It often happens that, during dreams, shops to travel through specific places. You may normally feel something as you go through there, as you may not. However, the simple fact of dreaming of being in a place, in this case, dreaming of stairs, can hide an important meaning for your life.

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It seems incredible, but there are many people who tend to dream of stairs. In addition, onirology has attributed a number of meanings to each type of Dream. Stairs are a common object in our daily lives, which allow us to climb or lower levels in a building. Nowadays you find stairs everywhere and many times you have to look at the steps so that you don’t stumble and fall for thinking about other things. Therefore, you may think that dreaming of a ladder has no apparent meaning. Maybe not.

You should know, before you know what it means to dream of stairs, that this dream experience can vary a lot. You can dream of wooden, electric or mechanical stairs; they can be snail-shaped, broken or very long. You may be climbing them as well as you may find yourself going down a ladder. Each of these details has an absolute relevance to having a precise result when psychoanalyzing the dream. The context that develops in your dream is indispensable and only you have the ability to understand its ultimate meaning.

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Believe it or not, you can extract a lot of information from your dreams once you understand their meaning. These can be a wake-up call, a good omen, a warning, a sign of danger, or a revelation of a future event. You want to know what it means to dream of stairs?



First of all, the ideal thing is to analyze what is the meaning in which you move on the stairs; if you dream of climbing stairs, it means that you are going through a difficult situation, but little by little you are getting better. If not, dreaming of going down the stairs is a very bad sign, no matter how serious you are right now, or if you are feeling well, you will begin to descend in all areas of your life; you almost always tend to dream of going down a ladder. Likewise, it is important that you pay attention to the material with which the stairs were made, the amount of steps, or any other detail that you can relate. The fabrication material of the ladder is of the utmost importance, it is not the same to dream of cement stairs as to dream of wooden stairs, or to dream of a broken ladder.

We recommend taking note of every detail you can appreciate so that you can give your dream with a ladder a very precise meaning. That is why we have prepared for you an extensive and complete list of dream meanings of ladder, so that you can find the right interpretation to your dream experience.

Dream of climbing stairs

Dreaming about climbing stairs is a sign that you will succeed in all the projects you are working on right now. That is, thanks to the effort and dedication you have put into your work, you will achieve every goal you have set yourself. Dreaming of climbing stairs augurs a good future.

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Dream of going down stairs

Otherwise, dreaming about going down stairs is a terrible sign that you will soon lose money, start having bad luck, and even get into serious problems with your partner. You will begin to live a terrible stage of your life where you will not be able to see even a hint of happiness.

Dream of wooden stairs

Dreaming of wooden stairs indicates that you are a traditional person in all aspects. In love you like things to flow calmly, you emulate romanticism and you don’t dare to reach a new step until you are sure to succeed. In business you also get carried away by the conventional, you take it easy so you don’t trip and take all the wooden steps with your mouth. You are someone whose definition of friendship is that friendship is strengthened with the passage of time and the development of continuous trust.

Dream of broken stairs

Dreaming of broken stairs is a sign that you have a lot of doubts in mind. You are a person who often questions everything, this causes a lot of insecurity in you, reaching the point where you feel you fall into a dive after stepping on a broken step. The best solution for this is to seek to increase your self-esteem as soon as possible. Watch all that you know how to do and keep doing it. So, next time you dream you’re going upstairs, these won’t be broken.

Dream up stairs accompanied

Dreaming up accompanied stairs means that someone close to you is needing your help to reach your goals. You may not have noticed yet, but some close friend or family member may need urgent help. If you can sense who it is, then you must come as quickly as possible.

Dream of going up and down stairs

Believe it or not, it is very common to dream of going up and down stairs, this is a dream that symbolizes your aspirations, expectations, concerns, desires and fears when facing new companies.

Dream of escalators

Dreaming of electric stairs is normal, they are almost always metal, steep and very fast. In this way your subconscious tells you that you are a modern person who always looks for green paths to open new paths, you like to follow the advice of expert people, but merge it with unique experiences to achieve your success. Dreaming of electric stairs is a sign that you are at the forefront of everything you do.

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Dreaming down stairs very fast

Dreaming of going down stairs very quickly is a clear warning signal to which you must pay close attention. In the next few days you will suffer a betrayal, you must begin to distrust those who are close to you. Study every action they take that can have a negative impact on you. The one who will betray you is someone very close to you.

Dream of cement stairs

Dreaming of cement stairs is an indication that you are right between the wooden stairs and the electric stairs. This means you’re an old-fashioned person, but you don’t mind giving new things a chance.

Dream of climbing stairs with difficulty

Dreaming of climbing stairs with difficulty, either because steps are missing, these are very high, it moves, has no handrails or has a form that makes it difficult for us to climb, is a message from your subconscious in which it reveals to you that before reaching your goals you will have to face many obstacles and difficulties along the way, becoming exhausted on several occasions.

Dream of climbing long stairs

Dreaming of climbing long stairs speaks of you being close to a major challenge. It is vital that you take good care of your next steps in your work. You must maintain your performance to achieve better results than you expect.

Dream of climbing spiral stairs

Dreaming of climbing stairs of caracol speaks of a next job promotion which you have well deserved thanks to your effort and work, so you expect this recognition. In case it is a ladder, it means that the ascent at work will be surprising.