Have you ever wondered what it means to dream of soldiers? Many times when we dream and we have very clear images of certain elements it is because our mind finds a psychological relationship with what is happening at a certain time in our life. If the dream is premonitory it may be about something that our mind believes is likely to happen and has some connection with what we dream.

Now that we know that the elements we see in dreams have a psychological relationship with our environment, we can gradually discover how they are related. So, it is not necessary that we have been in the military in our life. We can have these dreams after having had a marathon on TV about the Second World War. One thing that is very true is that the way in which this suggestion originates happens spontaneously.

The military are people trained to be rigid and to fight in situations of external conflict. Emotional pressure can be represented because of these characteristics, something that is quite strong and disciplined, with character. Many times the problems take on similarities from real life, but you have to take into account the context in which this dream is manifesting. So let’s go ahead and learn a little more about dreams with soldiers.


Many dream interpreters say that dreaming of soldiers speaks of a sign. It is about an internal conflict, a battle, this problem is closely related to the representation of a soldier. Probably we are in a situation of concern that generates anguish and therefore we are in the middle of a struggle to solve that concern.

One of the most important things to find the meaning of dreaming of a soldier is to identify the context of the dream and find the relationship that the dream has with our life. So, if we are dressed as soldiers in a city or countryside, it can mean that after the internal struggle we will go through agitated or very calm times.

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When we are going through many personal conflicts, dreaming of soldiers represents that we are trying to face that problem. Maybe the solution we are visualizing is not very peaceful, but the most important thing is that it is something fast and effective. If we are one of those people who always defend their thoughts and we have a strong and fair personality. This dream can be characterized as a soldier because of these characteristics.

Dreaming of soldiers chasing you

As we already know the problems and internal struggle can be represented in dreams and in this case we dream that soldiers are chasing us. Well, this is perhaps not so complicated as this can mean two things. One is that probably people close to us are on their way to help us with the struggle of our problem. Another option depending on one’s situation could mean that we are the problem. We may be causing problems for other people and we are feeling pressured by all those people who already consider us a problem for them.

Dreams with soldiers shooting

When we have a dream with soldiers shooting it means that the targets are set. This speaks a lot about the ambition we have in our life. These goals are achievable and attainable for us. Even if we are in an ambit of authority, discipline and self-sacrifice, we will be able to achieve what we are seeking. It is important that we know how to identify our goals so that we do not carry on a struggle in vain.

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Dreaming of Nazi soldiers

We commonly associate Nazis with despots and evil people. To have dreams with Nazi soldiers is representative that we feel pressured and submitted to the authorities. It is common to have these dreams when we are at a stage in our life that we abhor authority. To dream of Nazi soldiers can also be linked to feeling repressed and subdued by the people around you. Be very careful with authority, you should not feel that it is a threat.

Dreams with dead soldiers

Very watch out for this. As crazy as it sounds, dreaming about dead soldiers is not as bad as it sounds. Sometimes, these dreams only come to us because of what we are seeing on tv. But, when it doesn’t happen that way, it can be interpreted as you feeling cornered. The fact that the soldiers are dead only means that the energies around you are negative. Study your life right now and start little by little to free your battle to achieve what you want, you need to get rid of everything negative to achieve it.

To dream of soldiers in the army

As we already know, soldiers are people with a lot of discipline. To dream of army soldiers indicates that we need discipline so that we can achieve our goals and reach our purposes. On the other hand, soldiers always follow orders. So we have to take into account the advice of the older people around us.

Dreams with Roman soldiers

If you have been watching movies like 300, it is common that you may have this dream. But, in case you haven’t, it indicates that you need unity with those who accompany you on the road. Roman soldiers are known for their unity, which creates an unstoppable force. You should ally yourself with those close to you to gain more strength for the battles and trials that arise in life. In this way, you will be able to overcome all obstacles and help others overcome theirs. This is a very good way not to be left behind.

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Dreaming of toy soldiers

This figure, represents to us that we may be thinking in an innocent and immature way. Toy soldiers in dreams, resemble the meaning to common soldiers. But, instead of representing maturity and discipline, it indicates that we are taking life as a game. It is time to put order in our lives and take the difficulties we encounter on our way more seriously. In this way, we will be able to reach the top. It is important that we take into account the battles we are having within ourselves as well. It may represent the child inside us that does not allow us to mature.

Dreams with wounded soldiers

When we dream of wounded soldiers, it indicates that a person close to us is having problems or will have problems. It is important to quickly deduce which person is in trouble so that we can help them. This dream occurs mostly when a life partner is in a situation where he or she needs us. Don’t stop paying attention to the dream. It is important that you help that person to help them with their problems.