Perhaps dreaming of swords is not common, but it is part of the oldest dreams in human history. Swords were the first weapons that mixed technology, the development of a resistant material and the mental strength a person had to use it.

Today, swords are used for various sporting, disciplinary or collectible purposes. However, this dream with swords may relate to your fanaticism for swords, katanas or daggers, which you have observed on television. Swords are a sign of power and strength, but they need someone mentally prepared to use them.

If you dreamed of swords it foretells positive things in your life, but it can also warn of a strong threat. Swords were once used poisoned so that enemies who were cut with them would die hours later from the poison, which means that someone can do the same thing today, even if they are not supposed to use a sword.



When you dream of swords you should set aside the following meanings if you recently saw a movie where they were included or your series of the moment is about swordsmen. The sound and movement of swords are very striking, so you can easily get shocked and dream about them.

If you dream of swords you should keep in mind the details that were around you. It does not have the same meanings to dream of a sword buried in the ground or in the chest of a person, as well as to understand the emotions during sleep. Anger, despair and hatred are a bad sign for someone carrying a sword.

Dreaming of swords and knives

If you dream of swords and knives you are someone who will soon get out of control and may end up hurting innocent people. You should not allow your emotions to invade your behavior, as you will end up being someone aggressive, annoying and groundless. You are someone who must learn to control what you say, as you may offend others without meaning to.

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Dreaming of gold swords

When you dream of golden swords learn to identify your enemies, since you are suspicious of some people, but you want to trust them anyway. It is time to face reality and understand that you should not hang out with such people, because in the end they only want to take advantage of what you can offer them as profit.

Dreaming of swords and blood

Although it may seem an unpleasant dream, a dream vision with swords and blood indicates what belongs to you. It is a way of reminding you that your victories and defeats are absolutely yours. You don’t depend on other people to be the best, nor do you need to be begging for help from those who don’t want to give it to you. It’s time to raise your head and always achieve everything with your own effort.

Dreaming of buried swords

Did you dream of buried swords? It means that soon you will begin a stage in your life where you need to get rid of many things. It is a way to mark the beginning of a new cycle, cutting off problems and even eliminating people from the past. It’s not about running out of friends, it’s just about sharing more time with those who can bring you something great.

Dreaming of old swords

Among several meanings of dreams with old swords we find the lack of wisdom or being a wise person. The meaning between one or the other will depend on the feelings of the dream or your actions, because if you observed the sword with admiration, respect and used it properly, it means that you are someone with a lot of wisdom. In the opposite case, then it will mean that you need good advice from someone wise.

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Dreaming of wooden swords

If you dream of wooden swords it means lack of maturity, but that you are on the right path. It is a way of warning you that you need physical and mental training, especially when you must make important decisions in the following days. You must get used to being rational and always think before you act.

Dreaming of golden swords

When you dream of golden swords, remember the goals you have set and who accompanies you to achieve them. This dream warns about all the strengths in your life, but it also warns about those people who take actions to put an end to your purposes. Although at times it will be important to receive help, remember that sometimes you must reject it from those who are unwise.

Dreaming of black swords

To dream of a black sword is a sign that you need to dedicate time to your goals or you will end up losing any progress you make. It is a way of warning you that although you have all the qualities to be successful, sometimes lack of dedication or leaving everything to chance becomes your worst enemy.

Dreaming of swords in the mouth

Dreams with swords in your mouth warn you about the dangers and friendships that surround you. It is a moment where what you trust can mean your worst enemy, that is, you will end up hurting yourself for not acting correctly in front of a circumstance that comes your way. If you dream with swords in your mouth, it is advisable not to participate in any type of discussion or conflictive situation in the following days.

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Dreaming of swords in the face

Although their meaning is similar to the previous one, dreams with swords in the face foretell sentimental problems, especially due to fake rumors and hypocrisy. Do not trust those people who are constantly putting false stories in your life, as well as situations where there are more problems that you win, than solutions.

Dreaming of swords on your feet

If you dream of swords in your feet it foretells failures, especially if the sword was in bad condition. It is a sign that you are not doing things right and that the consequences of your actions will soon begin to manifest. If you dream of swords on your feet and you pick them up, it means the beginning of a new cycle in the face of all the problems you are currently experiencing.

Dreaming of swords flying

A dream vision with swords flying indicates changes in your life, especially those related to mental stability. This dream involves all the actions you will have to take to change course or you will end up making mistakes in the past. You should stay away from situations that involve third parties, as well as comments or opinions that you need from them.

Dreaming of swords in your hand

When you dream of swords in your hand, remember the success you can achieve by your own means. This dream symbolizes that everything you propose will require work, but this work is absolutely yours and it depends on your knowledge and experience to achieve the result.