Sex is an inherent element of our society and our lives; it is the element that allows us to prevail as a species, so it is totally normal for you to dream of having sex. As with any other kind of dream, the meaning that can be obtained from it will vary according to how it was experienced, and with whom it was lived.

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In most cases, dreaming about sex isn’t really about the sexual act. From a psychological perspective, dreaming of having sex can symbolize a fusion between some unequal aspects within you, or a subconscious need to incorporate aspects of that dream sexual partner into your person. Then you should consider who are the couple that is the protagonist of your dreams and how you feel about them in your lucid life, to determine what your dream is trying to say.

Of course, we should not forget that we never really know the meaning of dreams, as our mind reproduces a number of very different elements from each other when we sleep. And don’t feel bad: dreaming about sex is one of the most recurring dreams.

It is normal that this kind of dream gives us a little restlessness and discomfort, being a subject that despite the open awareness that we live today, is still considered to some extent a taboo subject. These night visions can guide us in our daily lives, specifically to better understand our relationships.

Generally, dreaming about sex is usually a sign that different parts of your body are in conflict with each other, and the way the dream unfolds is an allegorical representation of how the disjunctive parts of you come together to form a single concept.

Which looking superficial, can send a completely wrong message of what it really seeks to convey; and since sex is one of the elements that generate the most powerful sensations in the human body, it’s normal for your subconscious to look for you to notice those irregularities dreaming about it.



Sexual dreams are one of the dreams that most metaphors offer of situations or emotions in our daily life. Deciphering what our subconscious is trying to communicate through these sex dreams can illuminate how we actually feel about something or someone, or reveal some obstacles that are preventing us from overcoming ourselves.

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Rather than being a reference to our sexual desires and our performance in bed, it is an allegorical manifestation of the way something affects us in our environment. It is necessary to study the dream leaving aside the sexual act itself, which is not really the central focus of the dream, but the way it develops.

For some people it is difficult to accept that they have lived these kinds of dreams, without taking into consideration the series of important messages that can bring to their life, as being consciously involved in the sexual dream can serve as a guide to help you tune into your creative passion in life.

If you manage to put aside the social prejudices you may experience after having dreamed of sex, and sit down and analyze the allegorical aspects of sleep in detail, you will gain access to a part of your brain that would otherwise be impossible.

Dream of oral sex

If in your dream you experienced oral sex, either it was you who practiced it, or someone did it to you; it means you’re trying to figure out what people around you feel about you. From a spiritual perspective oral sex in dreams focuses on how we communicate. This is because the main element involved in this type of sexual act is the use of the mouth.

It can be a clear sign that you have a good indicator of competent communication skills. On the other hand, if in the dream you experienced some discomfort, this may mean that you are struggling to express yourself in your lucid life.

Dream about sex with your ex

Despite what may suggest to dream of having sex with your ex, this kind of dream is a clear indication that you have finally accepted the end of the relationship, thus succeeding in reconciling with that part of you that still held on in vain to that person.

Unconsciously, you have learned from the good and the bad of that relationship, and now you are ready to put into practice the lessons learned. The ex in the dream, rather than representing the actual staff itself, is an allegory that you are not afraid of a new relationship in which you will not repeat the same mistakes.

Dream of sex with a woman

If you’re a man, it’s perfectly normal for you to dream of having sex with a woman. Rather than being a conscious desire of man, it is a biological process, and it is that sex is one of the elements that is most present in the minds of men, as a form of preservation of the species, even more so when they are surrounded by women in their waking life.

Now, if you’re a woman, you shouldn’t start questioning your sexuality. Seeing yourself experiencing a sexual relationship with another woman in your dreams represents your feminine side, which includes your caring and nurturing skills, with which you are coming to an agreement.

Dream of sex with a friend

If in your dreams you have sex with your best friend, it doesn’t mean you have some kind of attraction for him in your waking life. Whether you are a man or a woman, dreaming of having sex with a close friend is a symbol of the importance that person has in your life, and that you really feel an enormous fear of losing it, because it is very common to associate letting yourself be carried away by lust as something that is wrong, and that will bring negative consequences in the long run.

