To dream of shooting is an adrenaline dream. Guns have existed since the beginning of history. There is no civilization that did not use them for some kind of self-benefit or in order to cause harm. Biblically, the first weapon used to kill was a stone, while spears are considered the first weapons in history.

If you have been mugged or involved in shootings in the past, it is likely that you dream of shooting frequently. This is a consequence of experience and the levels of fear that can become scarred in a person. However, after some time from the experience you may find that dreams of shooting deliver a message.

Now, if you have never lived the experience of being in the middle of shooting and you dream of shooting, there is a hidden message in this situation that seeks to send you a signal about your current life. In some cases it will be positive, while in others it warns of real threats, especially when you fear for your family’s economic and financial stability.


The meaning of dreaming of shooting is related to fear and ambition. It is likely that you are going through a stage where any decision can cause you harm, while you try to see how to find the greatest benefits for yourself. In contrast, not all dreams with gunshots have this meaning.

To find the true meaning of dreams with shooting it is necessary to detail the motive and if the intention was to hurt, scare or kill another person. In addition, it influences the type of weapon you are using to commit this act, while in other cases it reflects the fear even of weapons.

Dreaming of shooting someone

To have a dream vision of shooting someone is an omen of fragility. You are not ready to take on new responsibilities and you are affected by the opinion of others. You are trying to protect yourself and your entire family, but you are allowing others to walk all over you. Don’t forget that submission ends with people’s dreams, so you should pay attention to this dream vision.

Usually, if you dream of shooting someone it means dissatisfaction with your environment. You have high levels of stress and what is around you really bothers you, so you prefer to stay away and live a little hidden from society. This is a behavior that does not generate profits for you, so you should try to change your thoughts.

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Dreams about shooting in the head

If you dreamed of shooting someone in the head, it means that he or she is trying to transform you into a negative person. You should be attentive to your surroundings and not trust friends who always try to give you advice that leads nowhere. Sometimes they are vague advice, from people who are not role models and who even have bigger problems than you.

If you dream of shooting yourself in the head or taking aim, it means that moments of anguish and problems that seem to have no solution are coming. If you are not at this stage, stay out of trouble and always advance work so that you are up to date and never have setbacks or delays. It is important to be prepared.

Dreaming of shooting someone and killing them

If you dream of shooting someone and killing them you are worried about your own future. You believe that you are in a period of bad luck and all projects turn out contrary to what you think. In addition, you are always blaming others for your misfortunes, when inside you know that you are the only one responsible for the current situation you are living.

However, dreams of shooting and killing someone indicate rebirth. This bad stage has already taken shape and you know the causes, it is time to start building something to stop it and that starts by taking responsibility for yourself. You must move away from your comfort zone and take on new challenges for your life.

Dreams of shooting guns

Dreams of shooting guns signify trouble and complications. There is a belief that these are common dreams because they are related to movies or series that you watch during the day, however, these images are interpreted as a solution to problems in your environment. These dreams of shooting guns generate bad luck, since you are trying to kill something that has life.

Constantly dreaming of shooting guns is also a sign of frustration and distress. You do not find the right way to solve your conflicts and you prefer to hide defensively while waiting for the problems to be magically solved.

To dream of firing a rifle

To dream of firing a rifle foretells envy and enmity. Your successes began to arouse the envy of other people. You are in a stage where you are observed by many and you only awaken bad curiosity and mixed feelings. Pay attention to your surroundings, especially to the people who are always camping you everywhere.

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However, you should perform a self-analysis, since a dream about shooting a rifle can be interpreted as bad behavior. That is, you are a person with a high ego and your comments are affecting the morale of other people, causing them to arouse envy and hatred towards you.

Dreams about shooting a criminal

If you dreamed shooting a criminal it means that he is trying to solve his problems. You are tired of the current situation and prefer to start to get away from the problems, this makes you look for a way to solve it quickly, so you prefer to confront that person.

If during the dream with shooting a criminal you were aggressive, it means that you know the root of the problem and it involves people you know, especially if these problems affect the stability of your family. This makes you an emotionally unstable person, so you want to end this nightmare come true.

Dreaming of shooting shotgun

A dream vision with shooting shotgun foretells that you are trying to reach something in front of your eyes. It is a dream where you require precision and control of the weapon in order to reach your target, which translates to real life as a desperate attempt to achieve a goal no matter how hard you have to try. However, dreams with shotguns warn of legal problems, so you must be vigilant that your decisions are not unfair and are based on legality.

To dream of shooting shotguns foretells patience and if you have projects or messages to receive, it is likely that you will want to take some time to properly analyze your next steps. Hasty decisions are not the best option at this time.

Dreams about shooting arrows

If you dream of shooting arrows, opportunities are coming your way. Shooting arrows requires talent and a lot of discipline, as well as understanding many environmental factors to hit the target. This is interpreted as the preparation a man has to face any situation that comes his way and the rewards he receives as a result of his behavior.

To dream of shooting arrows is a good omen, therefore, it is time to look for a new job, look for a partner or define your next trip. However, remember that you must analyze each step you are going to make, so that the choice hits the target.

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To dream of firing a gun

To dream that you fire a gun announces amorous passions. You find yourself with the need to look for a new love or feelings of passion that have remained hidden for a while. Impotence and loneliness are behind you, it is time to improve your sentimental relationships and you have already found the perfect partner for this. Remember to keep calm, because dreaming of this weapon portends frustrations, so you can warn that the love relationship may end in trouble.

To dream of shooting a woman

To dream of shooting a woman foretells infidelity. You are in a stage where relationships are not what you expected and you are also aggressive with your partner, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman. As a result of these conflicts, your partner is looking for a way to get rid of you, so he/she prefers to look for other companies. If you dream of shooting a woman you know, it means that you are the one who will commit infidelity and you will feel great remorse for that.

Dreams of shooting my brother

Contrary to what the title of the dream may mean, if you have a dream vision shooting your brother it portends good times. You wish to see him again and it bothers you that they stay away all the time. You will look for a way to be able to spend some vacation time in the company of your brother.

To dream of firing a cannon

If you dreamed of firing a cannon it means conflict resolution. You recognize the main conflicts around you and you have found the solution. You will be ready to face the situation through actions that will give you new opportunities and the experience not to make the same mistakes.

Dreams about shooting a relative

Dreams where you shoot a relative indicate lack of protection. You feel a little distant from your family and the protection they provide you. At this time you want to return to the past where everyone grew up in the same place, so you prefer to spend time with your family, rather than wasting it on bad habits.