Do you know someone who doesn’t like tamales? You probably do! But you don’t need this to dream of tamales, as it has an interpretation and you may have no idea what it could be about. That’s why we’re here to reveal the hidden secrets behind this dream vision.

It is not necessary that your childhood was surrounded by dinners with this delicious food for you to have these dreams. Tamale dreams are a sign of nostalgia in people who are distant from the customs in which they were raised. Therefore, almost always this manifestation can be related to home.

When you dream of tamales they can come in different forms, and their meaning has a variation depending on the details and the situation presented within the dream. You may dream of being hungry, and you may have dreamed of tamales that soothed this feeling. Or perhaps, they were the protagonists of the dream which means that it is related to family and friends.


Generally, having a dream vision with tamales comes with the feeling of hunger and need and its interpretation is clear. You feel that you have to cover certain needs, both emotional and material, and your dreams present you with the solution in a dish. When you wake up, it is up to you to transform the tamale in your dream into resources that will cover your need.

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The most interesting aspect of dreaming about food is the social aspect it evokes. If you dream that you are preparing tamales for a gathering of friends, it speaks of a helpful nature. If your friends or family enjoy tamales, it means that you feel responsible for their well-being.

Dreaming of eating tamales

If you have dreamed of eating tamales, it can have many interpretations depending on the situation in the dream. If you eat them accompanied by another dish, it is a sign of good friendship and great affinity towards others. On the other hand, if they look good, it reflects that there will be promising events. But if the tamales are bitter, it means anguish and loneliness. If the tamales are too hot to eat, it is a sign of nervousness.

Dreams of making tamales

This dream is an indicator that you are a person who possesses good self-esteem and are very confident. But you should be careful, because if you have made tamales and they did not turn out it is because you have a high level of insecurity and there are doubts that are lurking to sabotage you.

Dreaming that I get tamales as a gift

The interpretation of dreams in which tamales are given to me, reflects that there is a great confidence in your abilities. All those qualities that you possess to be able to solve most of your daily problems, are your strength day by day. In another context, it is also possible that this dream projects repressed sexual needs.

Dreams with corn tamales

To dream of corn tamales reflects fortune. If you are picking corn tamales it is an omen of kidney ailments. If you dream of a corn tamale on the ground, it is a sign of health problems and that you should eat foods that do not alter your cholesterol. When you dream of an old man eating corn tamales, it is a sign of diabetes control or that you will have digestive discomfort.

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Dreaming that you sell tamales

The meaning of dreams in which you sell tamales represents your attempt to convince or sell someone an idea. It may also reflect your attempt to convince yourself of something. You are considering making a change. To dream of someone trying to sell you tamales may reflect your attempt to convince yourself of an idea or possibility. It may also reflect a situation or person that interests you.

Bean Tamale Dreams

Dreams with bean tamales predict good and pleasant news. Great things will happen to you when you least expect it. It could be a promotion at your job or possibly you got the grades you wanted to get on a school exam. Something new and very comforting will happen to you very soon.

Dreams with green tamales

Having a dream manifestation with green tamales is a sign that something is not right in your life. You need a change in certain things that do not allow you to excel and keep you stagnant. It is not necessary to guess what it is, you know very well what is affecting you and remedying it will only depend on your attitude towards the problem.

Dreaming of tamales in a dream

This dream has the meaning that you are in a moment where you are suffering from great amounts of stress, for not having money to be able to support your family. You feel responsible for what is happening and you cannot be calm until you know how to solve this problem.