If you are one of those people who like to start your day with rich tortillas that are not only healthy, if consumed in small proportions, they are also a food that should not be missing in the diet for children. The same happens when dreaming of tortillas, because its meaning is related to the decisions made during the course of the day. Whether good or bad.

However, this vision the vast majority of the time only speaks of your emotions. When you dream of tortillas, it is closely related to your feelings. Usually, these dreamers are very emotional people who tend to openly show how they feel towards others. They can get hurt easily and suffer from episodes of sadness.

Tortilla dreams are also related to friends or a group that may want to get together with you. This event can stimulate your intellect, imagination and spirit. At the end of the day, write down your thoughts and ideas so you don’t forget them and take a long walk to clear your head so you can sleep.


If you have dreamed of tortillas, this vision expresses joyful occasions and happiness, but you need to let your mind and body rest and heal. For there are some things from your past experiences that you still cannot forget. This dream tells you that you are comfortable confronting your feelings directly, and it is time to get over those bad times.

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The tortilla dream is an omen for your cheerful and carefree nature. You are currently experiencing a transitional phase and are becoming more intelligent or spiritual. In other contexts, this dream means that you have found your own independence. However, it can also lend itself to other interpretations depending on the color of the tortillas and their type. For that reason, here are the details.

To dream of tortilla dough

To see tortilla dough in a dream is a positive sign. Interpreters consider it a symbol of wealth and well-being in the family. If you see yourself kneading tortilla dough, it foretells profit and a successful end to your projects. And from these projects you or your family members will soon receive a reward for your work and efforts.

Dreams that give me tortillas

If you have ever dreamed that you have been given a tortilla, this indicates that you miss something from the past. It alludes to nostalgia and that you would like to go back to the life you had, perhaps you miss your old job or the city where you were raised. You must learn to let go of the past and move on with your life, so that you can achieve harmony of spirit.

Dreaming of tortillas on the griddle

Dreams with tortillas on the griddle speak of your irresponsibility, the lack of judgment you currently possess. Also, the lack of confidence in your abilities and the influence that other people have on you causing you to make bad decisions. It is time for you to start thinking about the consequences that your actions could produce.

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Dreams with burnt tortillas

Having a dream vision with a burnt tortilla indicates that no matter how much attention you pay to some business or issues, the road to success will be full of potholes and stones that will hinder your progress. Being prepared and knowing how to handle problems is what this dream indicates.

To dream of corn flour tortillas

In most cases, dreams about flour tortillas symbolize a rich life, without luxuries but quite dignified. This wheat product usually represents well-being, harmony and desires to come true. Flour tortillas of this type indicate an improvement in the financial situation.

Dreams of heating tortillas

To dream of heating tortillas indicates decisions you make at work to get out of the way or without thinking it through in the best way. This will not turn out as you expected, and unfortunately you will not be able to do anything to avoid the consequences. Try to get more involved in the work environment and identify with its philosophy. This will help you think better.

Dreaming of buying tortillas

If you have ever seen yourself in your dreams buying tortillas, it is time to be alert. For some problems will come your way, but you should know that a decision can change something radically. For this reason, be aware of who is really by your side because some are only there to cause you trouble. It is time to evaluate your true friendships.

Dreams with toasted tortillas

Those who dream of toasted tortillas are well prepared to face life. They see their destiny in a pleasant way. This vision has as meaning promising events that will favor your future. To dream of toasted tortillas that are not prepared, warns that you should prepare yourself more for the upcoming events.

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To dream of hard tortillas

If in your dreams you have seen or eaten hard tortillas, this means that difficulties related to money are approaching. But if you dream of a bag of hard tortillas, the dream means that you are not managing your finances very well. Therefore, it is advisable to plan your spending better.

Dreams with blue tortillas

When we dream of blue tortillas it is because some favorable changes will come into your life. Therefore, it is important that you think things through it before making a decision. From now on, you should analyze every aspect you possess very well and find where you are wrong. For if you continue to fail, problems will appear.

Dreaming of handmade tortillas

If you dreamt of handmade tortillas, it indicates that some people are trying to get in your way to cause you harm. You should be wary of those who promise you a lot for a minimum of sacrifice, because the cheap will always be expensive. Try to make new friends and stay away from those who do not contribute anything positive.