Wild sheep or domestic sheep are ruminant mammals that are generally kept as livestock. The female is often the one given this name, and the male is a ram. However, the young are called lambs. So if you’ve been dreaming about sheep, get ready for an exciting family life in the days ahead.

According to history, these animals were the first to be domesticated for agricultural purposes, especially for their meat, milk and wool. Sheep wool is a highly prized and valued material that is collected by shearing them. However, on a oneiric level, dreams with sheep speak of happiness if they are full of their wool. But of scarcity, if they do not have it.

If in your dream you see a sheep without wool, it suggests that it will be difficult to find happiness in life. Your efforts in work life will be much more successful if you repair any mistakes that have gone wrong. This dream may also mean that you may have to face your friction with someone close to you to clear up any misunderstandings.


Sheep do not appear in dreams often. A sheep as a symbol indicates joy, prosperity and happiness. Sheep in the dream world can sometimes indicate children coming into your family very soon. Dreams about these animals could also mean that you are being pressured by someone. Or that you don’t have the freedom to think for yourself.

Having a dream vision with sheep refers to fear of not fulfilling your duties. And in some cases, it could indicate that someone is using and manipulating you. Also, seeing this animal in your dreams could denote feeling bad about having to obey other people’s orders. Sometimes, it symbolizes people in your life that you are directing who you are telling what to do. However, we can analyze this vision in another way if we take into account other elements below.

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Dreaming of black sheep

Although the general meaning of sheep is related to comfort, blessings and everything positive, dreaming of a black one means the opposite. What keeps you awake at night? Do you have any pangs of conscience? Your dream reveals that you might feel bad about something you did.

To see a black sheep in a dream also symbolizes temptation and greed, as well as denoting hidden opinions. Think about who you consider to be the black sheep in your family or friendships – is it you? If so, this dream could be a message to deal with it. If you dreamed of a flock it may indicate that someone in your circle of friends and acquaintances, or more than one person, has in mind to harm you in some way.

Dreaming of white sheep

If you dreamed of sheep completely white, this is a good symbol. For it often heralds the birth of a child. You could receive the news that someone close to you will have a baby or it could be yours. In another context, if you dream of these animals it foretells a journey during which you will suffer a loss.

Similarly, a dream where you see white sheep could be a sign of harmony and joy in life. This dream is also a symbol of loyalty and true friendship. If you dreamed of a white sheep and it was watching you, that dream could indicate that some of your friends are completely devoted and loyal to you.

Dreaming of sheep attacking

Dreams of sheep attacking suggest that your employees or someone in your team will rebel against you. Perhaps you have been too hard on them and now they are fighting back. Try to relax a little and be more supportive of your subordinates to avoid possible conflict. If you also get bitten by sheep in the dream, it suggests that those people are intentionally hurting the business because of your poor treatment of them.

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If you dreamed of being bitten by many sheep, it suggests that the flock is becoming aggressive. You follow orders given to you by others, without questioning anything. This could be because perhaps someone in your family or organization is forcing you to follow certain rules or orders that don’t make sense. And furthermore, you are unconsciously resisting the request.

Dreaming of dead sheep

To see dead sheep while you are dreaming suggests a period of worry according to dream experts. In life, we sometimes worry about things we don’t need to. If you notice blood on the white of the sheep, expect it from a relative or close family member in the near future. If there was no blood, someone you know may be betrayed, but that someone is not so close to you could be, for example, a co-worker.

If you dreamed of seeing a dead sheep it is generally not a good sign. It could indicate that you will experience difficulties and challenges that you will have to overcome on your own, as there will be no one to help you. Or it could be a warning of problems that you will not be able to solve at all, which will cause in you great disappointment and pain.

Dreaming of baby sheep

To dream of baby sheep is a symbol of something extremely lasting. They are the harbinger of health, purity, spirituality and innocence. These offspring represent the purity of your soul, even if you sometimes enjoy bullying with your strong attitude. Deep down you are softer than absorbent cotton. Baby sheep also imply that you always trust the wrong people.

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Dreaming of brown sheep

Brown sheep in dreams generally suggest that you have a supportive relationship, you have an intimate connection with a loved one and it is important that you care for and maintain it in the right way. In another context, these brown animals mean that your plans need to be reconsidered, you may want to achieve something dishonestly.

Dreaming of colored sheep

Those who dream of colored sheep will have to choose between good and bad. Perhaps your friends will have a fight and each of them will incline you to their position, as the only one who is right and in the right. But it is up to you to discern between choosing sides or resolving the problem and restoring the friendship. It is a warning to be equitable and fair.

Dreaming of fat sheep

Having a dream vision with fat sheep, which also have a big belly and a lot of wool is a symbol of receiving a sudden inheritance. If you happened to be petting one of them, you can expect a valuable gift in the distant future. Regardless of whether you touched them or not, this symbol denotes money and fortune or a good financial situation.

Dreaming of Sheep Giving Birth

If you dreamt of sheep giving birth or even helping them to give birth, it is usually a bad sign, especially if you have children. Possibly they could cause you some problems, getting involved in unpleasant situations. If you don’t have children, this dream could indicate that someone younger than you, such as a friend, niece, colleague, neighbor, etc., might do something to upset you.

Dreaming of tied sheep

If you dreamed of sheep being tied up, this dream is not a good sign. It could indicate that you are using someone close to you or that a person you love is using you in some way. Perhaps someone is manipulating you to perform their duties and you do so without objection.