In the dream world it is very common for you to come across various animals, one of the most frequent being snakes. Dreaming about snakes tends to arouse contradictory feelings in people, but on the other hand it also leads them to a state of alert which is often mixed with some fascination, fear or repulsion. Similarly, there are people who are phobic about snakes so they can’t even see them, while others are so attracted to this animal that they get to adopt them as pets.

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Although, from an objective perspective, the serpent is a dangerous animal, however, it is almost impossible to deny that this creature holds a peculiar mysticism. That’s why seeing a snake in your dreams can cause great fear and much panic.

There are many reasons for you to feel that way, especially because this animal, however small is, can end your life. When a serpent is shown in an oneiric vision, you must know that there is a power-laden and multifaceted symbolism, which brings with it a lot of meanings.

It is very likely that, if during this week you have had a close encounter with snakes, whether real or virtual (television, Internet, among others), you will find them once you close your eyes, especially if you fear these creatures. It is not necessary that you give much thought to this dream because it is a remembrance expressed by your subconscious.

On the other hand, if you have not experienced any situation with these creatures and do not suffer from any phobia towards these creatures, then pay attention as you need to find out what your meaning of dreaming about snakes is.

It is normal that when you dream of animals such as rats, spiders or snakes, you feel some rejection, but these dreams are not always interpreted negatively. As for snakes, their appearance in dreams can have different interpretations. Various experts in onirology point out that dreams with snakes in general speak of deceit and betrayal.

On the other hand, the Christian Society accuses the serpent with a negative meaning since in the story of Adam and Eve it was he who deceived them to disobey God.



There are many meanings of dreaming about snakes, which in the first instance usually speak of negative events such as problems, conflicts, fears, gossip worries, betrayals, death, ambitions, obsessive sex and serious diseases. Snakes are the complete representation of evil, foreshadowing the presence of evil and demons around you. That’s why you usually wake up restless and disturbed after dreaming about snakes.

In case your dreams with snakes are frequent, you should take into account the possibility of starting relaxing activities that allow you to achieve serenity so that you can solve your problems.

However, not all dream experiences with snakes often portray negative events. For example, when you dream of killing a snake, it is a sign that you manage to solve a conflict and, dreaming of hunting a snake tells you that soon a new business or job opportunities will come to you.

Similarly, dreaming of selling snake skins is related to personal vanity and your incessant taste for fashion and desire to stand out. Seeing a snake bite you in a dream is a good omen about your finances. Finally, always bear in mind that the dream world is fascinating and mysterious, so it is often considered a bridge between the divine and the human, and also a way to portray the future.

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Dream of big snakes

The meaning of dreaming of big snakes points to the presence of fear in your life. His presence in your dream world fills you with dread and terror as you run the risk of the snake attacking you without warning. Dreaming about big snakes can also be an indication that you have a deep fear of unknown things and you will soon begin to experience certain changes in your life that you cannot control.

In case the snake only observes you, you must be careful because someone close to you seeks to plagiarize your ideas. On the other hand, if the big snake is after you, you must open your eyes and be alert as people around you will try to interfere at any cost in that good development that carries your current plans, projects and programs. They’ll try to make you look bad to people you care about or who are superior to you.

Dream of many snakes

We have already highlighted the fact that snakes in dreams are often associated with betrayals or acts of disloyalty by people close to you. Now, the interpretation of dreaming of many snakes tells you to tread carefully and be cautious, for soon there will be bad news about deceit and treachery. Likewise, it may reveal a possible death.

On the other hand, if you see a lot of snakes falling on you, then you should know that you are in the middle of a very difficult season in your life that overwhelms you with different negative situations. Besides, you don’t know where to start to fix everything. It’s time for you to talk to your close friends and trusted family members to get all the help and counseling you can get. Instead, if you dream that many snakes sting you, it means that in your life many negative or nefarious ideas and thoughts are flowing.

Dream of black snakes

Dreaming of black snakes is a warning sign that reveals to you that you will soon face various situations of danger. Bad news is coming to your life. Unfortunately you will be greatly affected, as this bad news relates to something you like very much. It may be someone close to you, your job, your health, among others. Likewise, everything will depend on what the snake does in the dream and how you feel when you watch it act.

In case you see the black snake attack you, then it’s an imminent warning that a person very close to you, someone you don’t even imagine, will soon stab you in the back. It’s time for you to be very cautious in trusting people, so you avoid being negatively surprised.

Now, if you dream the black snake bites you, it’s time for you to get a health check. This dream tells you it’s time to catch up with the doctor. You’re likely to be affected by health problems in a short time, so take a look.

Dream of colored snakes

Dreaming of colored snakes is the way your subconscious tells you that there are a number of personal situations that are getting your attention as they create different emotions in you that tend to confuse you. The reason is that they are very attractive looking and have the ability to complicate your life completely.

This dream vision can tell you about certain people or situations that give you a pretty nice first impression which then moves away from those primary expectations. Finally, this dream tells you the arrival of inconveniences, problems or changing events before which you have no idea how to deal with them or what the results of dealing with them may be.

Dream of green snakes

Dreaming of green snakes reveals to you the presence of a possible attack of betrayal by one of the people who forms your immediate circle of which you had no doubt would do that. It may seem very contradictory, but even though dreaming of green snakes can be harmful, it also tells you that you will find a sign of light. It is your time to reflect on the personal and make decisions from a perspective that you have not taken into account until now.

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Another interpretation of dreaming of green snakes tells you what you want to know about yourself and you are very anxious to reconnect with it. In addition, the green of snakes in your dreams is associated with nature and the earth, as well as the green color is a symbol of one’s emotions, feelings and hopes.