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Dream of sex with someone

The dream in which you have sex with someone is the one that is most inclined and that actually does reflect a concrete sexual desire. You may be experiencing some kind of repressed sexual frustration right now, either because you don’t have an active sex life, or because the relationship you currently maintain doesn’t fully satisfy you. For this reason, you need to put aside prejudices, and think of your own pleasure; don’t be afraid to give your relationship a little time and think of your own satisfaction.

Dream of sex with a friend

One of the dreams that causes the most repulsion and to some extent horror is to dream of having sex with your best friend. If you’re a straight woman or a man, it’s no sign you’re seeing your best friend with other eyes. In both cases, it is a clear reflection of the level of closeness you feel for her, in the most innocent sense of the word, and that this girl possesses traits that you would wish to be part of your own personality.

There is a type of attraction called “proximity attraction”, in which affection tends to be confused with desire. If you have clearly defined boundaries, you don’t have to fall into the error of feeling this desire in your lucid life.

Dream about sex with your partner

Obviously, it’s perfectly normal to dream that you make love to your partner. It’s who you support all your trust, who’s there at all times and one of the most important people in your life. If you recently dreamt that you made love with your partner, it is a very good indication, as it means that you are at a very solid point in your relationship.

You have managed to accept your partner as he is, and you are more aware than ever of his qualities. If it turns out that at the moment they are not in the best terms, this dream represents the frustration that you feel inside of being able to clarify everything, and that you are refraining from fully expressing your feelings.

Dream of gay sex

If you’re a straight person, you have nothing to worry about. Having homosexual relationships in your dreams is not synonymous with being homosexual or having homosexual desires. On the contrary, it is a very good indication that you are learning to love and accept yourself as you are, leaving behind that banal concern for the minimum physical defects you may possess.

Through this dream, you are succeeding in merging or incorporating new aspects into your personality that make you a better person. It’s normal for you to get a little bit curious about what it will feel like to have sex with someone of the same sex, you don’t have to worry about it. Rather, through this dream you can grow up and learn to balance your emotions in your lucid life.


Dream of sex with another woman

If you are a man, you are currently in a relationship and dream that you made love to another woman, does not mean that you are willing to cheat on your partner. In reality, in most cases it is an esoteric representation of the fear that you feel that infidelity will become present in your relationship, either on your part or that of your partner.

It is not a premonition, or something that is going to happen in the future, but at this moment there are latent in you a series of inner insecurities and anxieties that, if you fail to control in time, could bring you real problems in the long run, such as sick jealousy and pointless discussions. If you are with a person, you must accept them and trust them fully, as it does you no good to assume the worst, so you cannot live fully.

Dream of sex with Stranger

If you recently dreamed that you were having sex with a stranger, it doesn’t mean that in the near future you will get uninhibited and sleep with anyone who gets in your way. In reality, that stranger of your dreams symbolizes that a new you is emerging thanks to various changes you are experiencing recently. In addition, it means that you will leave aside the doubts and you open up and you’ll get new challenges and new opportunities that will arise from now on.

Dream of sex with sister

As strange as it may seem, dreaming of having sex with your sister doesn’t have to alarm you. It doesn’t mean that you’re having incestuous desires for your sister, or that you’ve stopped seeing her as a relative and started seeing her as a woman. Actually, this means you’re attracted to a person you know you shouldn’t, and she’s not exactly your sister.

For example, you may be married, and you may find a co-worker attractive enough to wake up your male side. However, you consciously know that it is not right to feel this kind of desire, so your brain externalizes this clash between your rejection and latent desire, placing that woman who attracts you to your sister’s face in dreams.

Dreaming of sex with a relative

If you have never been the victim of an incestuous situation in your waking life, it is one of the most worrying sex-related dreams, because more than being a dream, it is a nightmare. But don’t be alarmed: it is not a synonym of that you’re suffering from some kind of imbalance or something similar, but it is related to hardships of your life, or past trauma that you’ve buried inside you, you don’t have to be related to the sex necessarily.

In this case, I recommend that you contact some professional in the matter, as there are some elements in your life strongly buried that will not be able to emerge on their own, and that if you do not manage to dispel will be able to bring you difficulties in the long run.