It’s normal that after watching Steven Spielberg’s shark movie, or some documentary about these sea creatures, you get to dream about sharks. Likewise, it is completely normal that after enjoying an interesting day in the aquarium or visiting a zoo, you experience a similar dream experience. In the same order, going fishing or seeing magazines about sea creatures can induce you to have dreams about sharks. If so, don’t worry, it is not necessary to go to an oneiric interpretation because you have been in contact with these creatures in the real world.

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Video about Dreaming of sharks

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However, if you live this dream experience spontaneously, then you need to know the message that your subconscious seeks to convey to you. You don’t have to do much to discover the meaning, here we show you the general interpretations of dreaming about sharks.

However, you must keep in mind that it is not the same to dream that a shark attacks you to dream of a dead shark. Likewise, the meaning changes if it is free at sea or in a swimming pool. Don’t forget that the size of the shark also influences the meaning of sleep. Keep in mind all the details of your dream so you can find a precise interpretation.

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Generally, dreaming of a shark is closely related to a discomfort or distress that affects you in real life because of a specific situation. You’re probably going through a hard time in your life. From another perspective, onirology experts indicate that sleep is caused by the fear you feel toward a person. There’s probably an enemy who intimidates you. Perhaps there is a relative who has imposed his superiority by applying punishment. Whatever the case, you can come to have these dreams for the undeserved respect you give them.

On the other hand, if you are the shark that swims and goes after its prey, this indicates that you are a person with a strong personality, robust and persistent to achieve your goals. You don’t stop until you’ve fulfilled what you’ve set out to do. The path you take will lead to success. Maybe you haven’t noticed, but you’re one of the big fish in the ocean of life.



Among the meanings of dreaming about sharks, in the general sense, this dream experience speaks about your sense of anger and aggressive personality. At every moment you feel distrustful and threatened by all those close to you. That’s why you’re looking to defend yourself like you’re a shark. This is a matter of survival. Dreaming about sharks reveals violent feelings you’ve shown in real life.

Dreams with sharks talk about anger, anger, hostility, ferocity or cruelty. This is an oneiric experience that tells you that you are going through an extensive process of emotional confusion. To dream that you are attacked by a shark indicates that there is a situation that worries you and doesn’t let you sleep at night.

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The meaning of dreaming about sharks can be inclined to the pain that you are in this moment of your life in which you have this dream experience. There are a lot of emotional problems stalking you and they keep you from leaving the past behind so you can continue. Sharks can also be a reference to primitive desires that can cause emotional disorders unless you can control and suppress them with your intellect.

Dream of sharks attacking someone else

Dreaming of sharks attacking someone else indicates that someone very close to you is planning to take action against you. It is vital that you remain alert at all times so that you cannot fall into his trap and end up in trouble.

Dream of dead sharks

Dreaming about dead sharks talks about the arrival of a season for your life full of success and lots of positive things. You will overcome every obstacle that comes to you thanks to your positivism.

Dream of sharks at sea

Dreaming about sharks at sea is the way your subconscious reveals that you’re going through a storm of trouble and you shouldn’t trust anyone if you want to get out unscathed. Seeing in dreams that sharks swim freely in the sea talks about various situations that will confuse you and make you feel fear. You will probably be forced to make certain decisions that require an unwanted sacrifice, but you will have to be strong and do so in order to succeed.

Dream of sharks in a pool

Dreaming about sharks in a pool talks about the presence of enemies waiting for the perfect time to attack you. They wait patiently for you to be totally relaxed and right at that moment to launch a fierce attack that can leave you out of the game. Your enemies are smart, be smarter than them.

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Dream of sharks attacking

Dreaming of sharks that attack but do not kill you indicates that your life will come with significant and positive changes. It will all begin with new projects in which you will achieve the success you have planned. Keep focus and perseverance.

Dream of sharks in clear waters

Dreaming about sharks in clear waters is a dream experience of good omen. You will succeed in business and in your projects. However, you must be very cautious about the people around you as some of them will try to put obstacles in their way to prevent you from achieving success.

Dream of sharks in dirty water

In contrast to the previous Dream, dreaming of sharks in dirty water indicates that, in addition to enemies around you trying to make you fail, your mind is cloudy and you cannot be cautious. It’s time to eliminate those bad thoughts and focus on what you’re doing. Your enemies will have no mercy on you, so wake up and concentrate on what you must do.


  • Dreaming about baby sharks talks about your love of life, no matter what species it is. Probably right now you want to have a child with your partner or are already experiencing pregnancy, which makes you live this dream experience.