To dream of skating has several meanings. One of the many interpretations of this dream is that, the person is going through changes in his life and, that he will soon obtain good results for the efforts made.

This dream can be interpreted as the desire to practice skating. It also reflects the personality and the attitudes that the dreamer takes to solve problems in his daily life. To dream of skating announces good news in the work and family environment.

Skating in dreams represents the balance that is taken in life. It shows how the person strives every day to create a better future where he/she achieves well-being and success. The meanings of these dreams will also depend especially on the place where the dream takes place.

If you dream that you are skating, it is most likely that the dreamer is someone who is self-confident and always makes good decisions. These dreams in turn indicate the coming in of money, as well as luck in the realization and completion of work and family projects. To dream of skating is a sign of confidence and dependence.



The dream experiences in which you find yourself skating indicate the great effort that the dreamer is making to solve problems, which are trying to prevent you from achieving your goals. These problems, despite their difficulty, will be solved and will bring prosperity and joy. To dream of skateboarding represents the desire to learn a new sport, although this dream can also be considered as a warning to be careful with the people around you.

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It represents mental and emotional balance. If in the dream the person skates easily and without much effort, it means that he/she feels full and very happy. However, if skating in the dream becomes complicated it can announce that the person is not ready to take on new challenges. Dreams where you skate may also indicate that you are a dependent person and that you take into account the opinions of others over your own.

Dreaming of ice skating

To dream of skating on ice has different interpretations. Among them is the existence of people very close to you who want to hurt you and ruin all the plans and projects you have in mind. This dream experience also means that you must learn to be a determined person to achieve success in the future by taking risks and trying new things.

Likewise, they reflect part of your personality, they show how past experiences have left a mark in your life and do not let you move forward. You cling to the past and that does not allow you to develop socially.

Dreaming of skating without skates

These dreams have a positive meaning, they usually announce the skills that the person will have to solve upcoming problems. They indicate adventures, projects and job opportunities.

To dream of skating downhill

To dream that you are skating downhill means the fear that you have for living new experiences. If in the dream you are going at a high speed, it means that you are not doing things right, that you are making hasty decisions and that these will only bring consequences.

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Dreaming of skating on water

This dream represents that no obstacle in your life is impossible to overcome. To have dreams of skating on water indicates the strength and discipline that the dreamer has to carry out work and accomplish all his goals.

To dream of skating on the street

This dream usually represents freedom. The person who has dream experiences skating easily in the streets represents the independence and freedom that he/she is currently living.

Dreaming of roller skating

To dream of skating on wheels means that the projects that the dreamer is carrying out are going well. They also usually mean that you have great aspirations for the future.

To dream of skating on asphalt

Dreams concerning skating on asphalt mean that the person has clear and solid opinions. They represent a very strong and bold personality when it comes to resolving conflicts.

Dreaming of skating on snow

The dream experiences where we find ourselves skating on snow represent the dreams and ambitions we have. This dream refers to the desire to experience new things, leaving aside everything that disturbs us.

Dreaming of skating on the road

These dream experiences usually indicate that the person is in a difficult moment in his or her life. In turn, dreaming of skating on the road means that you still have a long way to go to achieve success.

Dreaming of skating in the air

To dream of skating in the air means freedom and desire to accomplish proposed goals. The person who dreams of this feels independent and does not allow bad vibes in his life.

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To dream of skating at night

When the person dreams of skating at night, it means prosperity and tranquility. Sometimes when the night is very dark, it indicates the announcement of conflicts and worries.

Dreaming of skating at work

These dreams can announce professional changes, they can be both positive and negative. In some cases it translates as upcoming layoffs or new job offers.