Desire and attraction will always be one of each person’s basic needs. Thanks to these sensations it becomes possible for humanity to continue to grow. You should know that this is a character that lacks rationality, only certain traits of the psyche are involved in it. This is why dreaming of someone you like makes the experience very pleasant. However, this dream experience is not always pleasant, which causes its interpretation to vary.

Usually, when you dream about someone you like, it is very likely that your subconscious tells you that person with that dream is in need right now of a lot of attention. This is an attention you can’t find in people who are closest to you or trusted by you, such as coworkers, friends, or family. That dream may show a lack of affection or a friend who is always attentive to hearing any problems and providing support and advice.

This dream experience has a very specific particularity because, even if you don’t think about that person all day long, you can get to see him in your dreams. You have nothing to worry about as you can’t control your subconscious and it tries to give you a message through this dream.

Believe it or not, it’s very common to dream about the person you like and you can live this dream experience many times until you don’t think about the person you like anymore. You don’t have to feel bad about this dream, it’s completely natural and there’s nothing you can do about it.

However, to know the meaning of dreaming about someone you like, you should be aware not only of what the person you like does during the dream, but also of the context of the dream and your current situation. For example, it’s not the same if the person you like is close to you or is away from your circle of friendships.



As we told you before, it is not unusual to dream of someone you like, and besides, you will live this dream experience for some time. You don’t have to get frustrated, it’s something that gets out of your hands and you can’t decide what to dream in your sleep. In such dreams it is also peculiar to dream of an ex-partner. Depending on the context or situation of your dream, you can see your ex-partner in the dream hugging you. It’s just a sign that you need to get affection.

To dream that you embrace the person you like

To dream that you embrace the person you like indicates that next to that person you will have the opportunity to start new paths, and both will be comfortable with the other. Seeing that the person you like embraces you during an oneiric experience reveals that person has already made a space in his heart for you. This person right now thanks the universe in body and soul that you are in his life and wants you to stay there much longer. Also, you should know that this person accepts you as you are, so he feels comfortable with you, even if he knows your faults and virtues.

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Dream of the person you like, but don’t talk to him

Dreaming about the person you like, but don’t talk to him can have two interpretations: first, you may be taking time to take the initiative and conquer that person and declare everything you feel in your heart towards that person. Secondly, you may find yourself hesitant to take that step because you think that everything could end up in disaster, not thinking about what you can win. Fear is an enemy that makes you think more about the consequences than about the benefits. Don’t let him paralyze you, go and do it.


  • Dreaming about having sex with someone you like is a pretty interesting dream experience which reveals that both you and that person feel a mutual desire. On the other hand, this dream can also be a sign that right now that person does not want anything with you because he is engaged in another relationship.
  • If you dream that you walk with someone you like, it will certainly make you wake up with a big smile and a very happy one. This dream really has a good interpretation because, when you walk next to the person you like, it’s not necessarily a sign that he also likes you and that you’re reciprocated.
  • This dream reveals that together they will take new paths and feel at ease with each other. Probably in a short time your relationship with that person will be quite close as you both begin to trust each other. Take advantage of this moment and enjoy every second with that person.
  • Dreaming of someone you like and talk to is the way your subconscious shows you that you have a lot of desire for this person to come to you. It is a very good sign if during sleep this person is interested in you. Remember that in the dream world sometimes the interpretations are contrary to what you see, so this dream indicates that this person is seeking to maintain a distance with you.
  • Likewise, through this dream, your subconscious seeks to show you that you must maintain a balance in your emotions because what you probably feel for that person is an obsession, a feeling that never brings good moments. Take care of your mental health and find some time to clear your mind. We don’t want to tell you that you can’t fall in love or be attracted to someone. What your mind advises in this dream is that it is time for you to balance out and devote a little more attention.
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