses, it is interpreted as a future full of health with prosperous health. It is interpreted that you are happy with current relationships and a sign of totally sincere friendship.

To dream of pink roses

They symbolize tenderness, sweetness, sensuality, they are represented by a harmonious, clean, beautiful couple relationship. It can also represent feelings of beauty, delicacy, youthful love. These attributes refer to what you are living at this moment or you want to start with a person who inspires you beautiful feelings.

Dreams with yellow roses

Yellow buds symbolize true friendship, union of two friends that will last for a long time. It may also represent that someone close to you is falling in love with you, perhaps a friend of yours.

Dreaming of black roses

They represent that your relationship with your partner is going through a bad time. You feel that you are stagnating on an emotional level, in your courtship or marriage. You are overwhelmed by routine and you need to do something soon. On the other hand, if you like the color black in particular the meaning is totally different. In that case if you have dreamed of black roses symbolize mysticism, sensuality, passion.

Dreams that you receive a rose

To dream that you receive a gift indicates that you owe money, you are in an unfortunate moment as well as in love relationships. Also, in the dream world it indicates that you will not have luck in what you do and all the effort will not be recognized.

Dreaming of fresh roses

It is usually associated with life, creativity and strength, a revelation that something positive will come into your life. On the other hand, it is the announcement of a close engagement. This type of dream warns that the love of your life is near.

Dreams with colored roses

Roses symbolize spirituality, perfection, they are represented as joy and happiness. If you have had this dream, it is because your life is full of compassion and kindness. It also foresees that you will benefit in all aspects.

To dream of a bouquet of roses

In dream interpretation it indicates that a person admires you. Or that you need approval on the part of decisions in your life.

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Dreams with rose petals

This dream holds great potential, because for some reason you do not want to show your talent. But it is time for you to make your dreams come true.

Dreaming of blue roses

The color blue is very common in dreams. They are associated with mental and physical health, as well as pleasure, sensitivity, delight. If you are given a bouquet of blue roses express the desire to unveil the great love you feel a person.

Dreams with wilted roses

Warns you of a disappointment either a false love or a requited love that will harm you. Someone you trust will cause you pain and suffering. But you will come out of this situation stronger.

To dream of white and red roses

This dream has a double interpretation since white roses are associated with feelings of peace and stability. While red roses are passion. Both roses reflect that we need calm in the sentimental plane.

Dreams with many roses

It shows that you have a strong personality with great artistic gifts, and you are a lover of the good life. But be careful, it may not be understood by others.

Dreaming of rose thorns

It is a clear warning, but it does not have to be a bad one. It’s just that by making a decision you are leaving others behind. It is time to make the right choice.

Dreams with purple roses

In the interpretation of dreams reveal filial love, that parents feel for their children. It can also show the pain of absences of loved ones.

Dreaming of dried roses

It is synonymous of tragedy, loss, misfortune, either to a loved one or losing a job.

Dreams with orange roses

Reveals good omen, fun, joy, celebration, new things for you and all those around you.

To dream of a flower garden

Means happiness, prosperity, security, you fear nothing in the world and you owe nothing to anyone.

Dreams with the smell of roses

To dream that you perceive the smell of roses is an announcement that doors will open to new experiences.

To dream of big roses

Reveals that a great love is blooming. Get ready maybe something new is developing, live to the fullest this new adventure.