To dream of taking a shower means that you should cleanse your spiritual or physical self. The self-confidence you have in your appearance and actions will dominate how you conduct your life, but it has little to do with the stability of your personality. It also means that you consciously or unconsciously protect yourself against harmful eventualities. Remember that water is a purifying agent.

In mystical beliefs, when we dream that we take a bath it could mean that we are healing from an illness or emotional pain. Dreams of a shower are an indication of a happy family and good health. It also means that happiness comes from having a great and deep understanding of everything around us, and knowing our priorities in life.

The human race is in constant change due to destruction and confusion, and that can divert us from our goals. The dream of taking a shower means that there is hope, even in difficult and troubling times in our lives. Renewal is possible if you strive for it.


Within the dream world, taking a shower indicates the awareness you possess of your spiritual well-being. Showering is an act of cleansing the inner self. If you dream of others taking a shower, it suggests that you need to help others with an important decision in their lives. For many women, taking a shower is a time when they can relax and this is another interpretation for this dream.

For a woman to have this dream vision symbolizes that it is time to take things easy. The key message of this dream is that it is time to bring healing into your life. If you are a man and you dream of taking a shower, then this shows that there is great and positive news that you will receive in the future. However, there are other elements that we will interpret below.

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Dreaming of showering with clothes

If you dreamed of showering with clothes on, this dream usually reveals something about you. Perhaps the vision indicates the confidence of your personality. You are a person who does not need to change to please anyone, and you only do so if that is your decision and desire. This dream reveals how difficult it is to influence you in any way.

You also do not react to external circumstances, and you can resist any temptation that you feel is not beneficial to you. You are not a person who changes with the tide and you are a leader, never a follower. This dream represents you as a strong individual with unique traits. You are also a very creative person who enjoys creating and using your imagination.

To dream of showering with someone

Showering with someone else in your dream is a harbinger of joy and happiness. It means that you have clear and well expressed ideas. To see yourself in the bathroom with someone else may foretell a situation that will end in a fight. Making an effort to shower with someone suggests facing difficulties in real life.

If you are taking a hot bath in your dream and someone else is accompanying you, this signifies reckless acts and complaints generated by a lack of unity. But also illness and the loss of a friend or parent. If the shower is too hot, you will be scorned for an immoral act.

To dream of taking a shower and washing your hair.

To have a dream vision with showering and washing your hair means that you will be lucky in a new situation. If a woman dreams of washing her dyed hair, it indicates that she will be popular with men. But if a man dreams that he is washing his dyed hair, it means that he will find himself in uncomfortable situations.

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Dreaming of showering in the street

If you dreamed that you were showering in the street, it indicates some unique desires and plans that you have. Most likely, your fulfillment will require a substantial investment of money that you do not have at the moment. Perhaps you could work out your plans and finance them, but you are aware that it would jeopardize your financial security and you do not wish to do so.

Dreaming of showering with another person

When you have dreams where you see yourself taking a bath with another person, it is because you may be looking for a fresh start or a sense of renewal. Perhaps someone or something is helping you feel less stressed or overwhelmed. If it is working, then it may be in your best interest to continue on the road to recovery.

Dreaming of showering in bed

If you dreamed that you were showering in bed and really enjoyed it, this is usually an excellent dream scenario. This vision confirms your satisfaction with your current life circumstances, as well as how far your efforts have taken you. You consider yourself a successful person who has managed to get ahead. It often represents a sign of increased income that will also go down well with you.

To dream of showering in public

To dream of showering in public indicates disputes, discord, an imminent attack from your enemies or even an unpleasant visit from people who want to harm you. In another context, the dream carries a message of desire and the need to be patient and wait for the right time for a wish to be fulfilled. For now, it is better to continue to prepare yourself rather than take unnecessary risks.

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Dreaming of showering in a dress

If you have ever seen yourself taking a shower while dressed, it signifies the truth about who you really are. Whatever changes occur in your body or personality, your inner self remains the same. You don’t have to make immediate changes when you are affected by external misfortunes or events. In some cases, this dream marks the beginning of a period of tranquility after a period of stress and insecurity.

To dream of taking a shower with cold water

To dream of showering with cold water indicates that you should exercise your gift of wisdom. Make decisions with a clear mind. A vision where you take a cold shower and enjoy the experience usually signifies great satisfaction with your love life and your current job.