To dream of semen represents life and fertility, but there must be conditions during the dream that really represent the good state in which the semen is, since dreaming of semen in bad condition mean that fertility and life are far from your reach.

However, behind this dream with semen there are several situations where its meaning tends to be always positive and also, it is a dream often in men who know the texture and smell that emanates from the semen at the time of ejaculation.

If you are a woman and you dream of semen, it means that you are about to plan to have a child with your partner and that although you both have fears, you want to take the next step to achieve it. However, you believe that your partner’s reaction will be negative and sometimes you prefer to hide your desires.

To dream of semen augurs fertility and although it is not related to business or good luck, it is a good time to try new things and that the results obtained are always positive, taking the appropriate precautions.


Although dreaming of semen portends fertility and life, it is not always good news for the dreamer. Sometimes, the dreamer is undergoing fertility treatments which alter his hormones and make male thinking uneasy, especially for fear of not having children.

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In other cases, when you dream of semen and you are very young, you are only afraid of the relationships that are about to come into your life. However, in this case it is appropriate to inform yourself about sexuality to eliminate the main fears.

Dreaming of a lot of semen

To dream of a lot of semen foretells anxiety in your daily routine, you want uncontrollably to solve everything quickly regardless of the consequences. You desire a partner who satisfies you sexually, but you do not want to fall in love, just sexual relations. This translates into lack of experience in relationships and fear of being alone.

Another aspect to identify when you dream of a lot of semen is its quality and smell, since if you see stains, bad smell or an aspect of infection, then it predicts that diseases will come into your life due to allergies, contagion or irritation. Take precautions and stay away from people with sickness syndromes.

Dreams with man’s semen

To dream of a man’s semen has a positive meaning and predicts that the goals you have set for yourself will soon be achieved. But, it also means that you need to have sex, because you consider that the stress you are currently feeling is due to the lack of sex. However, remember to take essential precautions to prevent any sexually transmitted diseases.

If you dreamt of man’s semen in abundance it means virility and fertility, so you are willing even to have a child soon. However, you should consider your partner’s willingness to take this big step, since you are only dreaming of male semen and the feminine state needed to procreate freely does not appear. Although it is not a sign of rejection, it does warn that both parties in the relationship must be in full agreement.

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To dream of semen on the face
To dream of semen on your face indicates sexual desire. You are going through a stage of stress that you are unable to tolerate properly, seeking in sexual activity a way to relax considerably, especially if it is with a person who releases your sexual passions. However, anxiety can generate problems in your life, so it is recommended to have a little common sense before proceeding to have sex. If you dreamed with semen on your face it only reflects your sexual fantasies and that you are with all the conditions of virility and fertility to have sex.

Dreams with semen in bed

To dream of semen in bed foretells the arrival of a new member to your family, although it does not directly mean that it is a child. Probably, the news will come that a sibling or a close relative has managed to order a child and will soon give the news to the family. With the arrival of a new member will come new challenges for everyone, but also blessings and good news, especially if it is a nephew. For couples trying to have a child, dreaming of semen in the bed foretells that fertility treatment is working and that they will soon get positive answers at the time of the respective tests.