In general, all people know that death is the end of life on earth, therefore, it is normal to classify it as something negative-the dream of the death. Many people when they have this kind of dreams think that something bad will come to her life or her family environment or friends are in danger, even fear for their lives. But, ironically, the dream of death signals the end of a stage in your life. Whether it’s the end of your studies or the breakup of a relationship, it can refer to any area of your life, the explanation is in our subconscious, since their analysis can be very complex to apply it to any situation in your life.

To dream of death is very normal, it is something that all intrigue us because we don’t know that happens after it. It is an idea that we are terrified, as they relate to the loss, either of a family member, a friend or simply someone close to you. To dream of death may even dislike you, you can wake up scared and have insomnia. But you will not alter, in this article I will show you that the dream of death is not an oneiric experience negative.

Keep in mind that, if your dreams with the death of a loved one are very followed, means that you feel a deep affection for the people around you. There is a fear inside you at the thought of losing them, you don’t want these people to be so close to you die. It is normal to have that concern, but keep in mind that dreaming about death can have many meanings, read on and find out.



There are people of all ages around the world who have this kind are dreams, and we can trust that the meaning of dream about death, it does not represent bad vibes. That is why you must stop worrying if recently you have dreamed of with the death of someone else.

Even, you can rule out the bad thoughts if you dream of your death, you must not fear, because these nightmares do not mean that they will become reality. However, you may be wondering what is the true meaning of dream of death. Pay close attention as to dream of death means an end, specifically, a final stages in your life. when having these dreams, your subconscious shows you that the time has come to close a cycle in your life, whether it is the end of a relationship, the end of a friendship or perhaps the end of a course or career.

It means the culmination of emotional situations. But don’t be discouraged by the closure of these stages, rejoice because that to dream of death also indicates that there is a new beginning for you, a new chapter.

It may be that in your case dream of death to be very constant and I do not take this into account. It is time to awaken your interest in the face of these dreams, as they are a message from your subconscious that tells you when to put an end to stages and when it is time to start new experiences and grow. Neither be afraid nor will aterrorices, although it is normal to have fear of these dreams and more if they are constant.

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Whatever your case, it is important that you know the meaning, since the ignorance interpretation can result in you disturbance and fear, so we invite you to continue reading to know more depth on this topic, and specific characteristics. Remember to take into account every detail of the dream, since having this details will make you have a greater knowledge of your dreams and their meaning can vary with the characteristics of your oneiric experience.

Dream with the holy death

According to the experts dream is very bad luck to dream with the holy death. But it does not mean a death as such or physical, is associated with a period of change, it may also indicate that these fleeing from something chasing you and you have escaped it, but finally it is time to take into account.

Dream of the death of a family member

It is normal for there to be a fear in you the dream with the death of a family member, as that awakens in you a fear of losing those who want both. Dream of the death of a family member means that you are attached to that person and that you care a lot. And if you dream of the death of a family member who was already dead, it means that you miss a lot to that loved one that you lost.

Dream of the death of a child

Dream of the death of a child is often very disturbing for those who are very attached to their children, but you can be assured that it is in good, strange as it may seem, it also represents an advantage to an enemy, and that you can avoid any danger that you may run into.

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Dream of the death of a friend

Dream of the death of a friend indicates that there is a shift towards that person. But you know well that you need it, and strange to go back to spending good times with that person. It is time to regain that friendship.

Dream with the death of someone

To dream of someone’s death represents something very good for your life, something that will make you grow as a person, it means good things are coming into your life, that the problems which today has no longer be.

Dream of the death of a loved one

To dream of the number of a loved one is the way it uses your subconscious to show you that you’re concerned for that person. It may be that the person of your dream is currently facing problems and you think you can’t cope or is not prepared.

Dream of the death of a sibling

Dream of the death of a sibling is a sign that you have problems with your family. It means that you’ve decided to stay away, so don’t worry, just take a breath, and give yourself a time to solve such problem.

Dream of own death

To dream of your death means that you are letting go of things that are not important to you and you want to stop yourself, you’re looking to grow spiritually. It is time for you to continue this way because you’re heading to your destination of success.