Many people believe that their dreams are caused by events during the day. However, this is not the case. Dreams are usually messages from your subconscious that you have to pay attention to, so dreaming about shoes shouldn’t be a stranger to you. This dream is very related to your attitude in the face of adversities that you can live daily.

However, this dream experience happens to be more frequent than you imagine and, believe it or not, there are many people who have a passion for shoes and slippers. You will find it very interesting to discover that many consider the shoe as a sensual object, even including it in their sexual fantasies.

If you want to discover the true interpretation of dreaming about shoes, it is vital that you pay attention to the state of the shoes, what type of shoes it is, what their colors are and some other characteristics. Since it’s not the same to dream of new shoes as to dream of worn shoes. Both dreams have different meaning, just as in the dream shoes are women’s, men’s or babies ‘ shoes; they are flat or high heels.

It can occur that during the development of your oneiric experience you get to dream that you change your shoes, this means that you are willing to give you a change to your attitude or behavior towards certain people or certain attitudes you take on a daily basis. All the details of the shoes that appear in your dreams must be taken into account when searching for the interpretation to know what it means to dream of shoes.

In general, this is a dream that represents the way in which you deal with everyday situations, what is your attitude towards those situations. According to the details of the shoes, you will have different meanings.



If during your dream experience you see worn shoes or worn shoes, you should know that this is a sign that you are aware that all the effort you are applying right now will help you in the long or medium term to achieve all your goals. On the other hand, it’s important that you know that old shoes or slippers in your dreams are seen as a sign of weakness, you may be afraid of someone or something.

Another meaning that is often given to this dream is a memory of the past that does not leave you alone, you may still remember that boyfriend or that great friend with whom you have recently ended your relationship.

Throughout the dream there can be an opportunity to dream of forgetting shoes, this means that you intend to put aside certain prejudices in front of some people, to follow your path without any prejudice to anyone. You can also dream of losing your shoes; this indicates that you are at a time in your life where you are lost and you must find yourself, take your time and analyze your situation in detail to find the best way forward.

On the other hand, dreaming about not wearing shoes has a close relationship with self-esteem problems and little self-confidence to achieve the goals. You will need to think about your goals in life and strive to achieve them by helping you with your own virtues and qualities. Strangely you can dream of wooden shoes, this is a dream of bad omen that denotes your partner’s infidelity or future loneliness.

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Dream of new shoes

Dreaming about new shoes is an oneiric experience that has fewer positive interpretations than you can think. This is a sign that you will go through many adversities before you succeed. On the other hand, dreaming that they admire your new shoes tells you to be careful with new friends, especially when it comes to someone of the opposite sex. His approach with unusual familiarity is a reflection of his flattering hypocrisy.


  • Dreaming that you don’t wear shoes is an Dream experience that denotes low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence. You must focus your life on the goals for which you know you can achieve. Other meanings are hardship, poverty, lack of mobility and misunderstandings.
  • To dream that I wear inappropriate shoes can be interpreted as meaning that your goals in life will have a high cost to reach them, for not preparing you properly. It may also indicate that you have given your life a wrong approach and you should rethink your goal.
  • Dreaming of baby shoes is a symbol of purity, vulnerability, innocence, tenderness and desire to love. If the dream occurs while waiting for the arrival of a baby, then it means that the birth of the baby forces you to take root and take care of your responsibilities.
  • To dream that you lose your shoes is a clear sign that you are looking for yourself, you analyze yourself constantly to know who you really are.
  • Dreaming of tight shoes is not a dream experience of good omen. This is a sign that you will go through a period of bad luck with money, love and also have a lot of problems.
  • Dreaming of high heels, especially if you are a woman, indicates that you will receive many compliments and admiration because of your feminine qualities. On the other hand, dreaming that a shoe’s heel is broken is a bad omen that indicates problems with authority that can even bring you to justice.
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