In countless aspects of our life there have been countless people who are afraid of injections or syringes, in the world of dreams it does not have to have a negative interpretation. This is where injections are usually given for disease prevention, allergies or blood tests, so dreaming of syringes can indicate our characteristics to be improved (giving priority to our level of improvement).

There are many dreams that can terrify us without being a nightmare. It is more specific the case of dreaming with syringes, a dream that makes us feel in many moments afraid even to ask for help. But even if in real life we are afraid of syringes, we do not have to be afraid of them at all.

Most of us, at most times while we are children, have an insurmountable fear of syringes, and therefore go to the doctor. In certain cases, these fears of needles overwhelm us until we are adults, and therefore we dare not even look at one, and when it comes time for a routine blood test we turn as pale as paper. But, when in real life we are afraid of syringes, what does it mean to dream of syringes?


Generally, many dream analysts say that dreaming about injections can symbolize in many aspects that external agents have entered our life in a positive or negative way. However everything is according to the context of the dreamer.

Obviously it is not the same to dream of poison in a syringe (Fear of possible presence of conflicts) than to be dreaming of a syringe needle breaking when trying to inoculate a medicine (We do not want to be helped).

Dreaming of syringes and blood

To have the experience of dreaming with syringes and blood shows us that we will go through moments of economic tension, since the expenses that you have are going to begin to suck you the income that you get. If blood comes out of your body, it is because you have already fought against all your problems. Blood is pain, danger, bad feelings, among others.

Dreams with stuck syringes

In these moments where we witness that we are stuck with a syringe, it is represented as that there will come problems with other people who will seek to harm us. And these problems are going to be difficult to fix.

Dreaming of syringes in injections

To dream that a close friend or our relative gives you an injection, symbolizes that those people who are around you are for you in whatever you need. You have many friends who take care of you and who will support you in whatever you consider you need. It is important to be grateful and as much as possible to be equal to these people.

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When we dream that we give an injection to our partner it means that we are very interested in the relationship we have with him/her, and we want to be that person to whom he/she knows that he/she can unburden his/her problems, and be that person who is there for him/her.

Dreams with syringes all over the body

To dream that we have many syringes stuck in our body means that we will go through a time full of inconveniences that will make it difficult for us to be awake, meaning that we will have a hard time if we want to solve the things that happen to us.

To dream of syringes in the face

If we get to dream of syringes in the face, it can be interpreted as an allegory that we need to include more enthusiasm, optimism and determination in our lives. Let us also consider the content of the syringe and how it would affect us in order to interpret the meaning well.

Dreams with syringes in the feet

In the analysis of dreams we touch on the theme of setbacks at the work level. In which we are not doing well in our work. This can make us depressed, because we do not achieve the optimal results that we have set as a goal. In theory, we resign ourselves to the fact that for the moment this cannot be accommodated.

Dreaming of large syringes

The simple fact of Dreaming with large syringes, can speak to us of many negative or positive changes that frighten us. Feelings about our parents or those authority figures that force positive change in us.

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Dreams with syringes in the legs

In regards to dreaming about syringes stuck in our legs means mistakes and errors in our lives. Suddenly we have had some kind of behaviors that we are not proud of and it gives us the feeling of guilt. We do not forgive ourselves for our negative acts and this kind of attitude prevents us from having a clear conscience. We should try to repair the damage in order to move forward.

Dreaming of syringes in our hands

When in this case the fact of dreaming that we have the syringe in the hand but that we do not use it gives us to interpret that in these moments we do not have the knowledge of what to do with our lives and therefore we are clearly waiting for something to happen that takes us out of the situation in which we are.

Dreams with two syringes

If at the moment of sleeping we have the experience of dreaming with two syringes and besides adrenaline it gives us that kind of feeling as if everything in life happens quickly, explaining to us that we are not in control of our lives, therefore it represents personal problems regarding our ambitions and we have to be aware of what decision to make in our lives.