Have you ever wondered what it means to dream of swimming? If you have had a dream where you swim in open water or in a pond you are in the right place to decipher the meaning of your dream. Water is one of the most important elements for all humanity. To keep in mind that our body is mostly made up of water, it is easy to deduce that it is vital for us. Dreams in which we are swimming may occur very often if we are used to going to the sea to swim. But they all have a meaning, so dreaming about swimming can be very important to you.

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It should be noted that it is possible that these dreams are represented in your life because you are swimming a lot, you want to swim a lot, if you are swimming or if you have seen a movie recently where the protagonist was a swimmer. In this case it is important that you know that it can only be a reflection of your subconscious to what you have done or thought during the day. But in case you have a dream where you’re swimming, unrelated to your daily life, it can have great meaning.

In case you had nothing to do with swimming, your dream can be very useful in interpreting the state of your subconscious and factors in your life that are creating that image in your dreams. Therefore, keep in mind that here we will explain each of the interpretations of dreaming of swimming that you can present.



Dreams of swimming can be linked to many interpretations. When we talk about dreams, they are generated spontaneously in any situation of our life. The water represents the tranquility, the thought that the water brings us peace, comes from our gestation, when we remain for 9 months in the womb of our mother, full of amniotic fluid. In addition to this, water represents prosperity as an abundant element on Earth. Dreams of swimming in the water will indicate our states of abundance, prosperity, tranquility and happiness.

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The water almost always manages to calm us down, maybe we go into the sea or the swimming pool in search of relaxation. But it can get all muddy when it comes to ground water with strong currents. These details will make your dreams have a different meaning. Dreaming of swimming in murky waters can mean restlessness, sadness and many difficulties, both economic and personal. It is important that you take the interpretations of your dreams in the best possible way, as dreams serve as a warning to the facts that are happening, but it is always within your power to change those details of your life to return to fulfillment.

Dream of swimming in the sea

If you’ve had a dream where you swim in seawater that stays calm, it’s because your life is approaching successes in the professional arena. If you’ve had that dream it’s time for you to focus your vision big so you can achieve your work and personal goals. Also talk a lot about your income, these will increase significantly with your quality of life. You’ll have to be smart to use all the opportunities that will be opening up to maintain that status. A moment of great happiness will come to your life, but don’t waste it, because it could turn against you.

Dream of swimming in a pool

The dream of swimming in a swimming pool is linked to our personal environment, mainly our life and how we feel about it. How much we can understand? This dream tells us that we have to study and explore ourselves in order to better understand ourselves and make better decisions regarding our emotions and feelings. If you’ve dreamed of swimming in a pool, you’ve probably been overwhelmed by personal problems, depression, or a void in your life.

It’s time for you to heal all the wounds and become strong. Avoid all the negative things around you, lead your life more calmly and calmly. If you’re going through a bad time, it’s time to raise your head, everything will get better.

Dream of swimming in dirty water

Dreams in which we swim in dirty water can have many meanings so we will explain them to you so that you can perform the correct interpretation. Dreaming of swimming in calm but dirty water can mean that you are going through difficult situations in your life, but that, in the same way, will improve those situations if we find the tranquility to relax and we will cope with everything in the best way.

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Dreaming of swimming in muddy waters is interpreted as trouble. Problems will come into your life, like ruptures of relationships, labor and economic problems, you will not be calm. But yet you can solve those problems by staying calm and avoiding facts that might compromise you.

Dream of swimming in a river

We can have this dream in three different ways, here we will tell you. If we dream of swimming in a river in favor of the current, it will indicate that we are flowing in the right way. We are doing everything as it is, without paying attention to details that can steal our time and distract us from our true path.

When we dream that we swim against the current, it tells us that we are people who fight against the problems and worry about the problems we face. We have a great deal of learning about these problems, but we get very close to them. Although this isn’t all bad. Problems usually leave us teaching and we are prepared to cope with any problems that may arise.

On the other hand, dreaming that we swim in a Rio bravo is interpreted as the problems that approach our life. These problems will lead us into difficulties, but we have to have the strength not to let ourselves be sunk by the problems. These problems will be much stronger than we are, but we have to overcome them to return to calm.

Dream of swimming in crystal clear water

When you dream of swimming in crystal clear water means that the calm is coming, we will find an end to all the problems that have been present, it is time for us to enjoy the moments of tranquility in our life. We will have to act correctly and avoid everything that can get us out of our peace.

Dream of watching someone else swim

If we have dreamed of seeing a person swim, this suggests that you are knowing aspects of your inner self and your subconscious. The dream can tell us that we are looking for a person or sentimental support. Dreaming of watching another person swim can also mean that you are well with yourself and that you are at your peak of wisdom.

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Dream of swimming in clear water

This dream represents the direction we are giving to our life, when we dream of swimming in clear water we are carrying all aspects of our life with wisdom and ingenuity. We are solving the problems correctly and taking everything very calmly.

Dream of swimming with dolphins

When we dream of swimming with dolphins it is representative of something positive. Dolphins are a spiritual symbol, intelligence and trust. They’re pretty emotional beings. This means that if we swim with dolphins it is because we have a mental capacity and internal balance to face life without any problems. If we take everything that way, we’ll go straight to success.

Dream of swimming with fishes

To dream that you are swimming with fishes is significant. You’re taking a lot of energy to reach your goals and face problems. Fish represent freedom in emotions. When a woman dreams she swims with fish, it means she’s pregnant.

Dream of swimming in a lake

Dreams of swimming in a lake mean that you are in search of balance and find yourself thinking a lot about emotions to improve and replace what you now feel. When the waters of the lake are calm they mean that you are near balance and tranquility. If these waters are to be dirty and murky, it is because there are emotional problems to resolve.

Dream of swimming underwater

This dream is positive for love and economy. If we find ourselves swimming underwater in a dream, we will have no setbacks in our life. We’ll be in a boom of good news and good times.

Dream of swimming against the current

If we have dreamed of swimming against the current, it is representative that we are going down a path full of obstacles. If in the dream we are tired of swimming, it is time to seek a little stability and balance with what we have already achieved, to rest and then follow our battles.