One of the biggest vices known is smoking. Millions of people in the world are victims of this vice and many have died because of its consequences. Fortunately, many others tend to leave it on time. Although it may seem strange, it is very peculiar to dream of smoking. This is an oneiric experience that reveals the presence of very relevant changes and that you will find it very interesting to discover them. Dreaming of smoking is a warning from your subconscious about events important to your life. It is a premonitory dream with various negative interpretations.

Nowadays it’s very bad-looking for people to smoke. However, depending on the context of your dream experience, dreaming about smoking can talk about the fact that you’re hiding something in your life. It can also be the way your subconscious tells you that you think you’re capable of challenging others or that you’re a person capable of achieving your dreams.

You don’t have to be a smoker to have these kind of dreams. Many have lived this dream experience without even having a cigar in their entire life, so don’t be afraid of it. On the other hand, those who are leaving the habit of smoking behind tend to have more dreams smoking. Similarly, those who lack initiative tend to have this kind of Dream. Dreams, although they may seem mysterious, reveal many answers that can get you out of doubt once you know their interpretation.

The meaning of dreaming about smoking reveals your insecurity. You are a person with too many doubts and you become too complicated to achieve your goals. In the same way, it can be interpreted as the incursion into a season where you will face problems in the economic and personal sphere, so you will have to find a balance point to improve your situation.



Many onirology experts say that dreaming about smoking talks about your dependence on others or your lack of freedom to decide for yourself. This is a very recurring dream in those who have a lack of security and low self-esteem. Just think about how real-life smokers need to light a cigarette and heat it several times to be able to decide a matter or take the initiative in a situation. In the dream world, vices represent fragile and vulnerable personalities.

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The idea of knowing the meaning of Dreaming by smoking is not that you feel identified with the interpretations we have shown you so far. These are completely subjective. To achieve a precise interpretation of your dream, you must know every detail of the dream and understand your personal circumstances. Therefore, you will understand that it does not have the same meaning to dream of smoking a cigarette when you are trying to stop this Vice (which means lack of courage and will) to dream of smoking because you want to reconcile with a close person.


  • Dreaming of a cigar in your hand reveals that you are going through a very strong insecurity. You can’t afford to fall, otherwise you have to realize you’re doing it. Don’t be afraid to hesitate, things will happen step by step. Think cold-headed before you make a decision.
  • Dreaming of seeing a person smoke indicates that you have certain doubts about your behavior towards other people. In social terms, this dream experience is focused from a different perspective so that you can realize the trials you are going through, but you must learn from them if you want to move forward in life.
  • Dreaming of seeing a family member smoking is the way your subconscious tells you that you have doubts and uncertainties that can complicate your life. Specifically, talk about fears for loved ones, which prevent you from making all those important changes in your life.