Dreaming about slippers has several meanings between positive and negative. There are many ways to interpret dreams with slippers, but you must look at the details if you want to find a real answer. The keys lie in the condition of the slippers and the color you dreamt them in.

Each color has a different meaning and especially if they were new or broken. However, historically, slippers have had a meaning related to your roads to be traveled or battles to be fought. Shoes are used to start walking, not to rest or stay in one place.

Often, they interpret dreams with slippers in the wrong way, since they only notice that they start a new path, but do not explain the possible problems or fortunes they will have when starting it. Dreams with slippers are very old and although they have changed their name as humanity evolves, their esoteric meaning has been maintained over time.


As I mentioned, a dream with slippers signifies the beginning of a new path. It is a journey charged with new energies, but these energies can be positive or absorbed by someone. Normally, you are able to identify the color and the state of your slippers, therefore, this will be indispensable to achieve a correct interpretation of the dream.

It is worth noting that your emotions are also part of this dream. Every moment of your life will be full of emotions, but you can always start again. Here are the different meanings of dreaming about slippers.

Dreaming of white slippers

Dreams with white slippers portend the beginning of the road to love and harmony. You probably reached the stage of sentimental maturity and you think it is time to start a new relationship or formalize with your current partner. It is a time when you have mixed feelings between making the right choice and preparing a life with someone new.

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However, if in your case you have relationship problems and you dream of white slippers, then it is indicating that it is time to repair your relationship. However, this does not mean that you should go back to their side or reconcile, it means that you should choose what is right for both of you and move away from each other if you think it is the right thing for both of you. Now, if you dream seeing white slippers it means that your life is starting to make sense, but you are not yet ready for responsibilities. You must get all your affairs in order and then organize your feelings and emotions.

Dreams with new slippers

A dream with new slippers indicates a new beginning. It is the perfect opportunity to give yourself some time alone or away from your social environment. It is not about falling into depression and distress, it is about convincing yourself that you are someone positive in search of new strengths for your life.

If you dream that you get a new pair of slippers, it means that someone is interested in you being a great person and will give you all their support. When you wake up, it is very likely that you will know who that helping hand is. If you don’t have it, just wait for the moment to get the help you need so much. However, not everything is sadness and being in a very low energy situation. If you are in your prime and you have a dream with new slippers, it means that your life has just evolved to a level that you once imagined, but did not believe. It is a time to take advantage of all the new opportunities.

Dreaming of broken slippers

A dream with broken slippers means that something important has come to an end, usually related to your partner or an important friendship. The path you now took is not similar to the one they want to have and therefore, they do not wish to accompany you. If you insist on continuing by their side, you will end up breaking everything in your life and in that person’s life.

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When you dream of broken slippers, take responsibility and end what is no longer working or has started to have problems. You are both tired of the situation and it will take you a long time to try to change the way you behave.

Dreams with black slippers

Did you dream of black slippers? You probably have a life full of resentment and a feeling that something bad is about to happen. Some people associate this dream with attending a funeral, but this is not the case, it is simply an internal feeling of pain or anguish over something that has always bothered you. Dreams with black slippers warn you of a forced change in you, so as not to continue with the same problems and resentments. This is only intoxicating your body and absorbing the few energies you keep in your life. It is time for a radical change.

Dreams with used slippers

If you dreamed of used slippers it means that you must repair something old in your life, whether it is a problem, an unfavorable situation or a relationship that ended badly. If the slippers were in bad condition then it is related to relationship problems and the perception that other people may have about you. It is a time when many things worry you, but you think the time has come to take the next step and get away from these thoughts.

Dreaming of sneakers

When you dream of sneakers focus on eliminating old problems. It is the opportunity to show that you are someone mature and with all the qualities to be a professional. It is the time to start solving old sentimental problems, debts or discussions that got out of control. It is a good time to apologize.

Dreams about buying slippers

To dream of buying sneakers means that you should start a new project or undertaking no matter what fears you currently have. It is normal to feel uneasy, but this cannot continue to cause delays in your life. It is important that everything is part of the positive change, but always with the intention of progressing surely, since it is not about blindly risking to lose all your money.

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Dreaming of blue slippers

If you dreamed of blue slippers you feel satisfied in your life, you take things calmly and always try to improve your environment. It is a search for peace, tranquility and many good deeds. Always show yourself cheerful in front of others and don’t let them invade your positivity with excuses and tragedies. You are part of something big.

Dreams with ballet slippers

To dream of ballet slippers means that you are seeking emotional balance in your life. It is a dream that portends harmony in your life, especially if you dreamed you had ballet slippers on, suggesting that you understand what emotional balance is based on and the advantages of being part of something spiritual. It is a time to be in harmony, to reconcile and to take advantage of the spaces of life that other people interested in meeting you have for you.


  • To dream of very high heeled slippers means that you will soon meet a new person in your life, who will bring new experiences and emotions.
  • To dream of very worn out slippers means that you are about to meet a new love in your life.
  • A dream of baby slippers indicates the arrival of a new baby or the desire to start a larger family.
  • To dream of seeing yourself in a shoe store means that you are about to receive unexpected money or improve your economic conditions.
  • To dream without slippers means that you are approaching difficult times to overcome, but with a lot of patience and strength you will reach the end of the road.
  • To dream of other people’s slippers means that you understand other people’s problems and do what is necessary for them to overcome their obstacles.
  • To dream that you have dirty slippers means that you are insecure and have many doubts about your present, which involves your partner, work or education.