Therefore, in dreaming of a green snake, your subconscious calls you to attend to those aspects of yourself that you have neglected a little until you ignore it. Seeing green snakes in dreams indicates the arrival of a personal transformation from within, an exponential personal growth that will cause many positive changes to your life.

Dream of small snakes

Dreaming of small snakes tells you that within your inner circle of people there is a friend or family member who has begun to speak ill of you behind your back, wishing you much evil in your path. Be careful because they can be very harmful to you and put you in difficult situations.

In case the little snakes attack you, it’s time you didn’t underestimate the enemies around you. If you see snakes crawling into your home, it means that there are friends who visit you that you should not trust at all, as once you turn your back they will start criticizing you without compassion.

Dream of dead snakes

Like when you kill an enemy, dreaming of dead snakes reveals that you have managed to conquer that fear that for a long time took away your peace and sleep. Among these can be the fact that you have managed to face that person who attacks you personally, learn to say no whenever it was necessary or know how to share your thoughts to a person without fear of what it might cause.

Another meaning of dreaming about dead snakes indicates that you are becoming a much stronger person, especially if during your dream vision you appreciate more snakes or other animals such as rats, spiders or cockroaches. The point is that they must all be dead.

Dream of white snakes

Dreaming about white snakes is the way your subconscious tells you it’s very important that you learn to manage your energies. Likewise, the white serpent in your dreams tells you that changes will soon come to your life and, despite being a snake, you should not be afraid because the white is a symbol of integrity, peace, good feelings and good things.

This type of snake is very exotic, hardly found, so it is very expensive to have them as a pet. Therefore, when a white serpent appears in your dream world, it means that you will experience unique and rare moments in the coming days. Dreaming that you find a white snake and face it reveals that you will soon face an unusual event. This event can have a great influence on your life and bring about significant changes that can be both positive and negative.

Dream of killing snakes

Dreaming about killing snakes is an interesting dream experience because it announces the overcoming of personal problems. It also shows your desire to end various emotions and feelings. Likewise, dreaming of killing snakes shows you that the door has been opened in your life to move forward, you will begin to overcome the obstacles that appear in your path. In addition, dreaming that you end the life of a snake demonstrates your mastery over one’s own defects, vices, or limitations.

This dream experience is the way your subconscious tells you that you have recognized that your problems and conflicts have a solution. Dreaming that you kill snakes in general is an oneiric vision that shows your strong inner energy. Popular culture points out that killing a snake indicates that your enemies and false friendships will be exposed or confronted, although it is not a common interpretation today.

To dream that you kill a snake, but they keep appearing more indicates that you have not been able to give a definitive solution to your worries and problems. On the other hand, you may not be responding adequately to that personal problem that is causing your snake dreams. To dream that you kill snakes and eat them indicates that you have managed to get rid of this great problem that afflicted you and that you have also acquired a lot of energy to face the obstacles.

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Dream of snakes attacking you

Having dreams about snakes attacking you is an oneiric experience that shows you your great fear of a possible risk or danger situation that may arise from one moment to the next, without warning. Dreams where you see a snake attack you are often very common in people who will have to face a difficult situation in a very short time. This situation is usually quite unpleasant and cumbersome, as it can also be a challenging situation.

To dream that a snake approaches you and attacks you is a clear symbol that in a short time you will suffer a great attack from your enemies. In case you see that the snake rolls around your neck during sleep, you should know that there is a lot of intrigue and doubt in your life and, in some cases, it means that the problems you have are your own fault.

Dream of snakes in the water

Dreaming of snakes in the water reveals that something negative is about to alter all your peace. In case the snake does not inspire fear, then you must know that you are a very calm and serene person. Dreaming about snakes in the water and being afraid to see them is a clear sign that there are threats or disturbances that are affecting your personal tranquility.

In case the snake in the water is black or poisonous, this indicates that there are negative thoughts or sensations that are seeking to contaminate your mind.

In case the snake in the water maintains a neutral or even friendly attitude, it is a good sign that tells you that you are in complete harmony and control with your emotions. On the other hand, if you see that the serpent swims in complete tranquility within the water then this means that you have managed to address your emotions in a correct way.

Dreaming about snakes in the water also speaks of a new life, although the idea of betrayal is still maintained. It is likely that during the course of your life you have experienced a betrayal which still hurts. However, you know that you have the strength to move forward and to overcome all the evil that has happened to you.

Dream of yellow snakes

Dreaming of yellow snakes tells you that soon there will be a negative event in your life. These usually have a sentimental character and in case you see yellow snakes in your home, then you should know that you will have partner problems because of the intrusion of a third party. If in the dream the yellow snake bites you, then you should know that you will be harmed by a person close to you.

Dream of poisonous snakes

Dreaming of poisonous snakes tells you that your life or that of your close relatives will suffer many problems, usually related to perfidy, serious illnesses or partner problems, the context of the dream will tell you which of the three it refers to. In case you suffer the attack of the poisonous snake, it means that your enemies will find a way to manipulate some matter so that you get involved in serious problems, now, if you manage to kill the snake, then you will enjoy the victory over your adversary.

Dream of snakes at home

Dreaming about snakes at home, or in your room, is the clear representation that there is a threat that will affect your intimate and private life. It’s probably an enemy who wants to meddle in your personal affairs. In case the snake hides or escapes, you must know that all that negativity is moving away from you. To see that suddenly a snake appears in your house crawling possibly is a manifestation of unconscious psychic energy that has burst unexpectedly.

Dream of two snakes

Dreaming of two snakes reflects your quest for balance against opposing forces. You need to take special care of the spiteful, shallow people around you. Likewise, this dream experience also indicates the need for you to seek a balance in your personality. To do this, you need to start controlling your sudden changes in behavior.