Dreaming with spiders can indicate the feminine aspects of the person dreaming, especially if the «dreamer» is a woman.


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Dreaming about spiders and cobwebs is a fairly common experience. Generally, the spider is an animal that we fear for its venomous bite.

The spider is a very special animal, capable of weaving a web of a complex and perfect geometry.

According to Greek mythology, Arachne was a young weaver who had the audacity to challenge the goddess Athena to a weaving contest. The goddess turned the young man by his boldness into a spider.

Through its work with the web, the spider can be a symbol of artistic sublimation. It can generally indicate patience and skill in your work.

Dreaming about the spider web and the spider


Dreaming of a spider’s web usually represents something negative: a trap, an impediment to self-realization, something that limits our autonomy.

If we dream of killing a spider, that means that we are going through a bad experience.

Dreaming of the spider web but without the spider

It may indicate a strong bond with your mother or a woman from your past.

Although the spider is a sign that there was a certain separation, there is still a great affection for it and somehow unites you and influences your decisions.

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Dreaming of a Tarantula

Dreaming of this spider species can represent a tyrannical and authoritarian mother.
The fear of spiders can represent fear of a mother and can cause a tendency to introversion and isolation.

The child must metaphorically crush the mother spider, must break the web that unites them, in order to realize the same free and autonomous life. Many times we can feel as if our mother stops us from doing things and many times we also keep silent for the mere fact of not making them angry. That, instead of helping us, is making our mother take more control of us.

Dreaming of the fear of a spider

This dream may indicate fear of being too involved in a romantic and emotional relationship.